The trendiest instant coffee spot in Seongsuㅣnewmix coffee

'newmix coffee' is the latest spot for instant coffee enthusiasts and is perfect for souvenirs!

13 days ago

In Korea, coffee isn't just a drink; it's a daily ritual! Although the trendy Americano might dominate Korea's coffee scene, this latest cafe in Seongsudong aims to bring back the nostalgic instant mix coffee. If you're visiting Korea and looking for authentic 'Korean Style Coffee' and a perfect gift to bring back home, check out the newmix coffee!

Special 1+1 Event

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Event Period: May 10, 2024 - May 31, 2024


Hours: Tue-Sun 11:00-20:00 (Closed on Mondays)

Address: 3 Yeonmujang 3-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
서울 성동구 연무장3길 3

If you're making a list of must-buy souvenirs from Korea, you can't miss their instant coffee! Being the locals' go-to drink for over 50 years, it's a common sight everywhere, from Korean dramas to office kitchens. It's the perfect choice after a meal or to ease work stress!

newmix coffee is bringing back this traditional favorite and introducing what you might call the "new Korean specialty," a simple yet profound part of everyday Korean life. For travelers, you can bring home a unique part of Korean culture without sticking to the usual big brands!

Our Visit

In Korea, instant coffee is often referred as 'mix coffee,' and newmix coffee specializes in this locals' favorite drink. Just a quick walk from Seongsu Station exit 4, you'll easily spot newmix coffee by its black sign and the tasting tent at the entrance.

While most coffee shops take the time to grind beans and filter the coffee, newmix coffee keeps it simple and quick! They just mix instant coffee with hot water for a quick, fragrant brew.

Once you step inside, you'll see a wall covered with newmix cups. Looking like a cool photo spot isn't it?

At the counter, you can easily order and also pick up newmix’s instant coffee packets with various flavors. It’s perfect for travelers who are looking for perfect gifts to take home!

If you need a sweet treat with your coffee, newmix offers traditional doughnut-shaped Korean retro snacks called Oranda (오란다)! Plus, they’ve got crunchy Geonbbang cookies (건빵 크런치) and rice cake waffles (딱와플) served in cups to enjoy with your coffee!

If you find a coffee flavor or snack you really like, you can also buy a whole box as a souvenir!

Korean Retro Snacks

Geonbbang Cookies (건빵 크런치) 
Single Cup 3,500 KRW / Box 8,000 KRW

Geonbbang cookies are a beloved traditional snack in Korea. Each cookie has the perfect bite-size and sticky texture, which makes them a delicious snack to munch on with your coffee!

Oranda (오란다) 
1 piece 3,500 KRW

Box (4 pcs) 12,000 KRW / Box (8 pcs) 24,000 KRW

The Oranda doughnuts are also really tasty, coming in six flavors. You might expect a soft, sticky texture, but they are actually very crunchy! They are also available in gift boxes, which are perfect for souvenirs!

Coffee & Slushy

Original Flavor
2,500 KRW 

Other Flavors 
3,500 KRW

newmix's highlight is their instant mix coffee, available in four unique flavors. The original flavor (오리지널) has a fresh aroma with a slight bitterness, sweetened just right. The matcha flavor (녹차맛) is also very smooth and rich, much like a freshly brewed matcha latte.

Next is for those who like nutty-flavored coffee! The roasted chestnut flavor (군밤맛) has a smoky aroma with a subtle, tangy chestnut finish. But if you are looking for a more unique and authentic Korean taste, we recommend trying roasted rice flavor (볶은쌀맛)! It has a strong roasted taste but finishes with a mild rice scent. This flavor is definitely something you cannot find easily in regular coffee shops!

You can also buy gift sets with 10 instant mix coffees for 12,900 KRW at the Seongsu branch. If you are not sure about which flavor to take home, they also allow you to try a small cup before you buy! Choose your favorite flavor before purchasing without worrying about making a poor choice.

Although they don't offer seating like a typical sit-down cafe, it's common to see people enjoying instant coffee in hand, enjoying a casual and warm atmosphere. It's a great spot to feel the local vibe!

If you're visiting Seongsu-dong and looking for a unique souvenir or want to get a taste of authentic Korean-style coffee, make sure to stop by newmix coffee!

How to Get There

newmix coffee is located just a 7-minute walk from Line 2 Seongsu Station Exit 4. 

Come out of Seongsu Station Exit 4.

Turn left at the Deus Cafe intersection.

Keep going straight.

You've arrived at newmix coffee!

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