Creatrip: JUNO HAIRㅣHongdae 1st

JUNO HAIRㅣHongdae 1st (준오헤어 홍대 1호점)

USD 127.03141.15

  • Advance deposit (pay the rest onsite)
  • EF6E8D62-95D5-4644-95C3-FDE37F7757D6Free cancel 3 days before the reservation date
  • F5C679D3-84D3-4D95-B61E-18EBA7555D6CMobile reservation card or voucher
  • A8E7D0A0-A152-439D-846A-731EA1E75C28Direct entry without ticket exchange
  • 79785887-AADC-4E9C-B305-FF6D8B017FAADate specific ticket
  • Chinese
  • English


  • Creatrip's highly recommended hair salon, Juno Hair is the most popular beauty salon recognized by Koreans. Unlike other hair salons, Juno Hair has grown entirely through word of mouth instead of proceeding any type of marketing.
  • Juno Hair is not just any ordinary hair salon, but rather a special salon where the customer can find their own true style. Juno Hair believes the beginning of one's own style always begins with "Who I am." You can meet the "NEW ME" at Juno Hair because they analyze and consider everything about you such as head shape, face shape, skin tone, hair texture, etc, to find the most ideal style!
  • Juno Hair maintains the highest quality of service in order to discover the unique beauty in all customers. To do this, all the branches of Juno Hair are operated by the head office.
  • Juno Hair is the world's largest beauty service company.
  • In terms of the cost of hair service, it's not much different from other salons. That is because Juno Hair does not add unnecessary procedures.


PermUSD 127.03141.15

    ColorUSD 75.6184.02

      Extra (Service not on the list)USD 75.6184.02

        Perm + Color USD 151.23168.03

          Cut + Color USD 113.42126.02

            Cut + Perm USD 113.42126.02

              Cut + Perm + ColorUSD 189.03210.04

                THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND

                • Due to the spread of COVID-19, the number of people allowed and business hours may be limited, or a vaccine pass may be required. Please refer to the linked blog for the latest social distancing restrictions.
                • Prices introduced by Creatrip are average prices, and additional price may be added depending on hair length, hair condition, and the designers.
                • Juno Hair is always busy with so many local reservations, so you have to pay a deposit of 5,000 KRW per reservation to prevent the no-shows(But if you only want to do haircut, you don't need to make any reservation).
                • Any changes and cancellations in reservations must be completed no later than 3 days before the reservation day.
                • Please note that reservations prior to 3 days cannot be changed or cancelled and deposits are also not refundable.
                • If you are more than 15 minutes late than the reservation time, you will be treated as a no-show and you cannot receive a refund of the deposit. Please arrive on time.
                • Haircuts are excluded from Creatrip 10% discounts.
                • Please present your Creatrip membership page to the vendor to enjoy the Creatrip member 10% discount!
                • The staff is able to communicate in English.
                • You may tell the shop what type of hairstyle you want, but we encourage you to choose the hairstyle that the designer recommends based on Juno Hair's value - finding the beauty of every individual.
                ADDRESS: 17 Hongik-ro, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
                CALL: 0231420621
                • MONDAY
                • TUESDAY
                • WEDNESDAY
                • THURSDAY
                • FRIDAY
                • SATURDAY
                • SUNDAY