Korean Celebrities With The Coolest Tattoos

From simple, yet meaningful lettering to engraving names of their loved ones, a list of K-celeb tattoos we love!

Yujin Kim
3 years ago

Just 10, 20 years ago, there weren't a lot of Korean entertainers who had tattoos on their bodies.

Recently, the number of celebrities who share their values and personality with tattoos has increased, and a lot of fans also get similar tattoos after them!

We're going to list some cool tattoos on Korean stars that have attracted the attention of fans and media.

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photo of taeyeon wearing beige brown

Taeyeon has small, adorable tattoos in different places.

She has expressed her interest in tattoos by gradually increasing her tattoos including a lettering tattoo and mini tattoos.

SNSD Taeyeon's UV tattoo

UV Tattoo

She has a UV tattoo on her index finger! These tattoos only show themselves under the black light, making them the perfect tattoos that will shine at parties.

Taeyeon's tattoo on the back of her neck reading,

Tattoo On The Back Of Her Neck

One of the most impressive tattoos of Taeyeon's is the one on the back of her neck reading, "purpose".

Taeyeon mentioned that she got the tattoo so that she'll live with purpose and with meaning. We can definitely understand her value here!


BTS Jungkook in a white t-shirt slightly smiling

Jungkook has been showing his love for and interest in tattoos for a while now. 

Let's take a look at some that have caught our attention!

BTS Jungkook's tattoos on his hand

The Tattoos On The Back Of His Hand

These have to be the signature tattoos that ARMY and the members of BTS must all love.

The tattoo reads "ARMY", but fans are guessing that the letters also represent each of the BTS members.

A without a line upside down would be "V".

How cute is the purple heart below! We can feel Jungkook's love for his group and fans here.

Close-up of BTS Jungkook's arm tattoos

Tattoos Of Sayings

Many of us already know Jungkook has a load of tattoos.

The second-most impressive tattoos for many were the two lettering tattoos of popular sayings.

One reads, "Make hay while the sun shines". The second one reads, "Rather be dead than cool".

Jungkook gif, dressed in all black

These sayings have been known as his motto since the beginning and we're so astonished he's kept these going for over 9 years now!


BTS Jimin wearing white

Jimin also has lots of cool tattoos. These tattoos look even cooler on stage. Let's take a look at them!

BTS Jimin's NEVERMIND tattoo

Lettering Tattoo

We haven't been able to confirm if the NEVERMIND lettering tattoo is henna or not, but it's super popular and deserved to be on the list.

It doesn't really matter if it's henna or not. What matters is that it looks really good on Jimin!

The tattoo reveal on stage was a performance that had a huge impact on many of us.

BTS Jimin's tattoo that reads,

Number Tattoo

Jimin loves the number 13 because his birthday is on October 13th and BTS debuted on June 13th. We can see why it's very meaningful to him.

The tattoo is placed on the inside of his write.


Hyuna is known as a tattoo mania and has rocked lots of stunning tattoos. They seem to represent her free, lovely character well!

Hyuna's shoulder tattoo

Shoulder Tattoo

It's the most famous tattoo on Hyuna. When she wears clothes that show her shoulders, the tattoo adds to her style.

A lot of Korean girls are said to have gotten shoulder tattoos after Hyuna and we can see why!

Her tattoo reads, "My mother is the heart that keeps me alive". She got the tattoo to never forget her mother's love and to remember to pay back the love she received.

How amazing!

Hyuna and the smiley tattoos on her wrist

Smile Tattoos

Hyuna's wrist has adorably colourful tattoos of smiley faces.

She doesn't need any other accessories, these are so stylish!


Lee Hyori in front of a blue, purple background

Lee Hyori, recently famous as a member of Refund Sisters, has lots of vintage tattoos.

They complement her perfectly tanned skin tone.

Lee Hyori's lettering tattoo on her right arm

Lettering Tattoo

Lee Hyori is also known for being environmentally friendly and using her platform to encourage it.

On the back of her right arm, a tattoo reads, "Walk lightly in the spring. Mother earth is pregnant".

It is an Indian proverb that describes the earth as the mother who has conceived of life in spring, when all life awakens.

Patterned Tattoo

The unique patterned tattoo on her shoulder is of a mandala. According to Google, "Mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe". It also "represents spiritual journey within the individual viewer."

It seems to represent Lee Hyori's cool lifestyle well!


Fans already know Zico has lots of tattoos!

Many of his tattoos are related to hangul, or Korean alphabets, for allowing him to write lyrics in his language.

Zico's tattoo of King Sejong, the creator of hangul (Korean alphabet)

Tattoo Of King Sejong

Zico has mentioned many times that he is a huge fan of King Sejong from the Joseon Dynasty.

He got a tattoo of the king on the inside of his arm to show his respect for the king for creating hangul.

Zico's tattoo of his mother on his chest

Tattoo Of His Mother

Zico, who has a history of heart surgery in his childhood, tries to remember his love for his mother by engraving her face from her youthful days on his chest.

The tattoo is big enough to show part of itself when Zico wears a t-shirt or a sleeveless shirt.


Black and White Photo of WINNER MINO

Mino is an artist who shows his values and thoughts through tattoos a lot. He has lots of tattoos written in hangul

MINO's tattoos on his back, written in Korean as well as another Korean phrase engraved on his arm.

Tattoos In Korean

Mino's tattoos are unique and stylish while containing meaning in each of them.

On the back of his shoulder, two tattoos read, "바른 자세 (Directly translates to 'correct posture')" and "맑은 정신 (Which translates to 'clear mind')"

He also has one on his arm reading, "사랑 (love)" as well as one that says, "참 잘했어요 (A good job phrase teachers often use in schools in Korea)".

The good job tattoo was engraved to commemorate WINNER's 5-year anniversary. How sweet!

MINO's tattoos of weather conditions

Weather Tattoos

Many got these tattoos after Mino. The little tattoos of different weather conditions are so cute!

Mino will sometimes draw a red circle around the weather condition that applies to the day. How adorable! 


TWICE Chaeyoung

ONCE already know that Chaeyoung has been getting lots of tattoos.

We couldn't dig up the meanings behind her tattoos, so we'll talk about the ones that attracted lots of attention among Korean netizens!

TWICE Chaeyoung's tattoos

Mini Tattoos

Chaeyoung has many small, cute tattoos of strawberries, tomatoes, carrots, etc. work as little accessories to her style.


Han Ye-seul ELLE photoshoot

Most of us can't believe that she's 40! On her personal YouTube channel, Han Ye-seul explained to us the meanings behind her tattoos.

Through these tattoos, we could also learn about her values.

Hand Poke Tattoos

Han Ye-seul engraved 'never' on her ring finger to express her view on not wanting to (and having to) marry rashly under the pressure of Korean society to marry at a certain age.

Han Ye-seul's tattoos of three swords

Tattoo Of Swords

This tattoo was done to commemorate 2020 and to reinforce herself. The three swords represent strength, courage and protection.

Whose tattoos did we miss out? Do you have tattoos you'd like to get after reading this article? Let us know in the comments below!

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