South Korea Entry Guidelines: Holiday Visa, K-ETA, Q-code, and more

Everything you need to know and prepare for your entry to Korea!

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If you are a foreigner planning to travel to Korea, it is important to understand and know the current entry requirements and COVID-19 regulations. Here is a summary of everything you need to know about entering Korea so that you don't run into problems later!

For Convenience: Q-CODE System

What is Q-CODE?

Q-CODE is a system established by the KDCA in order to shorten the time for quarantine inspection and provide the conveniences overseas entrants require upon entry to the Republic of Korea.

Basically, since quarantine & PCR testing is no longer required to enter South Korea, visitors are instead required to enter information on their current health condition. This can be done upon arrival on a physical document or done online beforehand using the Q-CODE system, which is much more convenient. Q-CODE will get you through immigration much faster!

Credit: Korean Embassy in Ireland Official Site

Using the Q-CODE system is highly recommended for all tourists entering Korea. This system allows you to digitally upload your health conditions and save an issued QR code before landing in Korea, allowing for a much easier and faster entry. The Q-CODE process can be completed online within 15 minutes on the official site, and with your issued QR code, all you have to do is get it scanned when you arrive. If you are unable to complete the process online before entry to Korea, you will have to manually fill out your information on a physical document after you arrive in Korea.

Click on the button below to apply for your Q-code! (Official Website)

Q-Code Official Website

No COVID-19 Requirements for Entry

Credit: Visit Korea Official Site

  • No pre-departure or post-arrival negative COVID-19 PCR test results required
  • No mandatory 7-day quarantine required

Currently, there are no PCR test or quarantine requirements for foreigners entering Korea, including those that are unvaccinated. 

For Convenience: K-ETA

Credit: Ministry of Justice | Korean Immigration Service Official Site

  • K-ETA (Korean Electronic Travel Authorization) 

As of April 1st, 2023, K-ETA is no longer mandatory for travelers from the following countries: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Singapore, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden. Other countries still require a K-ETA or a visa. Please be sure to check with your local consulate for specifics.

While a K-ETA is no longer required for many countries, you will still need to fill out 3 documents (Arrival Card, Health Questionnaire, & Customs Declaration Form) upon arrival in Korea to pass through immigration. If you opt to submit a K-ETA, you will only have to fill out the Traveler Declaration Form, which is required for everyone regardless of which country you are entering from. If you want to get through immigration quickly, we highly recommend applying for K-ETA beforehand. You can easily apply for K-ETA here!

What is K-ETA?

K-ETA, or Korean Electronic Travel Authorization, is written approval of a foreign visitor's entry to South Korea. Basically, you submit all your information (passport info, address of accommodation, duration of stay, etc.) to the Office of Immigration and receive manual approval in a digital document. This process is not automatic and requires some time, so if you need it to enter, it is highly recommended that you apply for it beforehand. The approval process takes around 72 hours to a week, and the results are sent to your email address directly. If you have a valid visa to enter Korea, you do not need a K-ETA.

Are you ready for your trip to Korea? Click on the link below to check if you have everything prepared!

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