9 Popular Korean Hairstyles For Men in 2024 | K-pop & K-drama Male Hairstyles

Check out the top Korean perms and haircuts for men this year, along with hair salons for men to visit in Korea!

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Popular Korean Men's Hair Styles 2021

If you're a fan of K-dramas or K-pop, you know that all the actors and male idols always have the trendiest Korean hairstyle. Korean perms are especially popular among men and can really upgrade your look. 

Let's check out some of the most-requested Korean haircuts and perms for men at Korean hair salons!

Popular Korean Hair Salons

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1. Shadow Perm | 쉐도우 펌

Actor Lee Dongwook

One of the most popular Korean perms for men is the Shadow Perm! It's usually done on a medium-length cut with the bangs permed in a way that creates a shadow on the face.


The Shadow Perm gives a warm and sweet vibe, but is said to be relatively higher maintenance than some of the other styles. V from BTS is known for pulling off this perm style very well!

2. Dandy Cut | 댄디 컷

Dandy Cut

Park Jihoon (Former Wanna One)

The Dandy Cut is a very popular haircut for Korean men. It is a straight hairstyle that's cut short in the back with full, longer bangs that come down past the eyebrows.

Dandy Cut

ASTRO Cha Eunwoo

This style gives men a more youthful look and can also help cover a large forehead if that is a concern of yours. The Dandy Cut is a very flattering hairstyle for many face shapes and is seen on many K-pop idols and K-drama actors!

3. See-Through Dandy Cut | 시스루 댄디 컷

See-Through Dandy Cut

Actor Song Kang

A variation of the Dandy Cut is the See-Through Dandy Cut, which has the same cut but thinner bangs, hence the name "see-through".

Actor Nam Joohyuk

It's a very modern and trendy hairstyle that many Asian men opt for. The see-through version of the Dandy Cut gives a more relaxed, casual look!

4. As Perm | 애즈 펌

AS Perm

Actor Ji Changwook

The classic middle part perm frequently seen on Korean men is known as the As Perm. This is definitely one of the most popular Korean perm styles for men. It gives a very natural and bright feeling!

BTS Jung Kook

The As Perm gives a natural looking curl to the bangs that helps give them some shape and frame the face well. Jung Kook from BTS is often seen with this hairstyle! Many asian men, from students to office workers, choose this hairstyle!

5. Regent Cut | 리젠트 컷

Regent Cut

Actor Song Joongki

The Regent Cut was mostly popularized by popular K-drama actor Song Joongki! Despite his youthful features, the style gives him an air of elegance and maturity with this shorter haircut that exposes the forehead.

Actor Jung Haein

The Regent Cut is highly recommended for men with defined jawlines to accentuate it, or men with a shorter, round-shaped face, as it elongates the face and gives more volume to the top. 

6. Comma Hair | 쉼표 머리

Comma hair

Actor Park Seojun

The name of this Korean hairstyle comes from the way the bangs curve, resembling a comma. It can make you have a very stylistic, cool impression!

KRnB Artist Dean

Keep in mind though that this is cut needs to be styled daily, so if you're not used to styling your hair or prefer a more low-maintenance haircut, this is not going to be the best option for you. To make it easier though, you can get the bangs permed like many Korean men do!

7. SWAT Cut | 스왓 컷


Actor Park Seojun

This cut is inspired by SWAT soldiers, as all Korean men have to cut their hair short when they enter their military service, and is suitable for men who want an easy, short hairstyle.


Actor Park Seojun

Many refer to this style as the "Park Saeroyi Cut" because of Park Seojun's character in Itaewon Class, who wore this hairstyle. It immediately became super popular among Asian men!

8. Garma Perm | 가르마 펌

Garma Perm

Actor Gong Yoo

Many male Korean celebrities are seen with this haircut and wavy perm, including Gong Yoo, who famously starred in the hit K-drama Goblin.

Actor Park Haejin

The style of the curls can be adjusted according to your preference. Regardless, this style will give you a very classy, mature look and is commonly seen on Korean actors in their 30's-40's!

9. Soft Spin Swallow Perm | 소프트 스핀 스왈로 펌

Soft Spin Swallow Perm

Actor Kim Youngdae

The Soft Spin Swallow Perm is a wavy perm style that was popularized by Kim Youngdae in the K-drama Penthouse. It was so popular, that after the series aired, people referred to the style as "Joo Seokhoon Hair".

Soft Spin Swallow Perm

Though it is similar to the regular Spin Swallow Perm, as the name suggests, it has a softer look with the subtle curls. 

Highlight Gikwang

The regular Spin Swallow Perm, pictured above, has a bit more intense curls with more volume. Both are great styles for men, and ultimately it's up to preference!

Korean Male Hair Salons

So how can you achieve these trendy Korean hairstyles? If you're planning a trip to Korea, make an appointment at a Korean hair salon! You can easily get any of these styles, like the Shadow Perm or the Dandy Cut, from a Korean hairstylist themselves.

You can easily book an appointment online at any of these salons below. These are some of the most popular salons in Seoul, for men as well! Plus, you can get up to 20% off when booking through Creatrip!

Trendy Hongdae Hair Salon | SOONSIKI Hongdae Main Branch

Park Seung Chol Hair Studio Hongdae | Book an Appointment

JUNO HAIRㅣGangnam Square Branch

For more Korean hair salons, click the link below:

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Which Korean men's hairstyle is your favorite? Don't be scared and try one out! If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below or send us an email at help@creatrip.com. You can follow us on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook to stay updated on all things Korea!

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