Creatrip: Clean and Pretty Accommodation Recommendation in Seoul

Clean and Pretty Accommodation Recommendation in Seoul

Famous Local Accommodations in Central Seoul!

Hanna Park
3 years ago

Hello,everyone! We are Creatrip, a group of Korean travel experts.

What do you care the most when you are traveling? For me, it is a hotel. From location to the cleanliness, it not just one that you need to should care about. Especially if you are not familiar with the culture and language of the country, it is not easy to decide the right accommodation for you. For those who are worried about their accommodation in Korea, today we have selected a number of popular accommodations! Since the accommodations are in various places such as Myeongdong, Gyeongbokgung, and Jamsil, it would be a good reference when you plan your trip. Let's take a look!

Hongdae Accommodation

1. Aromatico House

This accommodation is located in central Yeonnamdong which is the hot place.

Overall it is very simple and modern. 

The hotel is a duplex apartment, so it has a good use of space.

The ceiling is very high that it is easy to move around on the second floor!

If you are tired of a long trip, relax on a fluffy bed.

Generally, other duplex apartments has a low ceiling that it is uncomfortable, they have a large living room and the high ceiling that it is very comfortable.

On the first floor, there is a table for dining and a sofa to sit and relax.

A wide range of dishes, coffee pots and coffee machines are available.

The bathroom is also clean, so you can take a shower without any inconvenience.

Hongdae Aromatico House | Location

It takes 10 minutes from the Hongik University Station.

* Airbnb only provides approximate location information

Hongdae Accommodation

2. Mu House

This hotel is also located in the central Yeonnamdong.

The hotel is very spacious and has plenty of beds, so it will be enough for 6-7 people. 

It would be a great place especially when you are traveling in a large group.

The beds are so wide that several people can sleep together.

Because there are several rooms and many beds, many people can comfortably use this accommodation.

The thing I like about this hotel catches the sun very well.

The interior is very clean and tidy that you can find every detail of the host's consideration.

There is a large living room and kitchen where you can cook together and have a meal.

Coffee pots, microwave ovens, and basic dishes are all available!

The bathroom is also very clean and the water pressure is fine that there will be no inconvenience while taking a shower.

You do not have to worry if you forgot to bring your shampoo, because all the basic amenities are here!

Hongdae Mu House | Location

It takes 10 minutes from Hogik University Station.

* Airbnb only provides approximate location information

Gangnam Accommodation

1. Twenty Floor Greenhouse (이십층 온실)

The greenhouse terrace and roof top is very attractive. 

The hotel is located on the 20th floor that the view is very good and you can take great photos with the beautiful interior.

The whole house is decorated with grass and trees, you can feel like you are in the botanical garden.

Bedding includes one double bed, single sofa bed, and two single topper beds.

The space is small for a large number of people to use. It seems like the maximum of four people could stay.

There is a barbecue grill, induction, frying pan, pot and everything you need for cooking. 

Seasonings such as salt, sugar, pepper, chili powder, sesame, parsley, and basil are also available so it will be perfect for those who want to cook while traveling!

Overall, the clean interior makes you feel like you are in a resort hotel.

The place is near the station, has good accessibility, and near there are cafes such as mart, convenience store and Starbucks that it is good to buy thing to eat.

Bathroom is spacious and beautiful. You can have a lower body bathing or a bubble bath in a bathtub!

Towels and other furnishings are neatly packed.

If you want to make a special memory in the middle of Gangnam, Seoul, visit this roof top accommodation!

Gangnam Twenty Floor Greenhouse (이십층 온실) | Location

It is located between the Seoul Nat'l Univ. of Education Station and Nambu Bus Terminal Station.

* Airbnb only provides approximate location information

Gangnam Accommodation

2. Cozy&Clean house

It is a neat studio located 5 minutes from Gangnam Station. 

Since it is located in the center of the city, it is convenient for transportation.

One king size bed and one queen size sofa bed is ready.

The hotel is renowned for its excellent bedding and cleanliness, using hotel-class bedding and professional cleaning companies.

Toothbrushes, good cosmetics, head straps and other diverse necessities are well equipped to make you feel at home.

It provides ingredients you might need for cooking, such as spam, tuna, olive oil and salt.

Bathroom is cleanly managed, too, and can take shower in a pleasant condition.

If you want to use the gym, there is a gym in the basement so you can ask the host if you want to use it.

You can use Netflix on television so you can enjoy a movie at the end of the day.

Gangnam Cozy&Clean house | Location

It is located between Gangnam Station and Yeoksam Station Line 2, and takes 3 minutes from the station.

* Airbnb only provides approximate location information

Gyeongbokgung Accommodation 

1. Boan Stay Room 41 

It is a clean accommodation located in Gyeongbokgung Palace. The place makes you feel like you are in a Korean traditional hanok.

The structure of the room is slightly different depending on the options, 

but basically they have one queen size bed, or two super single beds.

There is a window seat where you can sit and relax.

Sit by the window and relax with a cup of tea.

The scenery of Gyeongbokgung Palace through the window is very beautiful.

The hotel is a guesthouse type that there is a shared living room that everyone can use.

Rooftop terrace and kitchen are also opened to everyone. You make simple dishes by yourself.

 If you are looking for a simple guest house, this place will be perfect.

There is a private bathroom or shared bathroom, depending on the option you choose.

If you choose a private bathroom, you will be able to use the restroom separately, but it will be more expensive so you can choose it for your budget.

Gyeongbokgung Boan Stay Room 41 | Location

It takes 10 minutes from Gyeongbokgung Station.

Itaewon Accommodation

1. Call my home (콜마이홈)

I introduce famous Itaewon Hotel, Call My Home. This place is already famous among Koreans.

It has a good accessibility since it only takes 10 minutes from Hangangjin Station by foot.

There are plenty of cafes, convenience stores and restaurants around the hotel so you do not go far to find a restaurant! 

You can reach all famous restaurants within 10 minutes. 

The bedrooms are very cozy and clean.

Every time they have new guests, they change their bedding that it is very clean.

There are two types of pillows, cotton and latex, so you can use the one you like.

The accommodation is very spacious and is divided into a bedroom, a living room and a study room. Feel free to use all spaces as if it's your home.

Cookware and clean utensils are placed on the shelf, and the seasoning you need for cooking is prepared in advance.

There is a gas oven and a microwave that you can use.

It is very good to sit in the living room and drink tea after eating a plentiful meal.

They also got a beam projector, so you can watch movies at night. If you come here, I recommend you to watch the movie with the beam projector!

The bathroom is spacious and you can take shower comfortably. 

They have everything you need, such as toilet paper and towels. All other things you need for shower will be there. 

Itaewon Call my home (콜마이홈) | Location

It takes 10 minutes from Hangangjin Station.

* Airbnb only provides approximate location information

Dongdaemun Accommodation

1. Dongmyo House

The hotel is located in the center of Dongmyo, Seoul. 

As soon as you leave the subway station, you can find this hotel. it is very accessible.

There are two queen size beds that makes it a perfect for a four person to stay. 

There is also a small table and a full-length mirror in the room, which is very useful when you are getting ready or to eat food.

There is a wide window right next to the bed.

The kitchen is neatly arranged. There are Daiso, convenience store, E-mart nearby the hotel, so it is very easy to buy food and cook.

Toilets are kept clean, and there are rinses, shampoos and body washes.

Relax in a comfortable space for a while.

Dongdaemun Dongmyo House | Location

It takes 5 minutes from Dongmyo Station.

* Airbnb only provides approximate location information

Dongdaemun Accommodation

2. Cozy Studio 

Introducing clean, one-room accommodations near Dongdaemun.

There is a queen size bed and they provide extra bedding.

It is recommended for those who are looking for a accommodation for maximum four.

There is also a small table by the window where you can enjoy your meal.

It is a small space, but they have everything you need, including a kitchen and a fridge.

There is also a microwave and coffee pot, that you can cook or heat the food.

The bathroom also has a separate shower booth so that it is comfortable and you can wash without splashing water outside.

If you are looking for an inexpensive and charming place to stay for two or three, stay at Dongdaemun Accommodation near DDP.

Dongdaemun Cozy Studio | Location

It takes 5 minutes from Dongdaemun Station.

* Airbnb only provides approximate location information

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