All Day Fresh | Yeouido Han River View Brunch Spot

Enjoy a luxurious dining experience with a breathtaking view of the Han River!

8 months ago

Discover a romantic brunch and dining spot in Yeouido where you can dine on the 50th floor with breathtaking views of the Han River. "All Day Fresh" is not just a popular TV filming location but also a celebrity hotspot. Exclusive reservations for foreigners are now available through Creatrip; don't miss the chance to book this popular spot!

All Day Fresh

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Hours: Mon - Sun 10:00-22:00 / Breaktime 16:00-17:00

Last Order: 15:00, 21:00

Reservation Available: Weekdays, Window Seat 10:00 / 11:00 / 12:00 / 13:00 / 14:30 / 17:00 / 18:00 / 19:30, Group Seating 10:00 / 12:00 / 14:30 / 17:00 / 19:30

Available Languages: Korean, English

Address: Seoul, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Yeoui-daero, 24 50층
서울 영등포구 여의대로 24 전경련회관 50층, 51층

Why We Recommend It

Dining with a Stunning View: Located on the 50th floor, "All Day Fresh" Yeouido branch provides a beautiful panorama of Seoul and the Han River.

Diverse Menu: Regardless of the time of your visit, enjoy a delightful meal at "All Day Fresh," offering coffee, brunch, pasta, steak, and wine.

Famous Filming Spot: Used as filming locations for popular TV programs like 'Hangout with Yoo' and 'The Penthouse,' this restaurant is well-known for being frequented by celebrities such as Sandara Park, Park Seri, and DEX.

Convenient Reservation: Through a fee-based service, Creatrip exclusively helps with reservations for foreigners and secures preferred seats at All Day Fresh for a convenient and enjoyable experience.

Fresh Ingredients and Luxurious Ambiance: Experience Yeouido's luxurious lifestyle with fresh cuisine and upscale atmosphere.


Please make a reservation at least 3 days before your visit.

The listed price is a reservation handling fee. Please make a full payment for the menu during your visit.

Window Seat Reservation Fee (Per Person)

*Max 5 people

(8 years and older)
10,000 KRW

(36 months to 7 years old, children's tableware provided)

(Under 36 months, baby chair and tableware provided)
Group Seating Reservation Fee (Per Person) 
*Max 6-10 people, window seats not available
(8 years and older)

(36 months to 7 years old, children's tableware provided)

(Under 36 months, baby chair and tableware provided)

Window Seat 

Group Seating

Refund Policy

Cancellation 3 days before the visitFull Refund
Cancellation 2 days before the visitNo Refund

Things to Keep In Mind

The reservation handling fee is 10,000 won per person. Please make a full payment for the menu during your visit.

Reservations are only available on weekdays.

Please reserve the actual number of visitors to avoid any difficulties (e.g., reserving for 2 adults but having 3 adults visit).

Seat assignments are not available; the staff will guide you to your seat upon arrival. As entry is first come, first served, it may take approximately 10 minutes.

Dining time is limited to 2 hours from the reservation time, so please arrive promptly. Late arrivals may result in reduced dining time or service unavailability.

For a 14:30 reservation, please note that the service is available until 16:00 due to a break time.

Window seating is available for 1 to 5 people. If you're reserving a window seat for 5 people, please be aware that chairs will be arranged at the 4-person window seat.

Group seating is available for a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 people.

One meal menu order per person is required based on the actual reservation count. (Even if the actual number of visitors is less, please order according to the initially reserved number of people.)

Reservations may not be available on certain dates (Christmas, etc.).

Since it's a first-come, first-served reservation system, it may not be possible to book on your desired date. Please provide alternative time slots when making a reservation.

Outside food and drinks are not permitted; please finish them before entering, or use our storage facilities.

If you bring a child, please keep a close eye on them, and be aware that guardians are fully responsible for any damage or inconvenience caused to other customers due to negligence.

Refills are not available for coffee or beverage orders.

If you have any allergies or vegan preferences, please include them in the reservation request.

If there are any changes or inquiries before your visit, please contact us at help@creatrip.com.

How to Reserve

Please provide the requested information in detail.

Please proceed with the full payment.

After the payment is completed, your reservation will be confirmed within 1-2 business days.

*If there is a need to change the reservation date, you will be notified through the provided email or social media channels.

During your visit, please show your reservation details to the staff.

Our Visit

Today, we've visited the All Day Fresh Yeouido branch, which promises not only delicious all-day brunch dining but also convenient reach with a 5-minute walk from Yeouido Station.

Don't forget to take a moment and capture a photo at the main entrance before stepping into the restaurant!

Being famous as a go-to place for special occasions and romantic dates, this restaurant is indeed preferred by many Koreans. Whether it's a smaller seat or a setting for a larger group, the restaurant is adorned with tables offering picturesque views of the Han River, providing an ideal atmosphere for a delightful meal.

Perched on the 50th floor, the restaurant offers panoramic scenery, from the views of the Han River to a medley of towering skyscrapers!

All Day Fresh captures the essence of a new day in its menu, much like the refreshing start we experience every morning. Crafted from fresh ingredients, the dishes not only offer a healthier dining option but also ensure a guaranteed burst of flavor.

Their menu features everything from brunch and steak sets to pasta and risotto, accompanied by a variety of sides and tempting desserts to complete your dining experience.

Once seated, ordering was effortlessly convenient, as the menu was also written in English.

We've decided to try a mix of four dishes, including toast, shakshouka, risotto, and pasta, along with a drink and a cocktail.

The stunning plating and colors of the food and drinks make it an ideal spot for capturing photos with the Han River in the background. You can also join many celebrities and locals in capturing moments of themselves gazing out the window.


Shakshuka is an Israeli-style spicy tomato stew with chorizo, mozzarella, and eggplant. It is served with a butter-baked baguette as well.

You can scoop up the shakshuka and spread it over the baguette and create a delightful combination.

*Truffle Black Risotto

Paired with grilled abalone in a flavorful sauce, the truffle black risotto is infused with the enticing aroma of truffles.

*Abalone Aglio e Olio

Their Aglio e Olio is enriched with the rich flavor of Wando abalone. Apart from abalone, it also contains meat, allowing you to experience the chewiness of abalone and the richness of meat together. For the best burst of flavor, try dipping the pasta into the sauce when it cools down a bit!

*Baguette French Toast

The baguette French toast is served with smooth mascarpone cream and a plum chutney. The pairing of an incredibly soft baguette and even smoother mascarpone cream is the perfect dessert you will not want to miss.

*Sunset Glow

Reminiscing about the red sunset, the Sunset Glow cocktail has a refreshing taste and a moderate alcohol content, which makes it a perfect choice to enjoy with a meal.

*Blue Mellow

If you prefer non-alcoholic drinks, don't miss out Blue Mellow soda. Thanks to its sweet and cool taste, its a perfect match to enjoy with greasy food. 

Yet another must-capture photo is the one where you are toasting with the drinks against the amazing views!

Moreover, the central hall is beautiful not only during sunset but especially when the lights are on, giving it a wedding hall-like ambiance and offering another unique charm to be appreciated.

Welcome to a refreshing morning with Han River views during brunch, and enjoy a wine-filled evening admiring the sunset and sparkling Seoul lights. Experience All Day Fresh, available exclusively for reservations on Naver, is now accessible through Creatrip!

How to Get There

Come out of Yeouido Station Exit 1.

Turn around at the exit and go in the direction of the arrow behind you.

Follow the construction site guide path.

Walk straight. 

Walk straight until you see the main road.

Make a left turn when you see the corner.

Walk straight for about 50 meters.

Enter through the FKI TOWER main gate.

Next to the elevator, there is a sign requesting visitors to form a line when going to the 50th floor, so please queue up if it's crowded.

Take the elevator to the 50th floor.

You've arrived at All Day Fresh!

All Day Fresh

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We hope that you can enjoy a delicious meal at All Day Fresh! If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below or send us an email at help@creatrip.com! You can follow us on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook to stay updated on all things Korea!