Creatrip: Quiz | How Well Do You Know Korea?

Quiz | How Well Do You Know Korea?

How much do you know about Korea? Put your knowledge to the test!

Jaeeun Jo
a month ago

Korea Quiz

How well do you really know Korea? 

Today we have a quick quiz for you to test your knowledge of Korea and Korean culture!

There are a total of 20 questions, each worth 1 point. You ready? 


1. How do you say "hello" in Korean?

2. What is the capital city of Korea?

3. What is the name of the large river that flows through Seoul?

4. What is the currency in Korea called?

5. What is the name of the spicy fermented cabbage that is a staple in Korean cuisine? 

6. Which martial art is most representative of Korea?

7. Name two or more famous Korean companies.

8. What does the Korean buzzword "Fighting!" mean?

9. What do you call traditional Korean clothing?

10. What is the name of the largest Korean island where many tourists come to visit?

11. Which city has the second largest economy?

12. What colors are the flag?

13. What is the population of Korea?

14. What is the voltage of Korean electronics?

15. What is the most common surname in Korea?

16. What is the title of the 2019 film that received the Academy Award for Best Picture, the first Korean film to do so?

17. When is Hangul Day?

18. What is the tallest building in Korea?

19. What is the name of the tallest mountain in Korea?

20. What is the name of the city that hosted the 2018 Winter Olympics?


How do you think you did? Let's find out!

1. There are various ways to greet people, but the most common ones are: 

안녕하세요 (annyonghaseyo) - Hello
안녕 (annyong) - Hi
반갑습니다 (bangapseumnida) - Nice to meet you (formal)
반가워 (bangawo) - Nice to meet you
잘 지냈어? (jal jinaesso?) - How have you been?
밥 먹었어? (bap mogosso) - Did you eat?
오랜만이야 (oraenmaniya) - Long time no see

2. Seoul

3. The Hangang (한강)

4. Won (원 / ₩) - exchange rate details here 

5. Kimchi (김치)

6. Taekwondo (태권도)

7. Samsung, LG, SK, Hyundai, Kia, etc. Check out more info about work life in Korea here!

8. It is an expression used to cheer someone on, especially when facing something difficult and was even recently added to the Oxford English Dictionary along with some other Korean words!

9. Hanbok (한복)

10. Jeju Island (제주도)

11. Busan (부산)

12. The Korean flag, Taegeukgi (태극기) is white, black, red, and blue.

13. Around 50 million (51,821,669 as of 2021)

14. 220v

15. Kim (김)

16. Parasite (기생충)

17. October 9th

18. Lotte World Tower (롯데월드 타워) which stands at 555m with123 floors.

19. Hallasan (한라산) standing at 1,937m 

20. Pyeongchang (평창)


And now for the results! 

0-5 Points: You're just getting to know Korea


You know some basics. There's a Korean proverb that says that "The beginning is half the battle". It's difficult to start anything, but if you do, then that's half the work!

Just by taking this quiz and taking an interest in learning more about Korea, you're likely to become an expert, so don't feel discouraged. Fighting!

6-10 Points: You have good knowledge of Korea

JK painting

You have some knowledge of Korea! Maybe you've seen Korea in the news or learned a bit in school or online.

You have a good foundation already to build upon!

11-15 Points: You are a master of Korean knowledge!

Namjoon reading a book

You have a lot of knowledge on various parts of life such as lifestyle, tradition, and geography, as well as Korean culture. 

You've probably read a wide range of blogs and articles and watched many dramas and movies related to Korea.

If it's news about Korea, you're a very passionate and understanding person interested in any and everything.

16-20 Points: You are Korean!

college graduation

You're Korean, aren't you? Either that or you must have had an interest in Korea for quite a while!

You would probably even feel comfortable living in Korea, and you could probably teach others a few things about Korea.

Did you have fun taking our quiz? What were your results?

What topic should we cover next?