Korean Hair Salon Terms You Should Know

With this guide on Korean hair salon terminology, you'll be fully prepared to make a visit!

3 months ago

Getting your hair done at a hair salon in Korea is a must-do! The thing is, many people find themselves worried about not getting the exact style or hair color they want due to the language barrier or communication issues. While there are many hair salons that have stylists that speak English, it's still good to know some basic terminology to ensure you can communicate your needs. 

Also, you might end up at a salon that doesn't provide English services. Luckily, we've compiled a series of words and sentences that you can use when getting your hair done in Korea! You can save this blog and use it when you come get your hair done in Korea! Click the link below for discounts at some of the most popular hair salons in Korea.

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Korean Hair Salon Terminology

Basic Hair Procedure Terms

컷트 (cutteu)Haircut
염색 (yum-saek)Hair Dye
탈색 (tal-saek)Bleach
펌 (puhm)Perm
매직 (mae-jik)Straight Perm (Magic)
뿌리염색 (ppuri-yum-saek)Root Hair Dye
클리닉 (clinic)Treatment
샴푸 (shampoo)Shampoo
린스 (rinse)Conditioner

These terms are all very commonly used at Korean hair salons and should be helpful! As you can see, some of them are actually the same in both English and Korean. Now, let's try using it in a simple sentence! To express that you want to do something, you can say "~hago shipeoyo" or "~하고 싶어요". All you have to do is insert the terms above to tell the stylist what you want! Check out the example below!

English: "I want to dye my hair."
Korean: "염색 하고 싶어요."
Romanization: "Yum-saek hago shipeoyo."

Try it out! Easy, right? Don't be afraid to speak Korean; many Koreans love when foreigners speak Korean! 

Basic Hair Terms

앞머리 (ahp-meori)
사이드뱅 (side bang)
Side Bangs/Curtain Bangs
레이어/층 (layer/cheung)
단발머리 (dan-bal meori)
Short Hair
긴머리 (gin meori)
Long Hair
곱슬머리 (gop-seul meori)
Curly Hair
생머리 (saeng meori)
Straight Hair

Basic Hairstyling Sentences

숱 쳐주세요
(Soot cheo jusaeyo)
Please thin out my hair.
층 내주세요
(Cheung nae jusaeyo)
Please cut layers.
앞머리 잘라주세요
(Ahp-meori jalla jusaeyo)
Please cut my bangs.
여기까지 잘라주세요
(Yeogi kkaji jalla jusaeyo)
Please cut until here.
이 스타일 해주세요
(Ee style hae jusaeyo)
Please do this hairstyle.
(Dadeumeo jusaeyo)
Please trim my hair.

Women's Hairstyles

1. Layered Cut

韓國髮型屋術語 女士髮型 女仔髮型 레이어드컷 Layered Cut 層次剪

2. Hush Cut

韓國髮型屋術語 女士髮型 女仔髮型

3. Hime Cut

韓國髮型屋術語 女士髮型 女仔髮型 히메컷 姬髮式

4. Tassel Cut

韓國髮型屋術語 女士髮型 女仔髮型 태슬컷 Tassel cut 流蘇短髮

5. Leaf Cut

韓國髮型屋術語 女士髮型 女仔髮型 리프컷 Leaf Cut

韓國髮型屋術語 男士髮型 男仔髮型 리프컷 Leaf Cut

*This hairstyle is popular among both women and men!

6. C-Curl Perm

韓國髮型屋術語 女士電髮 女仔電髮 C컬펌 C-Curl

7. S-Curl Perm

韓國髮型屋術語 女士電髮 女仔電髮 S컬펌 S-Curl

8. Water Wave Perm (Moolgyul / 물결)

韓國髮型屋術語 女士電髮 女仔電髮 물결펌 韓系水波紋捲

9. Hippie Perm

韓國髮型屋術語 女士電髮 女仔電髮 히피펌 嬉皮燙

Popular Korean Hairstyles for Women

Men's Hairstyles

1. Dandy Cut

韓國髮型屋術語 男士髮型 男仔髮型 댄디컷 Dandy Cut

 2. See-Through Dandy Cut

韓國髮型屋術語 男士髮型 男仔髮型 시스루 댄디컷 See Through Dandy Cut

3. Regent Cut

韓國髮型屋術語 男士髮型 男仔髮型 리젠트 컷 Regent Cut

4. As Perm

韓國髮型屋術語 男士電髮 男仔電髮 AS Perm 애즈펌

5. Shadow Perm

韓國髮型屋術語 男士電髮 男仔電髮 Shadow Perm 쉐도우펌

6. Garma Perm

韓國髮型屋術語 男士電髮 男仔電髮 가르마 펌 Garma Perm

7. Comma Hair (쉼표머리)

Popular Korean Hairstyles for Men

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We hope this is helpful for you when you get your hair done here in Korea! If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below or send us an email at help@creatrip.com. You can follow us on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook to stay updated on all things Korea!

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