LEGOLAND Korea Resort | One-Day Pass

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Did you know there's a LEGOLAND Resort in Korea? It's more than 283,000 square meters and is located in Chuncheon. It's an amusement park with a very special Lego concept. Embrace yourself for a colorful Lego experience!

LEGOLAND Korea Resort | One-Day Pass

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LEGOLAND Korea Resort

Address: 강원도 춘천시 하중도길 128
128, Hajungdo-gil, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do

Hours: Mon-Thurs 10:00 - 18:00, Fri-Sun: 10:00 - 19:00
*Opening hours may vary, please check the exact time when you go for your reservation.
*Off-season Hours: (January 2, 2024 - March 24, 2024) 11:00 - 18:00

Why We Recommend It

Visit Legoland Korea Resort, the second-largest Legoland in the world and the largest in Asia!

You can enjoy seven different theme facilities, such as Lego City, Pirate Bay, Mini Land, Ninja World, and Brick Street.

Legoland, which is decorated with the cutest Lego figures, is the perfect place for taking photos, as every space is a photo zone! Take Insta-worthy shots with colorful Lego sculptures!

Things To Keep In Mind

The price for adults, teenagers, and children is the same.

Korean passport holders cannot use this ticket.

This ticket is valid only on the selected date of the ticket. Please complete the reservation at least 2 days before the admission date.

Please keep in mind that once the ticket voucher has been sent out, it cannot be refunded.

During the off-peak season, access to some themed areas and attractions may be restricted. For detailed information, please refer to the Legoland website.

The voucher will be issued within 1-2 business days and can be checked via email or on My Page.

The voucher includes a QR code that can be scanned at the entrance after showing it to the staff.

Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult over 16 years old to enter.

Children under 24 months old can enter for free if they present proof of age (passport, etc.) at the entrance.

A pre-entry safety inspection will be conducted. The following items are prohibited inside the venue: weapons, sharp objects or knives, alcohol, drones, large luggage, outside food, etc.

Please check www.LEGOLAND.kr for detailed information on operating hours and unavailable facilities.

For any further inquiries, please contact us at help@creatrip.com.


(Off-season) LEGOLAND Korea One-day Pass (1 Person)
60,000 KRW
33,600 KRW

How To Reserve

Step 1

Make a reservation on the Creatrip reservation page.

Reserve Here

Step 2

Enter the required information in detail and make the full payment. Your reservation will be confirmed in 1-2 business days and you will receive a voucher via email. You can also check My Page for the reservation status.

Step 3

This ticket is only valid on the selected date of the ticket. The voucher includes a QR code, so please show it to the staff and scan the QR code to enter.

Our Visit

cổng vào legoland hàn quốc, LEGOLAND Korea Resort

LEGOLAND Korea Resort is a new Lego-themed resort that opened on May 5, 2022. Immediately after its opening, it has become a destination for many Koreans and foreign tourists. Come to LEGOLAND Korea Resort, where you will be greeted by a colorful, fun Lego world. It's not only fun for children, but adults too. 

bản đồ LEGOLAND Korea Resort


LEGOLAND is divided into eight main areas, including the LEGOLAND Hotel and seven playgrounds. They include Brick Street, Bricktopia, LEGO Castle, LEGO NINJAGO WORLD, MINILAND, Pirate Shores and LEGO CITY. Each amusement park is designed with more than 40 rides and have a wide variety of food and shopping available. We will be introducing all the parks in this blog. 

When we first entered LEGOLAND, we assumed it would be small and that we could explore it quickly. BUT WOW, were we wrong...We spent the whole day here easily. 

cổng vào đầy màu sắc legoland hàn quốc

We went to LEGOLAND Korea Resort on a weekday. It opened at 10am, but there were still many people to enter before that. Not only families with young children, but groups of young adults as well could be found. We figured this place must be quite popular. 

toà nhà legoland ở LEGOLAND Korea Resort

From a distance, LEGOLAND looks like a building from an animation. Blue, red, yellow...it's so characteristically Lego-y that it feels very nostalgic and welcoming. Right next to the entrance, you'll find the ticket booth. 

khu bán vé ở LEGOLAND Korea Resort

There's a rule on LEGOLAND's website saying that you need to make a reservation before you go, but the ticket booth is still operational as usual. Note that when purchasing tickets on-site, only card payments are accepted, no cash. So if cash is your preferred method of payment, it is recommended to purchase in advance. 

cổng kiểm tra an ninh ở LEGOLAND Korea Resort

Before entering the LEGOLAND ticket gate, you need to go through one checkpoint. Here they will screen for any dangerous or prohibited items to ensure the safety of all guests.

soát vé ở LEGOLAND Korea Resort

If you go to the ticket gate, you can enter directly by giving the ticket to the check-in agent or showing your QR code. There are many people waiting in line, but as is typical of most places in Korea, the line moves very quickly so you don't have to wait too long. Right next to the ticket gate, there is also a bathroom just in case you need it before entering. 

While you wait to enter, there will be staff members who invite you to take pictures with LEGOLAND's main gate. After the photo is taken, the staff will give you a paper bracelet containing the code of your photo so you can view and choose to print the photo if you like.


brick street ở legoland hàn quốc

After you enter the entrance, you will pass BRICK STREET and LEGOLAND Hotel. For LEGOLAND Hotel, we'll tell you how to make a reservation. 

tờ rơi legoland hàn quốc

On BRICK STREET, you'll see the Guest Services area, where you can inquire about visiting information and get a tour guide map. The map is available in Korean and English. 

cửa hàng bán đồ chơi ở legoland hàn quốc

Next to the Guest Services, you'll find The Big Shop, souvenir shop. It's the largest store in LEGOLAND. There you can find a lot of LEGO assemblies from big to small with lots of different models. 

thú nhồi bông ở legoland hàn quốc

There are cute dolls too! The price is clear so you can buy what you like with confidence about the value. This character, for example, is 39,500 KRW. 

khu khách sạn, thuê xe đẩy ở legoland hàn quốc

On the opposite side of Guest Services, you can find the entrance of LEGOLAND Hotel and the children's cart and wheelchair rental area. The rental fee for baby strollers is 6,000 KRW and a wheelchair rental is 4,000 KRW. A deposit of 10,000 KRW is required and can only be paid by card. 

chụp ảnh cùng nhân vật lego ở legoland hàn quốc

At 10:00, you can meet Lego characters and take pictures with them. The staff will help you take pictures with your phone and professional cameras. Just like at the entrance, they will give you a paper bracelet with a QR code so you can view your pictures later. 

tiệm ảnh ở legoland hàn quốc

If you go further, you will find a photo studio called The Photo Shop. This is where you take your collection of paper bracelets to see the pictures that have been taken of you. They'll scan the code, and your pictures from the day will show. The photos here are divided into two categories: a paper photo (20,000 KRW) and a picture in a comic book (28,000 KRW). 

Brick Street also has the LEGO Factory Advertising Ride, but it is not scheduled to run until June 2022. There's a cafe here that sells big, pretty cakes and drinks.


bricktopia ở legoland hàn quốc

Bricktopia is one of the most popular rides in LEGOLAND. Bricktopia is just behind Brick Street to the left. A souvenir shop and restaurant are also available here. Next, we'll introduce some of the main rides in this area. At the entrance of each game, there are rules for the participants and expected waiting times listed. 

trò chơi money climb ở legoland hàn quốc

Money Climb

With this game, you pull the rope and pull your chair up. It looks difficult and tiring, but it's actually not very difficult at all. Thanks to the ride, very little effort is needed to pull yourself up. If you want to get off, all you have to do is let go and your chair will come down. The staff will come and unlock your chair so you can get off. 

vòng quay ngựa lego ở legoland hàn quốc

Brick Party

There's no theme park that doesn't have a merry-go-round, right? 

LEGOLAND does their own spin on the theme park classic, by making all the horses out of legos. Definitely a different experience than your usual carousel. 

show biểu diễn ở legoland hàn quốc


This is a must-watch show about saving the ninja dragon brothers' dragon. The show lasts for about 30 minutes and shows everyday at 11:30, 1:30, and 15:30. chò chơi spin ở legoland hàn quốc

DJ's Dizzy Disco Spin

Some of the rides can make you a little dizzy. This ride does just that with the addition of some fun and exciting music. If you have motion sickness, it might be a good idea to avoid this ride. 😅

đài quan sát ở legoland hàn quốc


The only observatory in LEGOLAND. You'll be take up to the same height as a 32-story building and you'll see the panoramic view of the entire park from up high. 

legoland hàn quốc từ trên cao

It'll be nice if you can come up here around noon before closing time. 

Bricktopia also has plenty of comfortable space. Create and demonstrate Lego installation capabilities such as Robotic Play Center, Build & Test. 

Legos are ready for you to use!

khu lắp ráp lego ở legoland hàn quốc

There is also a LEGO Creative Workshop. If you are with a child, you can go and apply for the Lego assembly guide as your child's specialist. It is a free education program for middle school students and below. Applications are open from 10:00 and you have to apply directly to the LEGO Creative Workshop. 

trò chơi ném bóng ở legoland hàn quốc

In every area of LEGOLAND, there are games where you can win prizes. In BRICKTOPIA in particular, there is a game for throwing bananas. If you can throw two in a box, you can take a big pink banana home. It may look easy, but as goes for most carnival games, it's not. 🥲 The game costs 4,000 KRW per game and 10,000 for three games. 


lego castle ở legoland hàn quốc

There is a very magnificent and impressive castle made of legos in the park. The castle feels like it's come straight out of a cartoon. If you come to this area, you can participate on the only thrill ride in the park, an exciting roller coaster called The Dragon. 

tàu lượn ở legoland hàn quốc

The Dragon

The Blue Dragon roller coaster will take you up to see the amazing Lego models inside the castle and then outside into the open air. It goes pretty quick and is definitely the highlight if you love thrill-rides. 

đồ lưu niệm ở legoland hàn quốc

If you like the picture of the dragon, you can buy a souvenir when you get off the ride. 

trò chơi cưỡi ngựa ở legoland hàn quốc

Royal Joust

This is a ride where you can ride a Lego horse around the garden. It's nice to jump back into your childhood and have a unique horse riding experience. 

In Lego Castle, there are two other rides you can try: Merlin's Flying Machines and Merlin's Challenge. 

game ở legoland hàn quốc

At Lego Castle in particular, there is a special gift game called Prize Every Time. It's the only game in LEGOLAND where you will definitely win something, no matter what. If want to leave with a souvenir, we definitely recommend coming to this game. 

The game is simple, you just pick up a duck and and put it back down. The higher the score, the bigger the prize. The cost for pulling two ducks is 6,000 KRW and pulling 5 ducks is 10,000 KRW. You can buy as many ducks as you like!

LEGO NINJAGO WORLDlego ninjago world ở legoland hàn quốc

This are is modeled after Feudal Japan with vivd red tone tone that contrasts its surrounding so beautifully. 

khu trung quốc ở legoland hàn quốc

There aren't many rides here but it's a great photo zone. This can be a great place to get away from the rides and focus on getting some great Instagram posts. 

trò chơ ở khu trung quốc legoland hàn quốc


This is a ride that stands out even from its appearance. Unfortunately, when we visited, the ride was not running. 🥲 

cửa hàng bán đồ lưu niệm ở legoland hàn quốc

The souvenir shop in this area of the theme park is called Wu's Warehouse. As you enter there are many lego sets and ninja-related items. Prices are written on each product. 

If you get hungry, there is also a snack bar in this area as well. 


miniland ở legoland hàn quốc

It's a must-visit place for LEGOLAND. Here you can see replicas of famous places in Korea all made of legos. 

mô hình lego ở legoland hàn quốc

mô hình seoul làm bằng lego thu  nhỏ ở legoland hàn quốc

Each work is a famous landmark somewhere in Korea. From popular places in Seoul such as Yeouido and Gyeongbokgung, all the way to Gyeongju, Gangwon-do, and areas Busan like Haeundae. 

mô hình lego jeju ở legoland hàn quốc

But that's not where it ends. Other places are actively being worked on. For example, areas in Jeju Island are currently being constructed. You can't help but admire the dedication and hard work that goes into planning and building one of these pieces so it's really awesome to see such sophisticated pieces in person. 

mô hình busan ở legoland hàn quốc

Everything is perfectly reproduced and showcases the highlighted area. It makes you feel like you're traveling all over Korea in a matter of minutes. 

Unfortunately, there are no restaurants or shopping in this area, only sightseeing so make sure to plan accordingly. 


khi pirate shore ở legoland hàn quốc

This place is designed with the concept of a pirate ship. You'll see a very large model pirate ship, once again, made of legos! There's no shopping centers, but there is a food stand if you get hungry along the way. 

chụp ảnh cùng nhân vật lego ở legoland

Here, you can take pictures with the pirate ship captain or the ship. There aren't many rides in this area, but the ones are there, are quite fun. 

trò chơi tàu cướp biển ở legoland hàn quốc

Anchor Away

This ride is a pirate boat ride. You can find many like it in other theme parks where the boat swings back and forth on a pendulum. This one differs slightly with the fact that it is on a track rather than swinging by a post. Oh, the lego design is another stand out difference. 

trò chơi bắn súng ở legoland hàn quốc

Splash Battle

Splash Battle is the most popular ride inside of Pirate Shores. What's a pirate themed area without at least ONE water ride? With Splash Battle, you will engage in sea battle and try to destroy your opponent with water guns. 

When you participate, you will be given a raincoat, but it's still likely you'll get wet. It's fun, but hopefully day is nice enough to dry you off if you don't have spare clothes. 

Even if you don't want to ride on the boat, you can still participate by shooting with a water gun from the fence.


This is the last of LEGOLAND. This area is extremely large and has a very grand and detailed design at every corner. There's also a food court and souvenir shop as well so if you haven't bought anything yet, here's your chance!

There are a number of games and rides in this area which we will explain below.

trò chơi xe cứu hoả ở legoland hàn quốc

Fire Academy

Here you can experience riding a Lego firetruck and extinguishing a fire on a mission like a real firefighter. 

tàu thăm quan ở legoland


The Lego train goes around LEGOLAND. This is definitely the easiest way to see the whole park. 

rạp chiếu phim 4D ở legoland hàn quốc

Palace 4D Cinema

This is LEGOLAND's 4D movie theater. The movie playing reenacts the chase of the Lego police. There are a total 14 screenings during the day, starting from 11:00 until 17:30. Each showing is 30 minutes apart. 

trò chơi wave racers ở legoland hàn quốc

Wave Racers

Experience Lego boats, skimming the water swimmingly. 😉

lái xe leogo ở legoland hàn quốc

Driving School 

Participate in the Lego challenge where you can drive around the city. It'll be a nice test of your driving skills as well. 😂

trải nghiệm ca nô lego, legoland hàn quốc

Coast Guard Academy

The experience of riding a Lego boat was so much fun! You don't have to worry too much since it goes so slow, so you likely won't get wet. 


Besides the amusement park, LEGOLAND has a hotel service as well! The rooms here are decorated with different Lego concepts such as Kingdom, LEGO Friends, LEGO NINJAGO, and Pirate. Depending on the type of room, a maximum of six people can stay in one room!

phòng khách sạn ở legoland hàn quốc


The rooms are well equipped with facilities. There are separate beds for adults and children. In particular, there's a welcome game called Treasure Hunt with Lego awards, as well as Legos for your creativity during your stay. 

Places to Eat in LEGOLAND

In LEGOLAND, each amusement park has food, snacks, and drinks (except MINILAND). We think the price of food is reasonable, but it's mainly Western food. We've listed the locations below so you can find them easily.


Brick Street Cafe

A coffee shop that sells drinks, some salads, and cakes. There are both indoor and outdoor seating areas so you can sit where you prefer. 

nước uống và bánh ở legoland hàn quốc

Unfortunately, there aren't too many drinks, just tea, coffee, and bottled water, but the prices are reasonable. A cafe latte cost 4,000 KRW and walnut pie costs 4,500 KRW. 


cửa hàng bán đồ ăn vặt ở legoland hàn quốc

Big Bricks Bites

Beef burgers and french fries!

Brick Street Café (Snack Shack) bán hot dog ở Brick Street Café (Snack Shack)

Brick Street Café (Snack Shack)

Hours: 10:00 - 18:00

Hot Dogs (5,000 - 6,000 KRW), Slushy (4,000 KRW), Popcorn (3,000 KRW)

nhà hàng buffet Bricktopia Dinner ở legoland

Bricktopia Diner

Hours: 11:00 - 18:00

All-you-can-eat Pizza Buffet, Spaghetti and Salad. 

Adults - 25,000 KRW
Kids - 15,000 KRW


quầy bán kem ở Wizard's Frozen Wonders

Wizard's Frozen Wonders

Ice cream and slushy stand (4,000 KRW) helps you get rid of your summer thirst!

nhà hàng gà rán ở Knight's Feast

Knight's Feast

Hours: 11:00 - 18:00

The restaurant sells chicken and chicken burgers. There's a lot of space so you can sit, eat and recharge before continuing to explore LEGOLAND.

đồ ăn ở Knight's Feast

It's not too expensive here. The chicken burger set costs 12,500 KRW and the chicken nugget set cost 9,000 KRW. The set comes with fries and a drink. For the cost, the taste is pretty average. 


Work n Bowl bán tteokbokki ở legoland hàn quốc

Wok N' Bowl

Hours: 11:00 - 18:00

This location was the only one that sold Korean food in the park. Here you can get tteokbokki and other asian dishes!

tiệm bán bánh pie ở Kai's Apple Fries

Kai's Apple Fries

Hours: 10:00 - 18:00

The place that sells delicious pie with amazing cinnamon-flavored ice cream. 


tiệm bán đồ ăn, nước giải khát ở Brickbeard's Snacks

Brickbeard's Snacks

Hours: 11:00 - 18:00

Hot Dogs (4,000 - 6,000 KRW), Nachos (5,000 KRW), and soft drinks are sold here. There is indoor and outdoor seating. 


tiệm bán bánh churros và đồ uống ở City Snacks

City Snacks

Hours: 10:00 - 18:00

Churros and drinks. 

nhà hàng đồ âu ở City Restaurant

City Restaurant

Hours: 11:00 - 18:00

A perfect place for the whole family to eat! There are some menus you can refer to such as lemon butter chicken (12,000 KRW), grilled salmon (11,000 KRW), pork cutlet (9,000 KRW), etc. 

Marina Snacks

Fish and chips stand. 

Popular Cafes Near LEGOLAND

There are a lot of pretty cafes in Chuncheon, many of which you can find anything like in Seoul. So if you want to explore the city of Chuncheon while in the area, we definitely recommend these. Creatrip members get a special discount at these locations. 

Cafe Gamjabat: Cafe with famous potato cakes.

Gontran Cherie Branch, GC Atelier: Cafe with a lovely view of the sunset. 

Cafe Carpe: A cafe with an amazing lake view. 

Other Facilities in 
LEGOLAND Korea Resort

LEGOLAND hàn quốc

First Aid

CenterFirst is next to the City Restaurant in LEGO CITY. If you need help, contact any LEGOLAND staff near you. 

Dublo Baby Care Center

Located in BRICKTOPIA and LEGO CITY. There's a stove, microwave, sterilizer, fridge, and other related machinery available for families with young children to use. 

Free Wi-Fi

You can use LEGOLAND's free Wi-Fi, however it's pretty slow since many people are using it. 

Máy cho mượn sạc dự phòng miễn phí ở legoland hàn quốc

Free Recharger Lending Machine

It's just outside The Photo Shop in BRICKS TREET. You can borrow a charger for free, but you need to give a deposit of 1,000 KRW as collateral. When you return your device, any additional feels will be charged and then you'll get your refund. 

tủ giữ đồ ở legoland hàn quốc

Storage Lockers

Storage lockers are available at BRICK STREET AND LEGO CASTLE. It says there is a fee but when we arrived, it said we could use it for free, oncer per person. You can store all your things here. 

Smart Bench ở legoland hàn quốc

Smart Bench

At each playground, there is a Smart Bench where you can sit down and charge your phone if needed.

khu cho thuê xe đẩy trẻ em, xe lăn

Rent a Stroller or Wheelchair

AT BRICK STREET, after you enter into the gate, you'll see the rental area to the right. Strollers are 6,000 KRW and wheelchairs are 4,000 KRW. You will need to make a deposit of 10,000 KRW with a debit/credit card in order to insure the rental. 

Tips for Visiting LEGOLAND Korea Resort LEGOLAND Korea Resort

Make a Reservation

LEGOLAND requires guests to book tickets before they arrive. You can book your tickets at the promotional price on the website, as well as on the LEGOLAND app. You can also buy tickets onsite, but if the park reaches capacity, you may not be allowed entry. In addition, all purchases on site must be made by card and will not have any discounts (60,000 KRW). 

Arrive Early

LEGOLAND is very large and has many attractions. Therefore, if you want enough time to explore it all, we recommend you arrive early and take the first free shuttle bus at 09:30, which departs from Exit 1 of Chuncheon Station to LEGOLAND. 

ứng dụng của  LEGOLAND Korea Resort

Download the LEGOLAND Korea Resort App

With the app, you can easily see the LEGOLAND map, which can guide you from your exact location. In addition, the app provides information about shows, waiting times for rides, and menus of the restaurants. You can even order your food from the app. 

The app is available in Korean and English and you can easily log in with email. Note, the functions of the app can only be used at LEGOLAND. 

trò chơi ở LEGOLAND Korea Resort

Definitely Play Prize Every Time

There are a lot of games where you can win prizes if you're lucky. However, if you don't want to take the risk of losing a lot of money and want to ensure you get a prize, we recommend going to LEGO CASTLE and playing  Prize Every Time. It's the only game at LEGOLAND where you are guaranteed a prize. If you get a duck with a higher score, you can get a bigger prize. The price of the game is 6,000 KRW for two ducks and 10,000 KRW for five ducks. 

Don't Bring These Items

  • Any item considered to be a weapon
  • Fireworks or smoke bombs
  • Noise generators (speakers, etc.)
  • Glass bottles (only allowed for the care of infants)
  • Wine
  • Flammable chemicals or drugs
  • Scooter, electric skateboards, skateboards, longboards, etc. 
  • Pets (except guide dogs)

You CAN bring outside food and drinks. 

How to Get There

From Seoul to LEGOLAND

ga chuncheon, cách đi đến legoland

Take the ITX Cheongchun from Cheongnyangni/Yongsan Station to Chuncheon.

Cheongnyangni -> Chuncheon
Yongsan -> Chuncheon
Price (KRW)
Travel Time
~58 minutes
~ 1 hour 15 minutes
First/Last Train

6:17 / 23:05

6:32 / 22:21

6:00 / 22:48

6:15 / 22:05

Take the free shuttle bus to get to LEGOLAND which takes about 10 minutes. 

Điểm đỗ của shuttle bus: bên ngoài cửa ra số 1 ga Chuncheon.

Shuttle Bus Stop: Exit 1 of Chuncheon Station

Giờ chạy của shuttle bus legoland

Shuttle Bus Hours: Chuncheon Station to LEGOLAND

First/Last Shuttle: 9:30 / 17:45

Frequency: ~every 45 mins


Đi xe buýt miễn phí của LEGOLAND về ga Chuncheon

Take the free shuttle bus from LEGOLAND to Chuncheon Station, which takes about 10 minutes. Remember to look at the bus schedule attached to the front of the bus or ask the driver if it is the right bus. There is also another bus that goes to the parking lot so don't get lost!

Parking Lot: Outside the LEGOLAND main gate

Shuttle Bus Hours: From LEGOLAND to Chuncheon Station

First/Last Bus: 9:55 / 19:30
Frequency: ~every 45 minutes

The actual hours may differ from the website since the schedule is subject to change by circumstance. 

Take ITX-Cheongchun from Chuncheon Station to Cheongnyangni/Yongsan Station. 

Chuncheon -> Cheongnyangni
Chuncheon -> Yongsan
Price (KRW)
Travel Time
~58 minutes
~1 hour 15 minutes
First/Last Train

6:08 / 22:14

6:06 / 22:13

LEGOLAND Korea Resort | One-Day Pass

Reserve Here

We hope you can enjoy a day at Legoland in Korea! To see more information about other amusement parts in Korea, look here! Other nearby attractions include Nami Island, Petite France, Pinocchio e Da Vinci Village, Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park, and the Garden of Morning Calm. If you have any questions about any of the information in this blog, don't hesitate to contact us at help@creatrip.com. Also make sure to follow us on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook to get all the latest information about Korea.