3 Days 2 Nights Jeju Island Free Travel Tour Recommended For Foreigners

How about a relaxing trip to Jeju Island with accommodation, meals, and rental cars provided at your service for your convenience?

10 months ago

Enjoy delicious Jeju Island oranges, the emerald sea, abundant seafood, and clear air! Jeju Island may be a little challenging for foreigners to visit. 

Today we will introduce you to a fun Jeju travel package that can be enjoyed by up to 4 people. The more participants, the cheaper the price will be per person.

If you don't have a car, you can use the car provided by the travel agency to visit every corner of the beautiful island that is otherwise difficult to get to.

Jeju Island Free Travel Tour 

Jeju Island Free Travel Tour | Reserve Tour


You can enjoy the beautiful sea and the nature which is unique to the island, also nicknamed Hawaii of South Korea.

With this tour, you can stay at a 4-star hotel, eat 5 times, and enjoy 3 activities. (yacht, NANTA, herb plantation) 

Why We Recommend It

This is a tour that includes everything you need to help you relax and enjoy Jeju Island to its fullest.

This product includes accommodation at two 4-star hotels, a car rental fee, 3 fun activities, and 5 meals.

Except for the required courses on the itinerary, you can enjoy your time on Jeju Island freely and plan your own schedule, making it a tour package where you can enjoy the benefits of a guided tour and the benefits of a free tour at the same time. 

What's Included

The following items are included in the tour

Accommodation: 1 night at Gravel Hotel (4 stars), 1 night at Nanta Hotel (4 stars)

Car rental: Available all day, including K5 LPG or equivalent midsize car, car insurance

Activities: Yacht tour 60 minutes, Jeju Nanta performance, Herb farm admission ticket, and herb footbath

Meals: 5 meals (including hotel breakfast) 

The following items are not included in the tour

Other travel expenses

Things To Keep In Mind

Please make a reservation at least 3 days before the departure date.

Details will be sent to the contact information/email provided at the time of booking. 

Please refer to the refund policy for changes and cancellations. 

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at help@creatrip.com

Please keep in mind the check-out time and check-in times at the hotel. You have to pay additional charges if you overstay.

A total of two drivers can be registered for the rental car, and the driver must always have an internationally recognized driver's license. If the driver's license was issued outside of Korea, be sure to check whether it can be used.

Refund Policy

30-22 days before departure: 90% full refund

21-15 days before departure: 80% full refund

14-8 days before departure: 65% full refund

7-4 days before departure: 50% full refund

3 days before departure-the day of: non-refundable


Jeju Free Tour (total of 1 person)850,000 KRW per person
Jeju Free Tour (total of 2 people)530,000 KRW per person
Jeju Free Tour (total of 3 people) 480,000 KRW per person
Jeju Free Tour (total of 4 people)460,000 KRW per person


Day 108:00Get on the shuttle bus that will take you to the rental car office. (location will be given before the tour)
08:30Register the driver and rent the cars
09:00Pick up a rental car and begin your free travel
12:00Lunch: Hanghaejinmi (항해진미) Seafood dining
13:00Jungmun free tour after lunch
15:00Shangri-La yacht tour experience 60 minutes
16:30Free travel
19:00Check in to the Gravel Hotel and use the hotel rooftop bar.
 Checkin: 15:00
Checkout: 11:00
Breakfast: 07:00-09:00
Day 2 07:00Have breakfast at Gravel Hotel and walk around Olle Trail across the street
10:30Checkout of Gravel Hotel and freely travel
16:30Arrive at Jeju NANTA performance arena
19:00Dinner at Nanta Hotel
Day 307:00Breakfast at Nanta Hotel and walk around the area
09:00Check out of Nanta Hotel and freely travel
10:00Enter Jeju Herb Garden and have a footbath
12:00Lunch: Jeju chamdeoduk and black pork
13:00Free travel after lunch
Recommended: Saryeoni Forest Path 사려니 숲길
Address: 137-1 Gyoreri San Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju 

(제주 제주시 조천음 교래리 산 137-1)
19:50Return the rental car and go to Jeju Airport (A shuttle bus to the airport is offered)

How To Reserve


Click the link below to make a reservation
Jeju Island Free Travel Tour | Reserve Tour


Please enter all necessary information


Please pay the full amount


The reservation will be confirmed within 2 business days. You can check your reservation here.
(Please refer to the refund policy for cancelations and changes)


When the reservation is confirmed, the voucher will be sent to the email address you provided


View from lunch on Day 1

Shangri-la Yaucht Tour

Oceanview of Gravel Hotel

Gravel Hotel breakfast

Nanta performance

Jeju Nanta hotel breakfast

Jeju herb farm

Jeju Chamtodok and black pig 

Walk in the forest

Jeju Island Free Travel Tour 

Jeju Island Free Travel Tour | Reserve Tour

Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments below or by sending us an email at help@creatrip.com! Also make sure to follow us on Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook. to stay updated on all things Korea!

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