Ilchul Land

Breathe in the nature and culture of Jeju Island!

Hyelim Moon
6 months ago

Jeju Island is a special area created by volcanic activity that took place throughout the historical period from about 1.8 million years ago. Because of this, it has a high cultural value that is designated as a World Heritage Site.

Hallasan Mountain, which represents Jeju, and Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, which is shaped like a crown, are the most famous tourist attractions in Jeju.

Among them, "Ilchul (Sunrise) Land" located in Seongsan also has "Micheon Cave," which is famous for its natural lava caves, and 365m of the 1,700m that can be observed is an open area, so you can explore the inside. The remaining 1,340m is set to be revealed later.

In addition, Ilchul Land is a place where you can experience Jeju's traditional old appearance, and there are many attractions indoors and outdoors, such as sculpture streets, gardens, and greenhouses.

Visit Ilchul Land and you can feel the history of Jeju and its natural beauty!

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Ilchul Land Admission


Address: 제주 서귀포시 성산읍 중산간동로 4150-30
4150-30, Jungsangandong-ro, Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

Hours: Open 365 days a year
09:00-18:00 (Last entry 1 hour before sunset)

Reasons For Recommendation

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Ilchul Land, which boasts a long history, is a good course to visit nearby Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak and Udo Island together.

2022 marks the 20th anniversary of its opening, so make sure to visit!

You can see Micheongul Cave, one of Jeju's representative lava caves, at Ilchul Land. Due to the geographical characteristics of Jeju, which is a volcanic island, lava caves can only be seen in Jeju, so if you come to Jeju, you must visit the cave.

It is also fun to look for different attractions such as "The stone that lays eggs (Eung Tae-seok)" which tells the story of giving birth to a girl if you stroke it three times to the right, and a stone that tells the story of giving birth to a boy if you sweep it three times to the left.

Take a leisurely walk while looking at bonsai plants, trees, and stone sculptures, and take pictures against the backdrop of a pretty garden in the colorful photo zone decorated everywhere!


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Ilchul Land Admission

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A Preview

Where the sun rises each day! Ilchul Land is a healing botanical garden filled with the scent of flowers during all four seasons, including cherry blossoms, hydrangeas, and camellia flowers, and green and fresh trees.

It is a theme park where you can be surrounded by the beautiful nature that cannot be seen in the city. 

Take a look around Ilchul Land decorated with various themes, including Micheongul Cave, a natural lava cave, and an old thatched house where you can experience Jeju's traditional culture!

You can make happy memories with your family, lovers, and friends.

Soobyeon Park

Aquatic plants can be observed in the basalt and waterfall fountains of Jeju Island. 

Looking at the green trees will put you at ease! The smell of flowers that pierce through your nose is a bonus. 

Micheon Cave

Take a look around at the colorful art in the cave.

It's really cool in the summer and keeps warm in the winter, so you can visit all year round.

Jeju's Traditional Houses

Although it's not a place where people actually lived, it's a recreation of old traditional houses of Jeju Island so you can experience the traditional culture. 

There's a place where you can see real black pigs that are raised here so look out!

Jeju's Street of Sculpture 

The works of different sculptors are on display here.

You can see various interesting sculptures that are made with the main theme of Jeju, such as the Stone Harubang of Freedom, which is a parody of the Statue of Liberty, and the Thinking Stong Harubang. 

Bonsai Garden

Take a look at the rock hareubang made of basalt and volcanic rocks created during the lava eruptions. 

Cactus Greenhouse

You can see tropical plants such as mangoes and bananas, and enjoy various cacti such as centennial plants!

Subtropical Botanical Garden

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Jeju's local trees such as subtropical plants, camellia flowers, and azaleas. 

Photo Zone

There are many well-decorated photo zones in Ilchul Land.

Especially when the flowers and trees are in full bloom, the colors are radiant and all your photos will come out beautiful!

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