Meet the Cast of Netflix's Physical: 100 | What they do and their Instagram handles

It's the battle of the fittest...

Eunchae Son
a year ago

Physical 100 has been taking the world up in a storm! The new Netflix show has been sitting comfortably in the top 10 ranking shows since its release on January 24, 2023. The show brings together 100 of Korea's fittest personalities from health and fitness-related content creators, Olympians, and world champions. The 100 contestants go through multiple levels of challenges to see who is the fittest of them all. The last standing contestant will take home 300,000,000 KRW (approx. 250,000 USD) and win the grand title. 

Snippets from the show have already been uploaded onto TikTok and other social media outlets, with viewers expressing their excitement for the next episodes released and rooting for their favorite contestants. 

Let's take a look at the cast of Physical: 100!

Choo SungHoon 'Sexyama'
MMA Fighter, Judoka
Yun SungBin
National Team Skeleton Racer, Olympic Gold Medalist
Yang HakSeon
National Team 
Artistic Gymnast
Gold Medalist
Agent H
Former UDT soldier
Content Creator
Content Creator
Hong BeomSeok
Former ROK 707 
Soldier &
Content Creator
Jjang Jae
UDT Soldier
Content Creator
Shim EuDdeum
Former Competitive 
Fitness Model
Content Creator
Kim KangMin
Song AReum
Cha HyunSeung
Dancer, Model
Nam KyungJin
Kim ChunRi
Jang EunSil
Choi HyunMi
Dustin Nippert
Former Baseball

(Texas Rangers, 
Doosan Bears)

...see more below!

Now onto its 5th and 6th episode release on Tuesday(Feb. 7, 2023), a hunk of these contestants have already been eliminated. Fans of Agent H, who was predicted to end up in the Top 10, were shocked when he was eliminated in the second round. 

The latest episode featured two teams competing against each other side by side, using all their might to fill more sand in a tall plastic barrel while going through multiple hard opticals. One team includes some of the weakest links left in the game and the other with the strongest, bulkiest men and woman. The episode ended on a cliffhanger, just before the announcement of the winning team, making viewers wait in anticipation for the next episode. Viewers are seen all over social media, rooting for the underdogs in spite of the cocky opponents. 

Who will advance to the next round? Will it be the underdogs led by Jang EunSil or the team of aces led by Nam GyeongJin? Find out on Netflix on Feb. 7, 2023.

Lee YongSeung, Natural Bodybuilder/Youtube Content Creator/Chef @korean_hercules_

Kim YeHyun, Fitness Trainer, @1f_okey

Kang Han, National Team Bobsleigh/Content Creator, @kang_han__

Kim SeongJun, Fitness Model, @kzx0706

Kim SeongHun, Fitness Model, @mooxssang

Son HeeChan, Ssireum Wrestler, @heechanhh

Son HeeDong, Wrestler, @sonhd11

Kim JiHan, Volleyball Player, @kimjihan_10

Yoon SeokHwan, Swimmer, @seok_hwan07

Kim KyeongJin, Farmer, @momjjangnongbu

YoYo, Model, @bad__yoyo

Nam GyeongJin, Wrestler, @wrestler_nam

Kwak MyeongSik, Crossfitter, @sikness_training

Carlos Albaladejo, Crossfitter, @carlos.sweats

Park JeongHo, Correctional Officer, @cr.warm_heart

Jang SeongMin, Rugby Player, @jang000822

KKangMi, Former 707 Soldier, Youtube Content Creator, @kkang__raider

Ahn DaJung, Bodybuilder, Personal Trainer, @dajeong_ifbbpro

Park MinJi, Sirreum Wrestler, @_miing.g

Bbulkup, Entrepreneur, Youtube Content Creator, @bbulkup

Ma SunHo, Bodybuilder, @natural_masunho

Kang ChunIl, Pilates Instructor, Dancer, @chunil.kang

Park HyungKeun, MMA Fighter, @park_hyungkeun

Jo JinHyung, Car Dealer, @rornfl82

Nelson Miracle, Dancer, @itz_mkay

Kim JiWook, Diver, @kimjiwook_01

Seong ChiHyun, Fitness Model, @evan.seong__

Yoo SangHoon, MMA Fighter, @ssangkal_yoo

Ju DongJo, MMA Fighter, @joodongjo

Lee KugYoung, Musical Actor, Bodybuilder, Dancer, @real_leekugyoung

Lee JuHyung, Ice Hockey Player, @juhyung.11

Seo HaYan, Crossfitter, @s__hayan

Jeong BoKyeong, Judoka, @jeong_judo

Choi GyuTae, Ballerino, @original_swey

Choi MinYong, Marathon Runner, @5g9yo

Choi InHo, Strongman Athlete, @akabigsimon

Florian Krapf, Model, Youtube Content Creator, @florian.korea

Kim GilHwan, Scuba Diver, Youtube Content Creator, @hbro_gh

Kim MinCheol, Mountain Rescue Team, National Team Ice Climber, @kmc_1203_

Kim ByeongJin, National Team Taekwondo Athlete, @mirme_jjin

Kim SangWook, MMA Fighter, @seal_103

Kim EunJi, Competitive Fitness Model, Youtube Content Creator, @hipsqueen_

Kim Jeong Uk, Fitness Model, Bodybuilder, @jjackson__classic

Vita Mikju, Pole Sports Althlete, @vitamikju

Park SeonKwan, National Team Swimmer, @seonkwan16

Park Jong Hyeok, Fitness Model, Coach, @arshavinzoaa

Park Jin Yong, National Team Luger, @parkjjinyong

Bang Seong Hyeok, Personal Trainer, @bbangmax

Bang Ji Hoon, Bodybuilder, @frame_92_bbangji

Tarzan, Travel YouTube Content Creator, @jun_tarzan

Seol Ki Kwan, National Team Bodybuilder, @kikwan_seol

Shin Dong Guk, Firefighter, MMA Fighter, Former ROK Army Special Forces, @roadfc_fire_fighter

Shin Bo Mi Rae, Boxer, @shinbomire

Shin Se Gae, Stuntman, @action_xin

DBO, Rapper, @dbo0dbo

Austin Kang, Chef, TV Personality, @austinkangg

Woo Jin Yong, CrossFitter, Former Snowboarder & Coach, @jdsbx

Yu Ga Ram, Inline Skater, @ram.___.s

Youn JunHyeoup, Model, @jun.hyeoup

Lee DaHyeon, Ssireum Wrestler, @lee_dahyun_

Lee Dae Won, Trot Singer, MMA Fighter, @d1lee

Lee SoYoung, 54-Year-Old Fitness Model, @relax_0923

Lee JunMyeong, Calisthenics Coach, @zakta__

Miho, Personal Trainer, @leeeminho

Elaine, Actress, TV Personality, @elainew__

Jeon MinSeok, Korea Coast Guard, @korea.neptunus_j

Jeon Young, Movie Choreographer, @undead_jedi

Jeong HanSaem, Musical Actor, Model, @1same_

Jung HaeMin, Cyclist, @haegulland

Ovan, Singer-Songwriter, @ovanjinjjada1997

Cho JungMyung, National Team Luger, @choijungmyung

Chae WanKi, Jiu-Jitsu Athlete, @beastwanki

Ha JeYong, Powerlifting Athlete, Former Arm Wrestler, @koreanhulk

Hwang BitYeoUl, CrossFitter, @bityeoul

Kim KyeongBaek, Former UDT Drill Instructor, @udt_100

Kim DaYoung, Stuntwoman, @__dalami

Kim Sik, National Team Skeleton Coach, Former Bobsledder, @sikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Lee MinU, Chef

Lee YeJi, MMA Fighter, @ye_zi973

Im JeongYun, College Student, Fitness Model, @imjeongfit

Jo YeonJoo, Cheerleader, @jjuya_o0o

Jo ITaek, Actor, @itaekjo

Choi SungHyuk, Pole Sports Athlete

Ko DaYoung, Pilates Instructor, @kkkkoda_0

Park JiSu, Bodybuilder, National Team Rugby Player, @jisu__park

Who else is hooked on Physical: 100?! If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below or send us an email at help@creatrip.com! You can follow us on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook to stay updated on all things Korea!

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