Korean Cherry Blossom Photo Ideas

Cherry blossom season is a favorite among many in Korea! Check out the different poses and concepts you can follow to get your own Instagram-worthy cherry blossom photos!

Jaycie Kim
2 months ago

Spring in Korea is absolutely beautiful! If you're lucky enough to come to Korea during the spring, you'll be able to catch one of the most iconic sights of spring in Korea, the blooming cherry blossoms!

The baby pink cherry blossoms are the perfect backdrop for photos and the best way to capture the essence of spring in Korea. 

Kim Sejeong & TWICE Jihyo

K-pop idols have some of the best ideas when it comes to cute, aesthetic cherry blossom photos. Check out the list below for cherry blossom photo ideas!

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12 K-pop Idol Cherry Blossom Photo Ideas



Jennie has some of the most iconic cherry blossom photos that are very famous among Koreans! She showed off many different poses and even matched her outfit with a bright pink cardigan.


Lisa also has some really cute cherry blossom photos. Her outfit has darker tones, which gives off a more casual, chill vibe in her photos!

2. NCT

Jisung & Chenle / Taeyong

Jisung and Chenle went on a picnic together at Ttukseom Han River Park in an episode of ChenJi's This and That. Check it out here! Taeyong also posted some nice photos on his Instagram!

Jaehyun / Mark

Jaehyun and Mark also have photos among the cherry blossom trees. They both took their photos from a low angle to get most of the cherry blossom trees in the photos!

3. Lee Yubi

Lee Yubi is a K-drama actress, not a K-pop idol, but her cherry blossom photos are famous among Koreans because they came out so well! You can easily take selfies like this too!

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4. BTS

V / Jung Kook

BTS once released teaser photos filled with cherry blossoms for their album HwaYangYeonHwa Part 1! Doesn't it fit the concept of their album so well? If you're going to try and climb up a tree like V for a photo, be careful!


The members also have taken personal photos among the cherry blossoms! You can hold a pink cotton candy like RM or become a flower yourself like J-Hope!

5. ASTRO Cha Eunwoo

It's no secret that Cha Eunwoo is one of the most beautiful K-pop male idols ever! His idea of holding a cherry blossom in his hand is such a unique idea to try out!

6. DIA Jung Chaeyeon

Jung Chaeyeon is one of the top Korean celebrities that Korean women love to copy in terms of fashion and style! These cherry blossom photos are a great reference to follow as well.

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Seungkwan / Jun

Hoshi / DK

The SEVENTEEN members are quite active on social media, and many of the members have taken really nice cherry blossom photos in the spring! Which photo is your favorite?

8. Bae Suzy

Suzy is another celebrity icon in Korea, and it seems like everyone in Korea is in love with her style and fashion! These photos seemed like they were snapped casually on the street, but they came out so well!




The members of VIVIZ (former GFriend) went to see the cherry blossoms back in 2019 and blessed us with these gorgeous photos. SinB and Umji showed off a variety of cute poses!

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10. Girls' Generation


Tiffany Young


With well over 10 years of experience under their belts, it's no surprise that the members of Girls' Generation (SNSD) have some of the most beautiful cherry blossom photos on social media. 

You can go for a full-body shot like Seohyun, a girly vibe like Tiffany, or a chill vibe like Taeyeon!

11. ITZY

Yuna, Ryujin, Yeji

Yuna, Ryujin, and Yeji had a fun night together last year at Seokchon Lake, one of the most popular cherry blossom spots in Korea! Going at night is a good way to avoid the crowd, and the photos still come out great.


Lia also went to see the cherry blossoms, and the photos she posted were so cute!

12. IVE

An Yujin & Leeseo

These photos of Yujin and Leeseo with cherry blossom trees in the background were actually captured by reporters as they were on their way to Park Sohyun's Love Game Radio broadcast! Aren't they so cute?

Rei / An Yujin

These half-body shots of Rei and Yujin are great to refer to for your photos as well!

Did you know that in Korea, there is a flower assigned to every day of the year? These are called birth flowers, or 'tan-saeng-hwa' (탄생화) in Korean! Find out your Korean birth flower and the meaning of it in the link below:

Korean Birth Flowers

We hope that this list of photos helps you get the best cherry blossom photos this spring in Korea! If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below or send us an email at help@creatrip.com. You can follow us on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook to stay updated on all things Korea!

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