Our Visit To HYBE Insight In Seoul

Experience the artistry and success of HYBE at HYBE Insight in Seoul!

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Entrance of HYBE Insight

We are so excited to share with you our visit to HYBE Insight.

Formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment, HYBE opened a multiplex exhibition space in May to celebrate its artists, their music, and their fans.

HYBE Insight features a museum and cultural exhibition space on the two basement floors of its new headquarters in Seoul.

This place is a must for fans of HYBE's artists - BTS, Tomorrow X Today, Enhypen, NU'EST, Seventeen, and GFriend.

Let's go check it out!

Exterior of HYBE headquarters in Seoul

Exterior of HYBE Insight, near entranceThe exterior of HYBE's headquarters was beautiful.

Its design was modern and sleek.

Entrance to HYBE Insight, employees waiting to greet visitors

Visitors lining up outside of HYBE Insight

This is the entrance to HYBE Insight.

In order to visit the museum, be sure to make a reservation via HYBE Insight's website where you can log into your Weverse account.

Before your visit, you will need to download their app, HYBE Insight.

As soon as you make a reservation, it will link to the app.

You can then show your QR Key via the app at the entrance.

Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, all visitors will need to check in with their personal QR code via Kakao or Naver.

Place where visitors can store their umbrellas

After walking down the entrance, you'll see a place where you can store your umbrella if it's raining.

Each cubby has its own lock combination, so you won't have to worry about someone grabbing your umbrella by mistake.

Information desk and lockers where visitors can store their belongings

Lockers where visitors can store their belongings

Lockers are also available for visitors who would like to store their belongings during their visit.

The entrance to HYBE Insight museum

Let's start our tour!

Help desk at museum, employees waiting to help visitors

Signs that direct visitors where to go for help with their tickets

If you bought a photo ticket like we did, you can pick it up here.

Image of QR code for admission to museum

We made sure to have our QR Key via the HYBE Insight app ready to scan.

Photo tickets for the museum

When you purchase your ticket via the HYBE Insight app, you can pick from an array of photo tickets available.

We were so glad that we got these!

Aren't they so cute?!

Museum employee greeting visitors

Visitors waiting in waiting area before being allowed to enter museum

After picking up our photo tickets, we made our way to the waiting area.

A staff member welcomed us and explained to us how to access the museum.

They also shared with us that filming inside the museum was not allowed and that we could only take pictures in specified areas.

Screenshot of notification letting visitor know that they can enter the museum

Afterwards, we received a notification from our HYBE Insight app letting us know that we could enter the museum.

Visitors waiting in line to enter museum

Bag given to visitors in case they get lost and need to find their party again

The staff asked us to line up in groups and gave each group member a specific colored bag.

We got dark purple!

In case we got separated from our group, we could easily spot other members from our group and join them again.

Screenshot from app of museum layout

There is a map of the museum available on the HYBE Insight app.

There are also physical maps posted all over the museum in English, so feel free to get lost and explore.

Screenshot of art installation from first floor of museumSource: Twitter @HYBEINSIGHTtwt

Since we weren't allowed to take pictures on the first floor, we'll show you footage from the HYBE Insight app and HYBE's social media accounts.

Screenshot from app of different audio guides available to visitors

Screenshot from app of the different zones of the museum

Be sure to bring your earphones because on the Docent mode in the app, you can listen to your favorite HYBE artist's description of each zone.

We picked RM from BTS!

Image of one of the areas of the museumSource: bandwagon

Collage of pictures on wallSource: Twitter @HYBEINSIGHTtwt

In Talkback and Finding Sound, we learned more about the artists and their process for making music.

These zones covered this entire process and gave us insight into how artists and producers work together to create music.

Visitor standing in front of interactive exhibition

Source: Youtube @Kpop Herald

Visitor interacting with screen from exhibitionSource: Youtube @Kpop Herald

In Studio 360, we explored what the studios of famous producers such as Pdogg and Bumzu look like.

Images of recording studioSource: Twitter @BTS_twt

Image of sound equipment in sound studioSource: Twitter @BTS_twt

Image of computer and sound equipment used to make musicSource: VLIVE @BTS

We also got a 360 view of the working spaces of RM, Suga, and JHope from BTS.

We were able to experience these studios in a such a real and dynamic way.

It was fun to see not only all the toys and trinkets in these spaces but also the different types of instruments used to make music.

For anyone who's curious about what HYBE's studios are like, Studio 360 is a must.

Area of museum that explores sound layeringSource: Youtube @Kpop Herald

Visitor interacting with exhibition about sound layeringSource: Youtube @Kpop Herald

This is the Sound Layers zone.

This zone is really cool because you can listen to every vocal and instrumental layer of a song separately.

We really got an understanding of how songs are made and recorded.

Stillshots of three video art installationsSource: Yonhap News

Still image from another video art installationSource: Twitter @HYBEINSIGHTtwt

These zones, Moving Body and In Motion, were our favorites.

The videos here gave us a clear view of each dance step that HYBE artists take to create their unique and dynamic choreography.

Video art installation consisting of multiple smaller imagesSource: Twitter @HYBEINSIGHTtwt

Close-up shot of video art installation featuring multiple smaller imagesSource: Twitter @HYBEINSIGHTtwt

Because there is no music or special effects accompanying the videos, you can really focus in on the artists' dancing.

We could really see how each artist has their own style when it comes to dancing and interpreting the choreography.

Entrance to exhibition area featuring collage of propsSource: The Korea Times

Paintings on the wall and collages of various propsSource: Twitter @HYBEINSIGHTtwt

Map of Seoul with various pictures attached to itSource: Twitter @HYBEINSIGHTtwt

We think that HYBE fans will really enjoy this zone, Inspiring Story.

Whenever a new song by your favorite artist comes out, do you wonder what the inspiration behind this song is or start analyzing its connection to previous songs?

This zone will answer all of these wonderings.

These giant storyboards gave us a detailed look into what inspires the artists when creating music.

Visitor interacting with exhibition by turning a crankSource: Youtube @Kpop Herald

Various small sculptures on displaySource: Twitter @HYBEINSIGHTtwt

There are various installations that you can engage with and look at.

Image of television screens with telephones attached to themSource: Youtube @Kpop Herald

Visitor interacting with one of the televisionsSource: Youtube @Kpop Herald

For anyone who loves to hear directly from the artists, the Between the Lines zone is a must!

We listened to interviews with our favorite artists via telephones.

It felt like we were just having a conversation with them on the phone!

Members of BTS at a dance practiceSource: Youtube @BANGTANTV

Members of TXT at a dance practiceSource: Youtube @TOMORROW X TOGETHER OFFICIAL

In the Behind the Sweat zone, we got a front row seat to the artists' dance practices.

We could really see how hard artists work to perfect their dancing and bring the choreography to life.

Display of bejeweled microphonesSource: Weverse @BTS_twt

Singer with headset microphoneSource: Naver x Dispatch

We got to see the different mics that our favorite artists use when they perform live.

We loved how bright and unique each of these mics were.

Image of large movie screen opening to another roomSource: Twitter @HYBEINSIGHTtwt

Afterwards, a staff member asked the visitors to gather in front of a giant screen that showed videos of ENHYPEN.

The screen then split in two and opened into the next zone, Story.

It was so cool!

Image of display to used to introduce another area of museumSource: 뉴스컬처

Collage of images projected onto large screenSource: Twitter @HYBEINSIGHTtwt

This is considered the ultimate highlight of the museum.

The story of HYBE and its artists is told here.

Display case featuring music awardsSource: Twitter @HYBEINSIGHTtwt

Another image of display case featuring music awardsSource: Twitter @HYBEINSIGHTtwt

We were so moved by this particular installation.

It showcased all of the awards HYBE and its artists have won.

It was really touching, especially when we saw the Billboard Music Awards!

Members of BTS standing in front of display caseSource: Twitter @BTS_twt

Photos aren't allowed to be taken in this zone.

But we wanted to show you some pics of BTS posing in front of this installation.

You can see just how big this installation is!

Visitor taking a picture in front of mirror

We finally made it to the designated areas where we could take pictures!

Please keep in mind that you can only take photos in these areas; video recording isn't allowed.

Exhibition of painting and drawings by James Jean

Row of framed drawings on display

Row of bright and colorful paintings on display

This a special exhibition of paintings called Seven Phases by James Jean.

RM of BTS is a fan of James Jean's work, and these paintings were inspired by BTS and their music.

There is a even a painting based on RM's song, "moonchild."

More bright and colorful paintings on display

Visitor posing in front of one of the paintings on display

Three cutout paintings on display

All of the pieces were vibrant and full of color.

We thought that the artist captured the spirit of BTS in a dreamy and playful way.

Visitor watching video about the exhibition

You can watch an interview with James Jean regarding his process in creating these pieces.

This exhibition will be available until November 14, 2021.

Visitors looking at exhibition that features different collages

After Seven Phases, we ventured on to Ways of Listening.

Visitor engaging with augmented reality game on phone

Visitors engaging with museum exhibition

Visitors engaging with augmented reality game via their phones

There is an augmented reality (AR) game that you can play in this zone via the HYBE Insight app.

If you find all of the treasures, you'll get a prize, so everyone was super focused on winning the game.

Visitor finding one of the clues for augmented reality game via their phone

Visitor checking which clues they have found for augmented reality game on their phone

It's really easy to play.

Each item that you need to find has a clue.

You just follow the clue, and once you find it, you use the app to "collect" these items.

Make sure you find each clue quickly though because there is a time limit!

Informational board describing the area of exhibition that features collages of different Kpop artists

Collage of that features members of Kpop group BTS

Collage that features members of Kpop group SEVENTEEN

After playing the game, be sure to check out Story Collage.

These collages capture of the essence of each artist and the different album concepts they've had over the years.

Collage that features Kpop artists

Collage that features members of Kpop group Girlfriend

Looking at these collages reminded us of the first Kpop albums that we ever bought.

Exhibition of museum that features interactive screensSource: 뉴스컬처

This part of the exhibit is called Beat Challenge, and it's really fun and interactive.

You have to match the beat to the songs on display.

Exhibition featuring various screens for visitors to interact with

Visitor interacting with multiple screens for museum exhibition

We totally nailed this!

Large screen featuring music from Boy with Luv by BTS

Visitor following along to beat of song on five interactive screens

This game is similar to playing Superstar on your phone, but there is a big screen across from you and five smaller screens in front of you.

Screenshot of how visitor score of following along to beat of featured song

After we finished the challenge, our score came up on the big screen.

Our score was actually pretty low. Haha!

We still had fun playing this.

Two video installations from museum exhibition

Museum exhibition recommending where visitors should stand to best enjoy video installations

There were video installations to check out as well.

They even told you the perfect place to stand to maximize this experience!

Statue of sound wave

Members of BTS and visitor lying on statue of sound waveSource: Twitter @BTS_twt

This statue resembles the shape of a sound wave.

Be sure to take a picture here like Suga and Jimin did.

We tried to recreate their picture!

Museum exhibition featuring a hanging garden

Visitor standing under hanging garden

This zone is where we can feel the music through our five senses.

For Jungkook's "Euphoria", the scent of fresh flowers filled this area.

Costumes worn by Kpop artists on display

Close-up of costumes worn by Kpop artists on display

Close-up of image from performance showing costume worn on display

Here you can see performance outfits worn by the artists.

We were so stoked to see this outfit worn by BTS!

Display of jewelry worn by Kpop artists for performances

Close-up picture of one of the rings worn by Kpop artist when performing

Rings worn by SEVENTEEN were on display here.

We thought this was such a cool way to display these rings.

Display of costumes worn by Kpop group NU'EST for a performance

Close-up of display of costumes worn by Kpop group NU'EST for a performance

These are performance outfits worn by NU'EST for "I'm in Trouble."

We loved being able to see the details of these outfits up close.

Collage of newspaper and magazine articles featuring Kpop group BTS on display

Various news and magazine articles written about HYBE artists are on display here, too.

Visitors sitting in room that plays music videos of various Kpop artists

In this room, Sound and Image, you can watch music videos of different artists.

The sound quality in this room was really nice.

Informational panel introducing new area of museum

Instructional video showing visitors how to interact with exhibition

In Let's Move, you can experience songs through physical movement.

Visitor interacting with video exhibition

Visitor standing in front of dark screen with

After the song is over, you can send a video of this experience to yourself as a souvenir.

All you need to do is scan the QR code available in this zone.

Gallery of portraits of members of BTS

Comparing the image on visitor's photo ticket to original photo featured in museum gallery

This next area, Face of Music, is where we could see images of the artists at HYBE.

We found the inspiration for our photo ticket of RM!

Gallery of portraits of Kpop artists

An additional gallery of portraits featuring Kpop artists

Gallery of portraits of Kpop artists on wall and also on video screen

Collage of portraits of Kpop artists

An additional collage of portraits of various Kpop artists

All the images on display in this area were beautiful.

It was so much fun looking at all of these photos from different angles.

Member of BTS posing in front of exhibition area of museumSource: Twitter @BTS_twt

Screenshot from Kpop music video

An additional screenshot from Kpop music video

Storytelling Diorama is another fun zone. 

We watched scenes from music videos and learned more about the details of these scenes.

Entrance to another exhibition at museum featuring soundproofing equipment

Informational panel on exhibition of museum

3D installation of soundproofing equipment

This zone, Silence, was inspired by the soundproofing equipment that keeps outside noise from coming into a studio.

This equipment also helps magnify any sound that is created inside a recording studio.

Image of video featuring Kpop group BTS being projected on three wallsSource: Yonhap News

Empty screening room with seat cushions

This is the final room, where a video was projected onto three of its walls.

There was a socially distance seat for each visitor.

Visitors sitting on seat cushions in screening room

Farewell video message being projected onto giant screen

This video showed interviews with artists about their journey in becoming Kpop idols.

They shared moments of hardship, stress, and happiness.

We were incredibly moved by each artist's personal story.

This really made us appreciate that much more the incredible work these artists put into creating music.

Large display case of albums released by Kpop artists

After the video, we made our way to an area that showcased every album ever released by a HYBE artist.

Album by Kpop group BTS on display

Albums by Kpop group NU'EST on display

Albums by Kpop group SEVENTEEN on display

Albums by Kpop group Girlfriend on displayAlbums by hip hop artists Zico on display

Visitor standing in front of display of albums by various Kpop artists

Be sure to take a photo in front of your favorite artist's album!

Visitors growing at museum gift shop

And now for the HYBE Insight shop!

Kiosk where visitors can redeem their prize from augmented reality game

Visitor redeeming their prize at kiosk machine

Visitors with their redeemed prize of bracelets

Don't forget to collect your prize from the AR game!

Just scan the QR code at the AR Together Rewards kiosk.

We got HYBE bracelets!

Albums available for sale in museum gift shop

More albums on sale at museum gift shop

Photo postcards on sale at museum gift shop

Here is some of the merchandise, which includes photo cards, postcards, posters.

It all looked amazing!

Clothing and bags on sale at museum gift shop

Crossbags on sale at museum gift shop

Prices of clothing available for purchase in museum gift shop

There was HYBE gear available, too, like t-shirts, hoodies, and cross bags.

Various phone accessories on sale at museum gift shop

Fragrances available for purchase at museum gift shop

There was also HYBE stationery and phone accessories on sale.

You could also purchase the Euphoria scent.

Image of shopping area at museum gift shop

Display of clothing worn by Kpop artists and accessories available for purchase at museum gift shop

Display of items on sale at museum gift shop

Display of keychains on sale at museum gift shop

This is the Upcycling Lab, which sells items made from clothing worn by the artists.

What an amazing idea!

Display of egg tart set available for purchase at museum

Close-up of egg tarts and the flavors available

Close-up of original egg tart

Eggs tarts were available for purchase.

You can buy four for 9,800 KRW.

There were three flavors: original, apple cinnamon, and red bean and walnut.

Vending machine of beverages available for purchase

Close-up of the different beverages available for purchase

Menu of different flavors of beverages available for purchase

Drinks were also available for purchase. 

We got Sound Herb and Pop Grey, which were both teas.

Sound Herb was fruity while Pop Grey was sweet.

Lounge area of museum where visitors can take pictures

Video screenshot from music video by Kpop group BTS

Visitor sitting on couch in lounge area in museum

After getting your shopping on, don't miss the Life Goes On Lounge.

This space is a snapshot from a scene in the "Life Goes On" music video by BTS.

Visitors shown exiting the museum

This is where you can exit the museum.

Just use scan your QR code to open the gate.

We were so sad to go!

Entrance for HYBE Insight building

We were so impressed with HYBE Insight!

So much work went into creating this space, and we appreciated the incredible care and energy that went into every detail.

Please note that all of the signs and explanations in the museum are available in both Korean and English.

If you a HYBE fan, then HYBE Insight in Seoul is a must for you!


Address: 서울 용산구 한강대로 42 B1
42 B1, Hangangdae-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Hours: 11:00-21:30
Mon: Closed

Transportation: 13-minute walk from Yongsan Station Exit 1

Ticket price: 22,000 KRW or including a photo card 25,000 KRW

Website: https://hybeinsight.com/ 

We hope you enjoyed our visit to HYBE Insight as much as we did!