South Korea Travel Guide: April 2024 Edition | Weather & Trending Activities

Coming to Korea in April? Here's everything you should know!

2 months ago

4月 韓國天氣 溫度 韓國穿搭 首爾四月天氣 釜山四月天氣 溫度 韓國4月冷嗎 會下雨 櫻花季穿搭 冷 下雨 溫度推薦穿搭 搭配

Visiting Korea in the spring, particularly in April, is often considered the best time of year to experience the country's stunning beauty. April brings with it a cool and comfortable climate, neither too cold nor too hot, making it ideal for exploring.

So, if you're planning a trip to Korea in April, how should you dress? What can you expect in terms of weather, including rainfall? And are the cherry blossoms still in bloom during this time? Let's dive into these questions with a closer look.

Weather in South Korea: April Edition

4月 韓國天氣 溫度 韓國穿搭 首爾四月天氣 釜山四月天氣 溫度 韓國4月冷嗎 會下雨 櫻花季穿搭 冷 下雨 溫度推薦穿搭 搭配

April in South Korea marks the heart of spring, starting off a bit cool as the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. However, after mid-April, as the cherry blossoms begin to fall, the country fully embraces the spring season.

During this month, daytime temperatures generally rise above 20 degrees Celsius, but there can be significant temperature drops between day and night. Early mornings and nights may see temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius. It's wise to pack a light jacket to stay warm and avoid catching a cold during these cooler times.

4月 韓國天氣 溫度 韓國穿搭 首爾四月天氣 釜山四月天氣 溫度 韓國4月冷嗎 會下雨 櫻花季穿搭 冷 下雨 溫度推薦穿搭 搭配

In the southern cities such as Gyeongju and Gwangju, there's a unique spectacle to behold – the Double Cherry Blossom. This variety blooms about two to three weeks after the typical cherry blossoms, showcasing a beautiful pinkish hue. For those visiting Korea towards the end of April, experiencing the Double Cherry Blossoms can be a memorable addition to your trip.

Best Cherry Blossom Spots

Seoul Temperature in April

  • Highest temperature: 13 to 23 degrees
  • Lowest temperature: 3 to 12 degrees

4月 韓國天氣 溫度 韓國穿搭 首爾四月天氣 釜山四月天氣 溫度 韓國4月冷嗎 會下雨 櫻花季穿搭 冷 下雨 溫度推薦穿搭 搭配

In Seoul, the temperatures during April have historically varied. Before mid-April, the lowest temperatures might occasionally dip below 5 degrees Celsius but generally stay above freezing. The highest daytime temperatures are comfortably above 15 degrees Celsius, providing a refreshing coolness without being too cold.

By late April, the temperatures warm up significantly. The lowest temperatures tend to hover around 10 degrees Celsius, while the highest can reach between 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. On days when the sun is particularly bright, it might even feel warm.

4月 韓國天氣 溫度 韓國穿搭 首爾四月天氣 釜山四月天氣 溫度 韓國4月冷嗎 會下雨 櫻花季穿搭 冷 下雨 溫度推薦穿搭 搭配

Due to the significant temperature variation between day and night, often reaching a difference of 10 degrees Celsius, dressing appropriately is key. Younger visitors might find a light jacket or coat sufficient. However, if you're visiting Seoul with elderly companions, ensuring they stay warm, especially against the wind, is important.

What flowers can you expect to see in Seoul in April? Cherry blossoms signal the start of the month, ushering in a parade of diverse flowers that reach full bloom mid-month. This period marks the peak of South Korea's exquisite spring flowering season.

Busan Temperature in April

  • Highest temperature: 15 to 25 degrees
  • Lowest temperature: 5 degrees to 12 degrees

4月 韓國天氣 溫度 韓國穿搭 首爾四月天氣 釜山四月天氣 溫度 韓國4月冷嗎 會下雨 櫻花季穿搭 冷 下雨 溫度推薦穿搭 搭配

Located in the south, Busan experiences weather in April that's quite similar to Seoul's, with cool temperatures both day and night. However, if the weather is clear in Busan, the sun tends to be stronger, potentially making it feel a bit warmer.

4月 韓國天氣 溫度 韓國穿搭 首爾四月天氣 釜山四月天氣 溫度 韓國4月冷嗎 會下雨 櫻花季穿搭 冷 下雨 溫度推薦穿搭 搭配

In Busan, the cherry blossoms typically bloom from late March to early April, coinciding with the delightful temperatures of early spring, making it a truly beautiful season. If you're visiting Busan during this time, be sure to pack a light jacket. For those who don't mind the cooler temperatures, pairing long sleeves with shorts can be a comfortable option.

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What to Wear in South Korea: April Edition

In South Korea, April's weather features notable temperature swings from day to night, making it advisable to wear thin, long-sleeved tops, paired with either shorts or long pants, and a thin jacket. This attire will serve you well straight through to the onset of summer.

If you're inclined to wear a jacket, consider a lightweight windbreaker as your go-to option. There's no need for heavy down or wool coats, thanks to the day-night temperature variance. Being aware of this can also help you avoid seasonal colds.

Will it rain in South Korea in April?

4月 韓國天氣 溫度 韓國穿搭 首爾四月天氣 釜山四月天氣 溫度 韓國4月冷嗎 會下雨 櫻花季穿搭 冷 下雨 溫度推薦穿搭 搭配

In South Korea, the arrival of spring in April coincides with what's known as the 'Spring rainy season.' However, this period doesn't bring prolonged rain; instead, expect just occasional spring showers that are light and brief. It's a good idea to carry an umbrella or pick one up at a convenience store.

Cherry blossom season might experience some rainfall before it concludes. If rain comes early and dislodges the blossoms, it effectively marks the end of the cherry blossom viewing period.

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Air Quality in April

4月 韓國天氣 溫度 韓國穿搭 首爾四月天氣 釜山四月天氣 溫度 韓國4月冷嗎 會下雨 櫻花季穿搭 冷 下雨 溫度推薦穿搭 搭配

Source: Chosun Ilbo

South Korea issues what is known as the 'ozone forecast' annually from April 15th to October 15th.

This forecast focuses on ozone (O3) levels in the troposphere, which is the layer of the atmosphere within 10 kilometers of the Earth's surface, as opposed to the usual particulate matter (PM2.5) haze. Elevated concentrations of ozone can irritate the eyes and respiratory system of humans, and can also damage crops. Thus, the ozone forecast begins each year in mid-April to monitor and report on these levels.

4月 韓國天氣 溫度 韓國穿搭 首爾四月天氣 釜山四月天氣 溫度 韓國4月冷嗎 會下雨 櫻花季穿搭 冷 下雨 溫度推薦穿搭 搭配

When the ozone forecast is issued and concentrations are reported to be high, it's advised to minimize outdoor activities, particularly between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM, which is identified as the most hazardous period of the day.

Trending Activities in Korea This Spring!

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Enjoy cherry blossoms to the fullest!

The best cherry blossom spots are in inconvenient regions, as in it's hard to get there without a car. If you want to enjoy cherry blossoms to the fullest, we recommend joining a tour where everything from the itinerary to transportation is covered! Check out the cherry blossom tours below!

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Cherry Blossom Random Tour | Busan Departure

Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Festival | Busan Departure

Check out the Creatrip 'Trends' section for more trending topics in South Korea! 

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