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How much Korean do you know? Let's put your knowledge to the test!

Hongjoo Lee
a year ago

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Today, we have basic Korean vocabulary word quiz for you! We've mixed in some easy and difficult questions.

There are 20 questions, are you ready to put your Korean knowledge to the test?

Don't worry though, we've added hints here and there to make it fun. Let's go!


Choose the meaning of the Korean word.

1. 나비 (Na-bi)

Hint: It is related to this character's name in Nevertheless.

han so hee nevertheless, nabi, kdramaSource: 머니투데이

1) Ladybug

2) Butterfly

3) Dragonfly

2. 치마 (Chi-ma)

1) Shirt

2) Shoes

3) Skirt

3. 옥수수 (Ok-su-su)

Hint: What was thrown in the movie theater in Goblin?

gong yoo, kdrama goblin, movie theaterSource: tvn Goblin

1) Almond

2) Corn

3) Rice

4. 식당 (Sik-dang)

1) Restaurant

2) Theater

3) Hospital

5. 군인 (Gun-in)

Hint: What was Yoo Si-jin's job in Descendants of the Sun?

song joong ki, kdrama descendants of the sunSource: kbs

1) Author

2) Detective

3) Soldier

6. 강아지(Gang-a-ji)

1) Koala

2) Dog

3) Cat

7. 반장 (Ban-jang)

Hint: What was Hong Doo-sik's role in Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha?

kdrama hometown cha cha cha, kim seon hoSource: 나무위키

1) Homework

2) Teacher

3) Class president

8. 이별 (I-byeol)

1) Farewell

2) Celebration

3) Star

9. 치과 (Chi-gwa)

Hint: What is most related to Yoon Hye-jin in Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha?

shin min ah, hometown cha cha cha kdramaSource: tv리포트

1) Dentist

2) University

3) Department Store

10. 가위 (Ga-wi)

1) Rock

2) Scissors

3) Paper

11. 보조개 (Bo-jo-gae)

Hint: What makes this person's smile even more charming?

seo kang joon dimpleSource: 뉴스웨이

1) Bangs

2) Double eyelid

3) Dimple

12. 달 (Dal)

1) Moon

2) Water

3) Daughter

13. 맥주 (Maek-ju)

Hint: What is most related to what Gong Yoo is advertising?

gong yoo terra beerSource: fetv

1) Wine

2) Soju

3) Beer

14. 달걀 (Dal-gyal)

1) Soup

2) Egg

3) Salad

15. 벌칙 (Beol-chik)

Hint: What does Lee Kwang-soo receive most on Running Man?

running man lee kwangsoo사진 출처: sbs 뉴스

1) Bee

2) Penalty

3) Rule

16. 연꽃 (Yeon-kkot)

1) Lotus

2) Sunflower

3) Tulip

17. 겨울 (Gyeo-ul)

Hint: What is this person's name in Hospital Playlist?

gyeoul kdrama hospital playlist, doctorSource: 인사이트

1) Winter

2) Spring

3) Autumn

18. 오징어 (O-jing-eo)

1) Shark

2) Starfish

3) Squid

19. 오빠 (O-ppa)

Hint: In Akdong Musician, who is Lee Chan-hyuk to Lee Su-hyun?

akdong musician kpopSource: 매일경제

1) Father

2) Older brother

3) Uncle

20. 안경 (An-gyeong)

1) Glasses

2) Wallet

3) Passport


Great job solving all the questions. Now, we'll reveal the answers!

1. 나비: 2) Butterfly

2. 치마: 3) Skirt

3. 옥수수: 2) Corn

4. 식당: 1) Restaurant

5. 군인: 3) Soldier

6. 강아지: 2) Dog

7. 반장: 3) Class president

8. 이별: 1) Farewell

9. 치과: 1) Dentist

10. 가위: 2) Scissors

11. 보조개: 3) Dimple

12. 달: 1) Moon

13. 맥주: 3) Beer

14. 달걀: 2) Egg

15. 벌칙: 2) Penalty

16. 연꽃: 1) Lotus

17. 겨울: 1) Winter

18. 오징어: 3) Squid

19. 오빠: 2) Older brother

20. 안경: 1) Glasses


Here are the rankings according to the quiz results. It's just for fun, so don't take it too seriously!

0-5 questions correct: Korean beginner

student studyingSource: 인사이트

It hasn't been long since you became interested in Korean, but that's all right. The fact that you're interested and patiently completed this quiz shows your determination. If you keep working, you will slowly but surely improve your skills! 

6-10 questions correct: Korean child

korean elementary school studentsSource: 머니투데이

You are a child who wants to learn Korean! You know the words that 5-7 year old Korean kindergarteners can say. If you connect the words you know well, you'll soon be able to write sentences.

11-15 questions correct: Tourist in Korea

touristsSource: 브런치

You are a Korean-speaking tourist interested in Korea. You know keywords that are currently used often in Korea. You can say a couple of sentences too, right? 

16-20 questions correct: Master of basic Korean

people reviewing paperSource: 티스토리

Wow, amazing, you are a master of basic Korean words! You can communicate well in Korean using basic words. You might want a more difficult quiz, right?

Everyone, did you enjoy this basic Korean vocabulary test?

If you want, it might be fun to do a harder quiz next time. We already have a few question ideas.

Share this quiz with your friends and let us know your results!

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