Jeju Olle Trail And Oreum Tour 5 Nights And 6 Days

The perfect tour for those that enjoy trekking! Enjoy a refreshing trip to Jeju Island surrounded by nature.

10 months ago

Trekking is walking in the mountains without being particular about arriving at the summit and is the perfect activity to do on Jeju Island.

Jeju Island, which boasts its beautiful nature and is surrounded by mountains and small hills, is perfect for those who enjoy trekking and going for walks.

You can enjoy visiting various trails with a professional guide.

Jeju Olle Trail And Oreum Tour

Jeju Olle Trail And Oreum Tour | Reserve Tour


Olle Trail, which is also the name of the tour, is a famous walking course on Jeju Island where you can enjoy the beauty of Jeju.

Oreum refers to a small hill, and Jeju Island has many beautiful small hills for you to enjoy.

You can enjoy trekking safely with a professional guide.

Scheduled guide fees are also included in the price. 

Why We Recommend It

This tour ensures a safe trekking course with a professional guide on historic roads around Jeju's Olle Trail and Hallasan throughout the year.

Enjoy the mountains and sea of Jeju with a tour guide.

The total schedule is for 5 nights and 6 days, but the first and last days, excluding the 4 days, are for resting and enjoying your free time.  This gives time for you to properly recover and restore your strength before returning to your busy life.

This tour also includes a pick-up service between the airport and the hotel. 

What's Included

The following items are included in the tour

Accommodation (5 nights including breakfast)

Round-trip transportation from Jeju Airport to the hotel

Transportation during the trip

All meals

Admission fee, experience fee, expenses for drivers and guides on the schedule 

The following items are not included in the tour

Expenses for the driver and guide to selected tourist destinations (cash payment)

Other personal expenses

Travel Insurance

Things To Keep In Mind

Please make a reservation at least 3 days before the departure date.

Details will be sent to the contact information/email you provided.

Please refer to the refund policy for cancellations. 

If you have any changes or additional questions, please contact us at help@creatrip.com

Please be sure to bring your personal ID during your travels.

The detailed schedule of the trekking course will be determined before the date of the reservation.

If you would like a more detailed travel itinerary please contact us at help@creatrip.com

If you wish to make changes to the schedule additional charges may apply.

All food costs on the itinerary are included in the price but if you would like to make additional orders, you will have to pay extra.

This tour includes at least a 10km walk and up to 19km a day. We highly recommend you bring sneakers and at least two sportswear.


1 room (5 nights) for 2 people850,000 KRW per person
1 room (5 nights) per person1,180,000 KRW per person

Refund Policy

30-22 days before departure: 90% full refund

21-15 days before departure: 80% full refund

14-8 days before departure: 65% full refund

7-4 days before departure: 50% full refund

3 days before departure-day of departure: non-refundable


Day 1
(No trekking)
Arrive at the hotel from Jeju Airport (Airport pick-up available)
Free time
Day 2 - 508:00Hotel breakfast
09:00Leave for trekking (detailed dates and courses vary depending on the reservation date and time)
Lunch and dinner
Walk about 10-19 km a day
18:00Arrive at the hotel
19:00Rest at the hotel or afternoon trekking
(Aroma class offered on Sundays)
Day 6
(No trekking)
08:00Breakfast and free time
10:0Arrive at Jeju Airport according to your flight time (airport drop-off available)

How To Reserve

Make a reservation by clicking the link below

Jeju Olle Trail And Oreum Tour | Reserve Tour


Please enter all necessary information 


Pay the full amount


The reservation will be confirmed within 2 business days. You can check your reservation here.
(Please refer to the refund policy for cancelations and changes)


After the reservation is confirmed, you will receive a voucher in the email you provided


Source: 제주의소리 

Olle Trail

Source: 뉴시스 

Hamdeok Beach

Source: 누제주일보

Bijarim Forest

Source: 타마라제주 

Tamara Jeju Hotel

Source: 시선뉴스 

Chagwido Island

Source: 국제뉴스 

Chagwido Island

Jeju Olle Trail And Oreum Tour

Jeju Olle Trail And Oreum Tour | Reserve Tour

Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments below or by sending us an email at help@creatrip.com! Also make sure to follow us on Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook. to stay updated on all things Korea!

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