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Who wants to see all that Jeju Island has to offer? Gather up because we have Jeju Island tours that guarantee a good time!

Yujin Jeong
3 months ago

Jeju Island's extravagant green forests and clear blue waters have helped it become Korea's favorite vacation spot! 

The island's lush nature can be enjoyed at the many tourist sites, as well as traditional experiences unique to Jeju. We've gathered a list of tours that will help you travel the island smarter and to the fullest! 

Jeju Fabio Private Guide Taxi Tour

Most of you will travel to Jeju Island in groups of 2 to 4 people. Jeju Island is a difficult place to travel if you travel without a taxi or rental car, so we recommend the Jeju Fabio Private Guide Taxi Tour, where you can see so much of the island in the most convenient way. You can ask the guide to recommend places to go and rearrange the schedule as you like! This is a flexible taxi tour that can be changed to suit your travel preferences! 


1 car 
*Fits 1-6 people 
*This tour is 9 hours long

330,000 KRW

*Included: Car, gas, guide/driver(English/Chinese-speaking), pick-up, 9-hour tour
*Not included: Meals, Travel insurance, admission fees, tip, etc. 

Tour Schedule: 

09:00Hotel or Airport Pick-up
09:20Breakfast at Cafe Terarosa
10:00Ecoland - Forest Train-ride
12:00Hamdeok Beach
14:00Sehwa Beach + Jeju Aesthetic Goods store + Yeongdong Coast Drive
15:30Hidden place
17:00Seogwipo Olle Market
Hotel Drop-off

*Hidden place is a guide-recommended location. 
*The schedule above is just an example. The schedule can be changed to fit your travel preferences.

One-day Jeju Traditional Culture Tour Haenyeo Experience

This is a tour where you can experience foraging the ocean floor for seafood with Haenyeo, female free-divers unique to Jeju, registered as intangible cultural assets of Korea. This is an experience you cannot get anywhere else and if you want to fully engulf yourself in Jeju traditional culture, this tour would be perfect for you. 


1 Person
*Same price for adults and children

200,000 KRW

*Included: Lunch for 1, transportation, English guide/driver, all admission fees, and experience fares. 
*Not included: Accommodation, travel insurance. 

Tour Schedule: 

Pick-up at hotel in Jeju City

Hado Haenyo Village (Experience free diving wearing the same equipment as the Hanyeos!) 

Lunch (Eat what seafood you've foraged through the experience!)

Bijarim Forest (Jeju's Natural Monument Forest Trail)

17:00 ~ 17:30
Back to Jeju City and end of the tour!

*For a detailed schedule and things to keep in mind, click here

Jeju Private Taxi Tour

The Jeju Private Taxi Tour is perfect for groups of two, families, and even solo travelers wishing to travel Jeju comfortably! Jeju is a large island with so much to see but unlike Seoul, public transportation can be difficult for visitors to use so riding a taxi is much more convenient! If you go on a private taxi tour, you will be able to see many of Jeju's natural attractions and famous tourist sites. 


General Taxi Tour (1-4 People)

For 1 Person
430,000 KRW
For 2 People
500,000 KRW 
For 3 People
600,000 KRW 
For 4 People
680,000 KRW 

*This is the total price, not per person. 

Limousine Tour (1-7 People)

For 1 Person
513,000 KRW 
For 2 People
588,000 KRW 
For 3 People
663,000 KRW 
For 4 People
760,000 KRW 
For 5 People
815,000 KRW 
For 6 People
888,000 KRW 
For 7 People
966,000 KRW 

*This is the total price, not per person. 

Included: Admission Tickets, Lunch, Guide/Driver(English, Chinese, Japanese-speaking) 
Not included: Personal expenses, travel insurance, tip (50,000 KRW per group), flight tickets, accommodation, etc.

Tour Schedule:

09:00Hotel or Airport Pick-up
09:40Saebeol Oreum
11:00Seogqipo Healing Forest
12:30Abalone Seafood Stew Lunch
14:00Yacht Tour
16:00Jungmun Beach
17:00Airport or Hotel Drop-off

*For a detailed schedule and things to keep in mind, click here.  

Healing & Clean Jeju One-day Tour

The Healing & Clean One-day tour is designed to be sustainable and eco-friendly. Protect the environment by picking up trash while walking the Jeju Olle Trail. Also, calm your mind at the Cypress forest, dunking your feet in a foot spa. 


1 Person
*Same price for adults and children.
120,000 KRW

*Included: Tour guide/driver, car, Jeju Fishcake, and lunch, Admission tickets.
*Not included: Personal expenses, Travel insurance, etc. 

Tour Schedule:

08:00 - 08:50Pick-up and departure
09:30Jeju Olle 19 Trail (trash cleaning, walking)
10:50Jeju LAFLY (Zipline) & Jeju fishcake snack
12:20Jeju Black pork lunch
13:20Jeju Herb Farm
14:30Foot Spa & Rest
15:30Cypress Forest
17:00Hotel or Airport Drop-off

*For detailed information about the pick-up location and schedule, click here.

5 Nights 6 Days with Jeju Olle Trail and Oreum Tour 

Jeju has small hills called Oreum scattered all across the island, great for light treks. They have significant historical meaning and are uniquely beautiful, all of which are enhanced when joined by a guide, as they will safely take you to the best trekking spots and explain their meanings as well. You can enjoy the first and last day as you like and trek on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th day!


2 Person room
850,000 KRW (per person)
1 Person room
1,180,000 KRW (per person)

*Included: Accommodation (breakfast included), Airport and Hotel transportation, transportation throughout tour, all meals, admission tickets, experience fees, and guide's meals. 
*Not included: guide and transportation to locations outside of the fixed schedule, other personal expenses, travel insurance, etc. 

Tour Schedule:

Day 1Arrive at Jeju Airport -> Free time
Day 2-5Breakfast at hotel
Trekking (10-19km a day)
Lunch, Dinner
Arrive at hotel and rest
Day 6 Arrive at airport

*If you want a more detailed schedule and more information about the tour, click here

Jeju Wellness Tour for Foreigners

If you want to enjoy Jeju Island to the fullest but don't have the time to make a detailed itinerary, this tour is perfect for you!

Visit all the main tourist attractions on the island, along with a guide that thoroughly explains each attraction's story!

Relax your body and mind for 4 days and eat delicious local foods during this tour! 


1 Person Tour
1,064,000 KRW per person
2 Person Tour
800,000 KRW per person

*Included: Accommodation, admission tickets, all meals.
*Not Included: Cost of tour driver ($80 for 4 days), other personal expenses, travel insurance, etc.

Tour Schedule:

Day 1
Arboretum Themepark
Jeju Dodubong Oreum
Jeju Starry Night Sky Observance

Cypress Forest
Herb Farm, Herb Foot Spa
Hanhwa Aqua Planet
Hamdeok Beach

Udo Island Tour
Bijarim Forest
Sunrise Land

Hamdeok Beach
Jeju Ecoland
Jeju Ora Shopping Center

*This is an active tour. For more information about accommodation, meals, and more, click here.

2 Nights 3 Days Jeju Free Travel Tour for Foreigners

When traveling to Jeju, most people rent a car to explore the island! This tour provides a rental car so you can travel freely in the comfort of your own car! Included in the tour is the cost of a 4-star hotel, famous restaurants, and activities so you can enjoy the island to the fullest! You will also get plenty of free time during the day, so you can visit wherever you want to go!


1 Person Tour850,000 KRW per person
2 Person Tour530,000 KRW per person
3 Person Tour480,000 KRW per person
4 Person Tour460,000 KRW per person

*Included: Accommodation at 4-star hotel, rental car(including car insurance), activity and admission tickets, 5 meals.
*Not included: Other personal expenses, etc.

Tour Schedule:

Day 1

Pick-up rental car
Jungmun Tour
Yacht Tour
Free Travel

Day 2

Olle Trail Trekking
Nanta Show
Free Travel

Day 3

Jeju Herb Farm, Foot Spa
Free Travel
Turn in rental car

For more information about the hotel, meals, and more, click here.

One-day Jeju Traditional Culture Tour

Make your own Jeju liquor! Have you heard of Jeju's traditional wine, Gosori? Through this tour, you will be able to make your own traditional Jeju wine with the help of experts!


1 Person
210,000 KRW

*Included: Lunch, transportation, English-speaking guide/driver, all expenses paid during the wine-making experience.
*Not included: Accommodation, travel insurance, personal expenses, etc. 

Tour Schedule: (No tours on Sundays)

09:30Pick-up at pick-up location
10:30Make your own Gosori wine with experts
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Seongeup Folk Village
14:30Seongsan Sunrise Park
Return to Jeju City and end tour.

*For more information about the pick-up location and lunch menu, click here.

Jeju Island Squid Game Tour

Have you seen the popular Netflix show, Squid Game? Did you know that Jeju Island was mentioned in the show a few times?

Try out the games played in the show in real life and make new memories! You can also visit Best Hill, which was featured in BTS and Blackpink music videos. Ride a private car provided by the travel agency for 3 days and enjoy an unforgettable trip!


1 Person
*Same price for adults and children.
512,000 KRW

*Included: Transportation, English guide, accommodation, experience fees, 4 meals.
*Not included: Other personal expenses, flight fare, etc.

Tour Schedule:

Day 1
Arboretum Themepark
Jeju Cypress Forest
Jeju Squid Game Experience

Day 2
Jeju Cypress Forest Free Walk
Hanhwa Aqua Planet Aquarium and Performance
Jeju Tangerine Farm, Tangerine Picking
Jeju Herb Farm

Day 3
Hamdeok Beach, Seoubong Trail Trek
Horseriding Experience
Jeju Shopping Outlet
Jeju Oriental Medicine Foot spa
Jeju Dodubong Trek

*This tour is an active tour. For more information, click here.

We hope that you can Jeju Island to the fullest with one of these tours! If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below or send us an email at support@creatrip.com! You can follow us on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook to stay updated on all things Korea!