Creatrip: The Most Popular Men's Hairstyles In Korea In 2021

The Most Popular Men's Hairstyles In Korea In 2021

Swoon-worthy looks inspired by the hottest K-Dramas!

8 months ago

Popular Korean Men's Hair Styles 2021

Today we're looking at the most popular hairstyles for men in Korea in 2021!

Check out these trendy cuts for some hair inspo!

Dandy Cut
댄디 컷

Dandy CutSource: Produce 101

The Dandy Cut is a very popular haircut for Korean men.

It is cut short in the back with longer bangs that come down past the eyebrows.

Dandy CutSource: My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

This style will give you a youthful look and also can help disguise a large forehead if that is a concern of yours.

It is a very flattering cut for many face shapes.

See-Through Dandy Cut
시스루 댄디 컷

See-Through Dandy CutSource: Instagram @songkang_b

Just like the Dandy Cut, the back is short and bangs are long, but with the difference of the bangs being thinner, hence the name "see-through".

It's a very modern and trendy hairstyle that is sure to up your style game.

Regent Cut
리젠트 컷

Regent CutSource: BAZAAR

You can't talk about the Regent Cut without thinking of the seemingly effortlessly handsome Song Joong-ki.

The style gives him an air of elegance that can't be beat.

Regent CutSource: FNC Entertainment

The Regent Cut is short, but still stylish and more mature-looking that the Dandy Cuts.

Comma Hair
쉼표 머리

Comma hairSource: What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

The name of this hairstyle comes from the way the bangs curve, resembling a comma.

It gives a comfortable, but cool impression.

Comma HairSource: Twitter

Keep in mind though that this is cut needs to be styled daily, so if you want low maintenance, get-up-and-go hair, this is not going to be for you.

To make it easier though, you can get the bangs permed.

스왓 컷

SWAT CutSource: Itaewon Class

This cut is inspired by SWAT soldiers and is suitable for men who want a short and easy style.

SWAT CutSource: Itaewon Class

Many refer to this style as the "Park Saeroyi" because of Park Seo-joon's character in Itaewon Class who wore this hairstyle.

Since it is very short all over, it is perfect for guys who want a no-fuss look that is still stylish.

AS Perm
애즈 펌

AS PermSource: Suspicious Partner

This is probably the most popular men's perm style.

It gives a natural and bright feeling.

AS Perm Source: Respect Entertainment

The AS Perm gives a natural looking curl to the bangs that helps give them some shape and frame the face differently than straight bangs.

Many men choose this hairstyle from students to office workers.

Shadow Perm
쉐도우 펌

Shadow PermSource: Goblin

Where the AS Perm opens up the bangs to brighten the face, the Shadow Perm does the opposite.

The bangs are permed in a way that they create shadow on the face.

Shadow PermSource: Goblin

The Shadow Perm give s warm and sweet vibe, but it is also relatively higher maintenance than some of the other styles.

Garma Perm
가르마 펌

Garma PermSource: Goblin

Many male Korean celebrities choose this haircut.

Garma PermSource: Soompi

Depending on your preference, curl style can be adjusted to suit your tastes.

Regardless, this style will give you an attractive classic look.

Soft Spin Swallow Perm
소프트 스핀 스왈로 펌

Soft Spin Swallow Perm Source: Instagram @youngdae0302

The Soft Spin Swallow Perm was recently popularized by Kim Young-dae in Penthouse

After the series aired, people referred to the style as "Joo Seok Hoon's hair".

Soft Spin Swallow PermSource: Instagram

Though it is similar to the regular Spin Swallow Perm, as the name suggests, it has a softer look.

These were the hottest men's hairstyles in Korea in 2021.

What do you think of these cuts? Which one is your favorite?