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One thing that Seoul has no shortage of is interesting and unique cafes, whether in atmosphere and decor, or the food and drinks offered. Cafe culture has taken over and honestly, we're here for it. When it comes to waffle cafes one of the most well-known is Kamong (카몽). Not only are the waffles amazing, but this cafe is owned by EXO Kai's sister, so many EXO-Ls come to visit and show support.


Address: 서울 서초구 서초대로42길 17
17 Seocho-daero 42-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul

Mon-Fri: 8:30-22:00
Sat-Sun, Public holidays: 11:00-22:00
Closed the first Saturday of the month

Public Transportation: 3-minute walk from Seocho Station (서초역) exit 1.

Our Visit

Kamong exteriorKai and sisterSource: pinterest

Many fans of K-Pop have already heard about this cafe because of Kai. The name came from Kai and Mong from the family dog Monggu.

Patio seating at KamongKamong patio seating

Getting there is pretty simple. Just take exit 1 out of Seocho Station and it's a short walk there. There is patio seating in front so you can sit outside and enjoy the breeze if you like.

Kamong interiorKamong interior

The interior is not very large, but the tables are arranged nicely. There are also some counter seats, so it can accommodate a decent number of people. 

Ordering area at KamongMenu on iMac at Kamong

The menu can be viewed from the screen of this iMac. Promotions are clearly displayed here and posted in front, so you won't miss out on them. When we went there was a 1+1 (buy one get one) offer on Americanos and juice was on sale for 4,000 KRW if you purchased them before 14:00.

Selfie mirror at Kamong

When we arrived, we first had to take some souvenir selfies. Take a mirror selfie and show people that you went to Kamong. It has their IG and hashtags written on it so you can tag them.

Coffee machine at KamongSeasonal and signature drinks at Kamong

Even the coffee machines match the overall aesthetic of the shop with simple and clean lines. One thing Kamong is known for aside from waffles is their seasonal and signature drinks. They have a ginseng drink that contains honey and fresh milk. If you need an energy boost, try this!

Bags of coffee beans for sale at KamongCoffee beans for sale at Kamong

This shop also sells coffee beans they roasted themselves. If you need a souvenir for a coffee-lover, this would be a great option, or if you enjoy the coffee while you're there, you can always get some beans for yourself too.

Cups of fruit for juice at Kamong

You can rest assured their juices are 100% real fresh fruit!


The day we went we were lucky enough to meet two of Kai's sisters! You could see the similarities, even with masks on. They took our orders and prepared them themselves.

At Kamong cafe

Kamong buzzer

After ordering you are given a buzzer that will alert you when your food and drinks are ready.

Tray of menu items at Kamong

We found a seat and waited for our orders to arrive. We ordered a total of three items: the Chocolate Fondue Waffle, a Strawberry Kamongccino, and a Green Grape Smoothie

Chocolate Fondue Waffle Kamong

Chocolate Fondue Waffle
13,500 KRW

This shop is so famous for its waffles that HYPEBEAST Korea has classified it as one of the 6 best waffle shops in Seoul. So if you come here, be sure to try the waffles!

Cutting into Chocolate Fondue Waffle at KamongChocolate Fondue Waffle at Kamong

When I cut into it, the scent of chocolate and waffle tickles my nose. The waffle is drenched in chocolate, not just poured lightly on top. Chocolate-lovers, take note.

Kamong Chocolate Fondue Waffle

The sweetness of the chocolate is paired harmoniously with fresh whipped cream, banana slices, and vanilla ice cream, with a sprinkle of dried cranberries to add a bit of tartness. It's so delicious that I can understand why people say that the waffles are some of the best. They really are!

Strawberry Kamongccino and Green Grape Smoothie at Kamong Cafe

Now let's take a look at our drinks, the Strawberry Kamongccino and Green Grape Smoothie. I noticed that they didn't start making our drinks right away, but waited until the waffle was close to being done so that they would be fresh and not be melted by the time the waffle was ready. They have it all timed out perfectly, and you can tell through their attention to details like this that they really know what they're doing and care about the integrity of the products they serve.

Kamong Strawberry Kamongccino

Strawberry Kamongccino
6,000 KRW

This fun drink is a recommended menu item. It's s strawberry smoothie with ice cream mixed in. The taste is well-balanced and not too sweet, though you might think it would be.

Kamong Green Grape Smoothie

Green Grape Smoothie
6,000 won

This is something that you can't easily find in other shops and the taste is also not too sweet. It's like drinking fresh grape juice without any added sweetener. It pairs very well with the rich waffles!

Kamong trash and dish return station

When you're done eating, you can bring your dishes to this counter. There is also a pitcher of water and cups here where you can serve yourself.

Kamong interior

Kamong exterior

Kamong is a very popular shop in this area, it was pretty busy when we went. This is definitely a great place to check out when you visit Seoul.

We hope you enjoyed our review of Kamong, the waffle cafe owned by EXO Kai's sister. It was very delicious and we are glad to have had this experience! If you like waffles and EXO, you don't want to miss out on this place when you come to Seoul! If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below or send us an email at help@creatrip.com. You can follow us on InstagramTikTokTwitter, and Facebook to stay updated on all things Korea!

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