Italian La Crema Pot/Frying Pan Set of 3

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Product Highlights

  • Beautiful, elegant, and affordable.
  • Practical and can be used to change up your kitchen aesthetic!

Product Details

  • The well-known brand 19V69 has launched a three-piece La Crema cookware set with beautiful appearance and affordable price. 
  • It is fresh and elegant.
  • The set includes a 18cm single-handle pot, a 20cm double-ear pot and a 24cm frying pan.
  • Please confirm before placing the order as it can't be cancelled or changed once placed.
  • Due to the difference in screen resolution and angle, there may be a slight color difference in the actual product. 
  • Measurement location/method can differ and there may be a 1~3cm error in the size data. 
  • Due to the large number of manufacturing factors in the factory, there may be some differences in the pattern, color, size, position, etc. of each product, and there may be fine dust, spots, marks, etc. 
  • When using this product, it is recommended to use a medium-low heat. If you use a high heat, it may cause the pot handle to be overheated and damaged. 
  • This product can be used with open flame, induction cooker, IH cooker and electric ceramic cooker. 
  • It is recommended to rinse gently with a soft sponge and neutral lotion. 
  • Please note that the pan does not come with a lid.

ProductsSingle Handle Pot (with lid) x 1, 20cm Double Ear Pot (with lid) x 1, 24cm Pan
MaterialCookware Body: Aluminum (Fluorocarbon Paint)
Metal Lid: Tempered Glass
Rubber Pot Handle: Phenolic Resin

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