Creatrip: Chingu Prepaid Mobile Service (SIM Card)

Chingu Prepaid Mobile Service (SIM Card)

The lowest priced mobile service in Korea! Enjoy high quality mobile services at affordable prices.

15 days ago

Chingu Prepaid Mobile Service

Whether you're traveling or studying abroad, you need a good mobile service plan in Korea.  Today we want to share with you a very convenient mobile service, popular among international students. Enjoy fast internet at the lowest prices with Chingu Mobile Service (친구통신). If you're planning to stay in Korea soon, don't miss out on this amazing deal.


You will be randomly assigned to one of the three major networks in Korea, SKT / KT / LG.

Choose between 30 days / 60 days / 90 days.

Add an extra 30 days for an additional charge. (Must contact Chingu Mobile Service directly).

Enjoy free delivery within the country or pick it up at a branch near you.

Reasons For Recommendation 

Best price in Korea with a great service.

Activate with your passport or alien registration card.

Directly communicate with the agents in Chinese or English. 

There are 6 branches in Seoul you can visit if you need further assistance. 

Many places require extra payments for their services but you can conveniently make an appointment through our website. 

Get their services for cheaper on our website, compared to visiting in-person. (At Creatrip, the USIM fee is free).

Chingu Prepaid Mobile Service SIM cards

Package Prices

May Special Event (~06/30.22) 

Length of Service
Price (KRW) 
Pick up at store 
30 days 



60 days 


90 days 


30 days 


60 days


90 days 


Call: Unlimited domestic calls

Data: 300MB/30 days, unlimited 3Mbps/sec after usage.

Length of ServicePrice (KRW)
30 days

60 days

90 days

Additional 30 days

Please contact service courier directly

*6,000 won for shipping to a domestic address.

Things To Keep In Mind

You can book beforehand via Creatrip for a discount. (The offer will not be applied for those buying directly at the store). 

Reservations can be made from Monday to Saturday. 

Only those that are currently residing in Korea or have travel plans to Korea can apply for the SIM. 

If you have not entered Korea and would like to receive your SIM in person on the day of entry, please let us know in advance your exact date of arrival. Your SIM will be available on the day of your entry. 

The pre-booked date on Creatrip's system is 'Date of Arrival at the SIM store' (in the case of those receiving at the SIM store) or 'Date of Receiving SIM at a Korean address" (in the case of those that will receive it via the mail). 

This is a prepaid SIM service so the service cannot be canceled or paused. If you want to extend the usage period, please contact Chingu Mobile Service directly. 

If you initially registered with your passport information, after receiving your alien registration card, you can request an update at Chingu Mobile Service to be able to use the QR check and identity verification feature (you can keep the number in use). 

SIM bookings can only be canceled or changed at least 3 days before the date of receipt of the SIM card, If you want to change your SIM pick up date, please contact 

If you want to pick up the SIM card directly at the store, please inform Creatrip in advance of the store you will pick it up at. If you want to change the pick up store, please contact 

Shipping may take 1-2 days longer than expected depending on the circumstances. 

In the case of receiving the SIM via mail, you must fill out the recipients's full detailed address and contact information, and attach a passport photo and a type of photo identification when ordering the SIM. 

In the case of receiving the SIM via mail, you should fill in the recipients contact information in Korea.

For those receiving the SIm via mail, your SIM will be activated 1 day before it is sent out. For example, if you order to receive your SIM on December 5, the SIM will be activated on December 4 and sent out. 

The 30 day and 60 day plans cannot be extended. Customers who wise to extend must reserve the 90 day plan. 

In the case that you open your plan using your passport, your plan will be automatically cancelled when you leave the country. 

For those that are receiving their SIM via mail, please provide a detailed address including the room number and floor number. If this is not included there may be difficulties with proper delivery. 

SIM Pick-up Or Delivery

You can choose to receive your SIM card with two options.

1. Ship to a domestic address. 

6,000 won shipping charge. 
Please provide a Korean phone number in case of issues during shipping.

2. Visit the store in person.

Mon-Sat: 11:00-19:00
Sun: Closed


Hongdae: 서울시 마포구 홍익로 10 101호 2층 친구통신 
2nd floor, 101 ho, 10, Hongik-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul 

Sinchon: 서울 서대문구 이화여대길 62친구통신
62, Ewhayeodae-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 

Geondae: 서울시 광진구 아차산로30길 31 1층 유심세상 
31, Achasan-ro 30-gil, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul 

Kyungheedae: 서울시 동대문구 경희대로 4 친구통신 경희점
4, Kyungheedae-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul

Hyehwa: 서울시 종로구 성규관로 8-1 
8-1, Seonggyungwan-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul 

Joongdae: 서울시 동작구 흑석로 97
97 Heukseok-ro, Dongjak-gu, Seoul 

Information Required For Reservation

Name on passport and alien registration card.

Brand and model of smartphone.

Address and contact information to receive SIM card.

The branch you will visit if you choose to pick it up in person. 

How To Reserve

Step. 1 

Step. 2 

Choose a desired product and desired pick up method. 

Step. 3

Please provide the required information when making a reservation:

Name on passport (in English) and passport number

Phone model

Contact Information 

Delivery Address or Pick Up Store

4Photo of passport 

A photo to prove identity (ex. passport with passport photo) 

Click  here  to check your status

Step. 4

Your reservation will be confirmed within 1 business day.

Step. 5

(For in store pick up) Please visit the store on the reservation with your passport or alien registration card. Upon arrival, present your reservation record to receive your SIM card, and your SIM will be activated on site.

(For those receiving via parcel) Your SIM card will be sent 1 day prior to the reservation date. Depending on the delivery situation in Korea, the actual delivery date may be delayed by 1-2 days from the reservation date. We will send you an activated SIM card, so you can use it right away. 

Please contact Chingu Mobile Service directly if you need an extension.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How do I extend my usage?
A: You must visit one of the branches in person or contact them through social media. 

2. Will the price remain the same after I extend it?
A: No, the price for additional days will change. Please contact Chingu Mobile Service directly for the price. 

3. Why do I need to pay 6,000 won?
A: The shipping cost is 6,000 won. 

5. Can I switch my identity verification method?
A: Yes, if you register with your passport in the beginning, you can visit the store in person and ask to switch your verification method to your alien registration card.

6. What is the user authentication method?
A: User authentication method is a convenient identity authentication method used often in Korea when registering for various websites, or purchasing products with your phone.

7. Can I use the user authentication method? 
A: If you register with your passport, this method is not available. You must switch over to an alien registration card or register with an alien registration card.

8. If I choose to visit one branch, do I have to only use that branch in the future?
A: When you first register, you need to enter which branch you are visiting. But later on, if you have further questions, you can visit any of the branches listed above.

9. I want to visit a different branch to get my SIM, how will I let them know?
A: If you want to visit a different branch, you can send an email to and let us know.

10. What if I get an alien registration card after activating my SIM using my passport?
A: Contact Chingu to update your identification information. Your phone number will stay the same!

Please read this article carefully to enjoy affordable and high-quality mobile service in Korea! If you have further questions, please leave a comment down below or send us an email at