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Creatrip Online Korean Tutoring2024.03.04 ~ 2024.05.31

Creatrip Online Private Korean Tutoring 

Try a new way to learn Korean with Creatrip's online private tutoring service! If you are unsure about where to start or lack the time and money for traditional classes, learn anytime and anywhere from carefully selected, verified experts. Creatrip will make your Korean learning journey accessible and efficient!

For a limited time, experience a trial lesson at a 50%–100% discounted rate! (You can get the discount code below!)

Why We Recommend It

Outstanding Tutors: Our tutors are carefully selected, all with rich experience in teaching Korean, including the ones with over 25 years of experience who have taught up to 1,500 students! Our tutors also speak multiple languages, including English, Chinese, and Japanese, enabling beginners to learn Korean in their native language for a solid foundation!

Customized Korean Courses: We offer a variety of courses to choose from, and tutors will prepare course content based on each student's progress, allowing everyone to learn Korean at their own pace!

Convenient and Fast Reservation Process: All you need to do is pick a tutor, course, and class time on the website, and we will arrange the schedule with the tutor for you, saving you from the hassle of contacting them yourself!


TutorAvailable LanguagesQualifications
AnneKorean, English*25+ years of experience in private Korean lesson
*Teaching more than 1,500 students
*Lecturing for foreign companies and embassies
JiHye Jeong
Korean, English, Japanese

*Korean Middle School Teaching Certificate
*9+ years of experience in teaching Korean
*Offers classes on various topics 
*Lead actor in an independent film 

Yerim Son 
Korean, Chinese

*Fluent in Chinese
(Over 10 years of educational volunteering in Chinese-speaking regions)
*10 years of experience working in elementary, middle, and high school education

Panda Saem
Korean, Chinese, Japanese

*10+ years of experience in Korean language education
*Bachelor's degree in Chinese Studies
*Master's degree in Korean Language Education
*HSK Level 5

EunJeong Kim 
Korean, English

*3,000+ Korean language teaching sessions
*KBS Korean Language Proficiency Test Level 2+ (Qualified Teacher)

How to Reserve 

  1. Choose the tutor you wish to reserve and select your desired date, time, and course on the reservation page.
  2. Please also choose an alternative lesson time during your reservation.
    • If your preferred time slot is unavailable, we'll assign an alternative time.
    • If all of your provided times are unavailable, a staff member will contact you to schedule another time.
  3. Once the lesson is confirmed, you can check the Google Meet link for the session in the voucher
    • (My Page -> Reservations -> Purchase History -> Voucher)

Are you not sure which teacher suits you the best?

Every tutor offers a trial lesson. If you want to experience the tutor's teaching style first, you can reserve a trial lesson at a more affordable price and then decide whether to sign up for the regular classes! You can reserve through the tutor's page, named Trial Lesson!

Limited Time Trial Lesson Offer

Enter the discount code below when reserving a trial lesson, and enjoy half-priced or free trial lessons!

50% discount
Teacher Anne
100% discount
Tutor Ji Hye Jeong
Tutor Yerim Son
Tutor Eun Jeong Kim

Things to Keep in Mind

The reserved lesson time is in Korean Standard Time (KST).

Cancellations made up to 2 days before the class are eligible for a full refund.

Panda Saem || Korean lessons with diverse materials by a tutor highly familiar with traditional Korean culture!

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