Gaehang Open Port EG Tour

Relaxing open port tour in an eco-friendly car to conveniently sightsee around Incheon!

Hyelim Moon
6 months ago

Incheon Airport is located in Incheon, so you're probably familiar with the name. Besides being the area where the international airport is located, it is actually one of the best places to visit near Seoul!

You can feel a different charm from Seoul. You can visit Chinatown and look around Japanese-style buildings that still remain after Korea was under the influence of Japan. 

Especially if you book the EG Tour, you can enjoy various courses that are hard to get to when walking around in an eco-friendly car!

There is a guide that explains each course so this tour is also used by Koreans as well.

Creatrip offers a special discount for its services so keep on reading!


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Gaehang EG Tour
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Why We Recommend it

Travel around in an eco-friendly car and learn about the history of Incheon from the guide's detailed explanation for each course.

There is no driver, the tour guide will drive the car. A basic car has 1 guide and 3 customers = 4 people. A large car has 1 guide and 5 customers = 6 people.

A tour enjoyed by Koreans as well because you can visit various tourist areas such as Chinatown and Fairy Tale Village.

The departure course is divided into A (Joeun Tour Office) and B (Incheon Station), so you can begin your tour at a location that's most convenient for you. If you want a guide that starts from the beginning and explains its history in order, we recommend course A.

You can look around various filming locations for the drama, Twenty-five Twenty-one, and Goblin.


EG Tour (55 minutes)Adult 15,000 won 13,500 won
Child 9,000 won
Rental clothes (2 hours/2 costumes)
*Only available for those who have reserved the tour
*Rental time is counted from the start time of the EG Tour
19,000 won

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Make a reservation on the Creatrip reservation page

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Pay the full amount

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The reservation will be confirmed within 1-2 business days

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Please arrive at the meeting location 10 minutes prior 

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Meet the tour guide and begin your tour!

Things To Keep In Mind

Not included: Admission fee for the museum and exhibition halls

Adults (13 years of age or older) / Children (36 months or older to under 13 years of age)

Languages provided: English, Thai, Japanese, Korean

The minimum number of passengers is 2. If you want to ride alone, you have to pay for 2 people.

You can book the EG Tour every hour. The duration of the tour is about 55 minutes and may vary depending on the situation.

After the tour, you will be dropped off at one of your favorite tourist spots.

The business hours may change depending on the weather and business conditions. 

Please select a meeting place when making the reservation for the tour. (Choose A. Joeun Tour Office or B. Incheon Station)

The costume rental experience is available only if you make a reservation for the EG Tour and you must arrive 30 minutes earlier than the EG Tour reservation time.

Rental hours of the costume experience are counted from the beginning of your EG Tour. (ex. EG Tour begins at 10:00 am, then your costume rental hours will be 10:00 am-12:00 pm.)

You must complete your reservation at least 1-2 days in advance of the tour date. You can book tickets up to 30 days from the current date.

Check your information at the ticket office before you start your tour. 

100% refund is available before 3 days, 70% refund before 2 days, and 30% refund before 1 day. (No refund on the date of).

If you have any changes to your reservation or have additional questions, please contact support@creatrip.com

Course Information

Course A (Joeun Tour Office) 

Address: 63 Sinpo-ro 27 beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon (in front of the Joeun Tour Office)
(인청 중구 신포로 27번길 63)

The meeting location for the rental clothes is the same as above. 

Course B (Incheon Station Exit 1. EG Tour Information Center)

Address: 269 Jemulryang-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon
(인천 중구 제물량로 269)

The meeting location for the rental clothes is the same.

EG Tour (55 minutes)

A Course
Meeting location

Address: 63 Sinpo-ro 27 beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon (in front of the Joeun Tour Office)
(인청 중구 신포로 27번길 63)
Main course
Depart from Joeun Tour Office - Gaehangjang - Chinatown - Fairy Tale Village - Freedom Park - Gaehangjang- Get off at the desired location

Detailed tourist attractions
Depart from the Joeun Tour Office - Gaehangjang - Jung-gu Office - Cheongil Jogyeji Stairway - Hanjungwon - Haean Cathedral - Jjajangmyeon Museum - Chinatown - Emperor's Stairway - Original Jjajangmyeon Street - Uiseondang - Fairy Tale Village - Sunrinmun- Samgukji Mural Street - Platanus Tree - Jeomulpogwan - Citizen's House- Gakgukjogaeji Stairway - Daebul Hotel - First Bank of Japan - 18,58 Bank of Japan - Art Platform - Korea-China Cultural Center - Get off at the desired location

B CourseMeeting location
Address: 269 Jemulryang-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon
인천 중구 제물량로 269 
Main Course
Depart from Inchon Station - Chinatown - Fairy Tale Village - Freedom Park - Gaehangjang - Chinatown - Get off at the desired location
Detailed tourist attractions
Depart from Incheon Station - Chinatown - Emperor's Stairway -Original Jjajangmyeon Street - Uiseondang - Fairy Tale Village - Freedom Park - Sunrinmun - Samgukji Mural Street - Jomusuho Trade Treaty - Platanus Tree - Chemulpo Club - Citizen's House - Gakgukjogaeji Stairway - Gaehangjang - Jung-gu Office - Cheongil Jogyeji Stairway - Daebul Hotel - First Bank of Japan - 18,58 Bank of Japan - Art Platform - Korean-Chinese Cultural Center - Hanjung-Won - Haean Cathedral - Jjajangmyeon Museum - Get off at the desired location


1. Chinatown

The main difference between Incheon Chinatown and Chinatowns in other countries is that it started with Chinese immigrants who moved to Korea to do business in the region.

It is a place that still preserves its unique Chinese culture and customs for more than 120 years. 

In the past, most stores sold imported goods from China but now it is mostly Chinese restaurants that occupy the streets.

Jjajangmyeon, black bean noodles, and mooncakes are some of its representative foods, and thanks to its very bright colorful exterior of buildings, it has gained massive popularity in the entertainment industry as well. 

If you use the EG Tour, you can conveniently see every corner of Chinatown with its high slopes and many alleys that would be difficult to walk around at. 

2. Cheongil Jogyeji Stairway

The stairway that divides the Qing Dynasty on the left and Japan on the right has a historical significance and deeper meaning. 

The Qing Dynasty on the left became Chinatown and on the right is now the Gaehangjang full of Japanese-style buildings.

If you look up the stairs and look left and right, you can see that the shapes of the stones and street lamps are different because one side is influenced by the Japanese architectural style and the other is influenced by the Chinese architectural style.

Jogyeji refers to an area that was established in the open port where foreigners can freely live and enjoy extraterritorial rights.

The statue of Confucius is located at the top of the stairs and if you go left from here, you can go to Samgukji Mural Street.

If you go right from here, you can go to Freedom Park. 

3. Songwoldong Fairy Tale Village

Songwoldong Fairy Tale Village is a tourist attraction in Incheon filled with fairy-tale-themed streets and cute mural paintings.

The village is wider than you think, and it's located on a hill so it might be difficult to walk around and see the whole area.

If you use the EG Tour, which uses an electric car, you can sightsee conveniently even on a hot summer day. 

The poles are transformed into the giant tree from Jack and the Beanstalk, and the gas meter is transformed into the tin woodcutter in The Wizard of Oz. 

4. Chemulpo Club

It was built in 1901 as a social club for foreigners living in Incheon and is the only remaining Western-style building in Incheon to this day.

It has been used for many purposes but it is now recently open for tourists for free admission and provides exhibitions. 

(Source: tvn Goblin)

In the 13th episode of Goblin, you can see that a scene was shot here. It is quite famous for being one of the filming locations for the K-drama, Goblin.

5. Incheon Citizen's House

Incheon Citizen's House has been used as the official residence of the Mayor of Incheon since 1966, but since last year, it is open for tourists. 

The interior is larger than it looks so it's a great place to take a quick break. 

There is a photo spot here so you can take some pictures!

6. Freedom Park

It is the oldest Western-style park in Korea and is also the first historic site where General MacArthur arrived during the Incheon Landing Operation on September 15, 1950. 

In the park, you can see historic monuments and towers as well as statues of General MacArthur.

You can see the whole area of Incheon Port at a glance because it is located in a high place. You can also see the Incheon Naehang Silo Mural which is listed as the largest outdoor mural in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The cherry blossoms in full bloom are also very beautiful in spring and is listed as one of the best cherry blossom attractions in Incheon.

Silo refers to bulk storage where solid substances such as cement and grain are stored.  

7. Gaehangjang (Open Port Area)

仁川 旅遊 景點 仁川 推薦2022

There are many Japanese-style buildings in Gaehangjang, making it a popular attraction for those who like the vintage aesthetic. 

Famous teahouses and cafes with a unique vintage theme have been emerging more around this area so people from Seoul also travel to visit.

Usually, many people just stop by Chinatown, Wolmido Island, and Songwoldong Fairy Tale Village on a quick one-day trip.

Gaehang Nuri-Gil, also called Ole-gil of Incheon, is a walking path that still holds onto the deep 100-year history and culture of Incheon. 



(Source: tvn 'Twenty-five, Twenty-one')

Recently, the K-drama Twenty-Five, Twenty-One was filmed here.

This is where Kim Tae-ri (Na Hee-do) and Nam Joo-hyuk (Baek Jin) walked shoulder-to-shoulder and filmed this beautiful scene together.

It's a street where you can feel like you've traveled back in time.


Rental clothes (2 hours/2 costumes)

*The rental clothing service for 2 hours is available for those who make the reservation for EG Tour. You must arrive 30 minutes earlier than the reserved time for the tour.

*The rental time for the clothing is counted from the beginning of the tour. (ex. EG Tour begins at 10 a.m, rental clothing is available 10 a.m-12 p.m. 

The costume rental is a different experience than the hanbok rental experience! You might think that the clothing may not suit the streets of Incheon but if you walk around the area, you'll see a lot of tourists that wear costumes and take photos.

Customers who have reserved the EG Tour can also try renting the costumes and must arrive 30 minutes before the start of the EG tour to allow some extra time to change.

You can wear pretty outfits and walk around the streets taking fun photos!

Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments below or by sending us an email at support@creatrip.com! Also make sure to follow us on Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook. to stay updated on all things Korea!