2020 Korea Trip Money Saving

Read to save money before your trip to Korea! Save money and earn back travel expenses! How to exchange money and buy tickets!

2 years ago

2020 Korea Trip Money Saving

It ’s been a while since I came to Korea. However, the recent epidemic situation has not improved, and everyone’s Korea travel has been postponed. Then the most important thing to do before the next trip is to save money, and there are some travel tips, so you can save a little more. Let's take a look in detail.

Korea Tourism Money Saving

1. Flight Tickets

The most important in the itinerary, but it is also the most important to save money on air tickets. Although the fare may be heavily discounted due to the impact of the epidemic, it is recommended that you not wish too much. When the epidemic situation in the world improves, the government will lift the travel ban. The tourism industry will be recovered hopefully.

2020 Korea Trip Money Saving

In addition, except for the tourist group tickets, for grabbing cheap air tickets you need to rely on luck; but the rest of the tips are to be referred to the below.

  • Open the ticket website in incognito mode
  • Book on the airline's official website when booking
  • Pay attention to ticket class, time and luggage options

Although buying a ticket in incognito mode or clearing cookies seems absurd, I don’t let airlines know that I want to go abroad to avoid a lot of advertising and fare confusion. In addition, although the ticket booking on the official website may not be the cheapest (it really is not much worse), after the big refund of this epidemic, I think everyone will find that the third-party ticket platforms may have a lot of problems.

2020 Korea Trip Money Saving

Also pay attention to the class of the ticket and whether it contains baggage options, but this is the most basic and I won't repeat this; in addition, please also check your name.


2. Hotel

2020 Korea Trip Money Saving

The accommodation becomes good or bad according to your preparation. Refer to the reviews for the most accurate evaluation. Those with scores above 8.5 are not likely to be crappy, but those below 8 might be a bit embarrassing. However, because everyone has different tastes, what suits someone may not be suitable for you, and what suits you may not be suitable for others. It is recommended to refer the following :

  • Whether it has a separate bathroom
  • Whether it has elevators
  • How far is it from the subway station, is the exit a staircase
  • Is the counter open 24 hours?
  • Whether to pay the fee on-site or to pay in advance
  • Can you leave my luggage after check-out

Basically, these issues must be considered first before the stay. It is also one of the choices that people often blunder on during their trip to Korea.

3. Money Exchange

Many people are hesitating, whether they want to change their "local currency for Korean won" or "local currency for US dollar and then Korean won." Which is more convenient and which is more cost-effective? Follow me, and it should be very easy to understand. In addition, you can now check Creatrip the exchange rate of the day directly online.

2020 Korea Trip Money Saving

04.21 Myeongdong Money Exchange Rate

Taiwan Dollar to South KRW
Ilpumhyang Money Exchange Centre

To put it simply, the exchange rate of the Taiwan dollar is really very good. It is not only convenient but you don’t need to exchange it again. Although the US dollar exchange rate is also good, unless you already have more than US $100, otherwise you will have a little difference between the exchange of Taiwan dollars to US dollars and Korean won, not too much more cost-effective.

Taking 10,000 Taiwan Dollars as an example, when buying US dollar exchange rate is 30.35

  • Taiwan dollar for Korean won, get ₩ 396,000
  • Exchange Taiwan dollars to US dollars and get $ 329.48, but because the exchange rate of the hundred notes is so good, about $ 300 to get ₩ 369,000

The conclusion is that the local currency is the most convenient. Although the U.S. dollar exchange rate is also good, unless you have hundreds, otherwise the exchange rate of those U.S. dollars is not very good. Similarly, the Taiwan dollar exchange rate is also converted on the basis of thousands of dollars.

4. Overseas Credit Card

2020 Korea Trip Money Saving

Many people choose to swipe credit cards in South Korea, but do you know? Some cards will allow you to enjoy more rewards than others when you swipe. In other words, your consumption is equal to a discount, but because each bank's model is different, it is recommended that you choose the following key points to make your own consumption more cost-effective.

  • Payback> Overseas credit card processing fee (1.5%)
  • If the credit card rebate is more than 2%, it means you will earn a little
  • A credit card has this kind of reward, a debit card doesn't.

In addition, if you are using a Taiwan credit card or debit card to swipe in South Korea, be sure to select "Korean Checkout" to avoid DCC (for the same reason, holding overseas cards to consume anywhere in the world, please click "the country Currency checkout "). Because swiping the card is the real-time exchange rate on the Internet, it will definitely be better than the money exchange, and it will be more cost-effective to cooperate with overseas payback.

5. Traffic Card

2020 Korea Trip Money Saving

South Korea's transportation fee is the best example of spending less money. It only takes ₩ 1,250 once, but the journey is relatively long. With the transfer, the balance of the transportation card gets less. Fares without a transportation card are also more expensive. Friends who want to save money must prepare a transportation card.

South Korea Subway Transportation Card

One-time transportation card
Basic Fare
The farther the ride, the more fare increases
Deposit ₩500

In addition to taking the subway, you can also take the bus, and also enjoy discounts and transfers. Convenience stores and taxis also use T-Money cards to save a lot of change. Isn't it necessary to buy one?

6. Other Transportation

2020 Korea Trip Money Saving

In addition to the subway, there are also many people who choose to take the bus or taxi, and I recommend that if you are out late in Seoul, you can’t take the subway to go back home. In addition to the taxi, you can take the night bus, which will be cheaper than the taxi cost. There are many, and there are buses passing by late at night in downtown areas and sightseeing areas.

If you find yourself going in the wrong direction after entering the station, swipe your card out of the "original station" within 10 minutes. If you swipe to the right direction again, you will not be charged, or press the button next to the subway gate and someone will help you open the door. 

7. Membership Policies

2020 Korea Trip Money Saving

Taking Lotte Supermarket as an example, some of the items they sell will be divided into member price (회원가) and non-member price (비회원가). The member price is relatively cheap, although it is only a few hundred won, but it's better than nothing for people who buy a lot or want tax refunds. The membership accumulation system of other stores is mostly limited to those with long-term visas, but it's always good to know.

Remarks: The prices of L.POINT and Lotte members are still different

8. Coupons

Most of the coupons in Korean stores are restricted to Koreans or people who live in Korea (long-term visas). Then, if tourists come to South Korea, can they use the coupons to discount? Absolutely! As long as you pay attention to the Creatrip website, you will see a lot of coupon info, which is updated and valid at any time!

2020 Korea Trip Money Saving

2020 Korea Trip Money Saving

From cafe couponsNamdaemun Market dried strawberriesUngteori SaengogiGwangjang Marketdepartment stores, duty-free shops, etc., coupons can be downloaded and used.

2020 Korea Trip Money Saving

9. Promotions

2020 Korea Trip Money Saving

Everyone's schedule will include the large supermarkets in South Korea. These places often have promotions where you can pick up goods cheaply, and the goods are definitely cheaper than in retail stores. In addition, if it is a promotion of some small shops, it is also very suitable for everyone to go shopping and buy some items that are about to expire, which are just as good as the normal ones but cheaper.

10. Advance Reservations

This part is a bit like a flight ticket, but it is about the itinerary planning after arriving in South Korea. Most advance bookings will be cheaper than buying tickets on-site. Not just tickets, but some exhibitions, photoshoots, hanbok, day trips, etc. are also available.

2020 Korea Trip Money Saving

Compared with the on-site purchases, the plan needs to be made in advance, but the online reservation is good since you can save up money. You won't need to save up extra money for things that come up arbitrarily.

11. Tax Refund

Tax rebates are one of the incentives for foreign tourists to spend, and they are also something that has both pros and cons for budget-conscious people. Will you buy more things you don't need? Just to get the tax refund threshold, about 5% to 7% of the tax refund, you might spend more money. Therefore, it is very important to understand "tax refund" and "tax exemption".

  • Tax refund: accumulate a certain amount, get a refund on consumption tax
  • Tax exemption: Present your passport to get tax exemption

2020 Korea Trip Money Saving

In addition, some hotels in South Korea have also started tax refund plans. When you come to South Korea next time, you may wish to refer to the accommodation you want to choose to see if they've got tax refunds.

The above is the Korean money-saving travel method compiled to one article. It is for your reference. Not only can you save money from now, after the epidemic, you'll be readier and spend money more wisely when you arrive in South Korea. These ways to save money during the journey will also make your journey more comfortable.

Dear friends, see you next time.

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