2022 Korean Product Recommendations For A Better Lifestyle

Give your lifestyle a makeover with these products that will be vital to your daily routine!

Yujin Kim
a year ago

Happy New Year from Creatrip!

2022 has welcomed us in a blink of an eye! What are your New Year's resolutions?

A lot of us are hoping for a makeover towards a healthy and more efficient lifestyle this year.

Let's take a look at some of the trendy items in Korea that will give your daily routine an upgrade!

Morning Routine

08:00 ⎜ Making my own routine

These days, it is very important to set tasks and self-manage, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Starting off your day on the right note sets the tone for the rest of your day.

Sometimes, just getting up and making your bed in the morning may have you feeling accomplished.

This year, how about setting little tasks for you to accomplish in the morning to motivate you to celebrate the small wins?

If you use these items that are recommended by us, it will be a breeze!

Kick-off your morning right
Morning routine item recommendations

The Soap Farm Gakkum Soap
#For our precious skin

Espoir Water Splash Sun Cream
#Habit for healthy skin
#Moisturize & brighten

MEDIHEAL Watermide Pore Tightening Essence Pad
#3-second morning routine


It's important to eat your meals no matter how busy your day gets!

The moment you skip a meal, your daily routine will break.

From easy-to-eat Korean food to meal replacement shakes!

There are a variety of popular meal options in Korea, so come maintain a healthy lifestyle with us.

Take care of a busy day
Convenient food recommendations


#Delicious diet
#Meal replacement shake
Click Here

BIBIGO Kimchi Octupus Porridge

#Filling meal
Click Here

CJ Beef Bone Soup With Rice
#Easy to make
#Warm yourself up
Click Here

DANO Diet Tteokbokki Jjajang
#300kcal & 0g fat
Click Here

Evening Routine

19:00⎜Light workout

Keeping a consistent workout routine is a common new year's resolution.

This year, why don't we set easier attainable goals such as going on walks around the neighborhood or taking the stairs? 

We recommend the following sneakers to help you stay in style even when going for a workout.

Make your steps lighter
Sneakers recommendations

FILA Ray Tracer 
#Extra cushioning

Click Here

FILA Bumper Mule 
#Neat & Classic
#Daily shoes

Click Here

NIKE Women's RYZ 365
#Unique Design

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21:00 ⎜Take care of your metabolism

A healthy treat for working hard every day!

These days, it's essential to take extra supplements to take care of your body's metabolism and stamina.

With these best-trusted products in Korea, take care of your future self as well.

For a better tomorrow
Healthy supplement recommendations

VITAL BEAUTIE Vital Beauty Meta Green Slim
#High repurchase rate
#3 tablets after meals

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 CJ BYO Premium Plant Origin Probiotic Family
#For kids and adults
#For intestinal health

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BBLAB Low Molecular Collagen
#Prevent skin aging
#Refreshing berry flavor
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Night Routine

22:00 ⎜Reflect on your day

To spend a better, fulfilling day tomorrow, there's nothing better than keeping a journal and taking some time to reflect.

Just take 10 minutes to look back on your day and plan your day ahead.

With these cute and stylish diaries, you'll want to fill up these pages every day!

Organize your year 
Diary recommendations

2022 Diary
#Cute characters
#Korean tourism illustrations

Click Here
2022 Diary
#Cute dinosaur design
#Cuter on the inside
Click Here
INDIGO 2022 Prism 
Slim Diary Ballpoint Pen Set
#Pick your favorite color
#Neat diary
Click Here

23:00 Good night's sleep

Treat yourself to a good night's sleep at the end of your day.

There's nothing better than getting cozy in cute pajamas and wrapping yourself up in a comfortable blanket.

After a long day, wrap up your day with the best products to bring you comfort.

Warm and comfortable
Recommendations for a peaceful sleep

Choco Light Blanket

#Adorable bear pattern
#Soft and light

Click Here

Juuneedu Lavien Rose Lace 
Cotton Long Sleeve Dress Pajamas
#Soft and loose cotton material
#Vintage mood

Click Here
Fox Tea Red Bean Pumpkin Tea
#Reduce bloating
#No sugar, no caffeine

Click Here

That concludes our product recommendations to maintain a healthy and consistent lifestyle!

The products are all very popular in Korea and useful for your daily life.

We hope these products can make your 2022 organized and help you procrastinate less.

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