Creatrip: Kirsh Big Cherry Jelly T-Shirt KS

Big Cherry Jelly T-Shirt KS (Lavender)

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    Product Highlights

    • Cute big cherry logo printed onto the front of the Kirsh t-shirt. 
    • Made of pure cotton, with a small cherry imprinted on the cuffs for extra cuteness.
    • A cute and playful style to wear!
    • Comes in a variety of adorable colors that are a favorite of many Korean college students.

    Product Details

    • Kirsh explores trendy styles in Korea for maximum comfort.
    • The logo of the brand is the iconic cherries that are colorful and fun, a popular design in Korea.
    • A total of five colors to choose from.
    • A simple, yet colorful design to wear that is a staple in your closet!
    • The lavender is a popular shade that adds extra color and sweetness to your outfits.



    Sizing Guide

    • Please note once you place your order, you are unable to change or cancel your order.
    • We recommend turning the clothes inside out to wash.
    • Do not use a dryer, air-dry on a rack.
    • Made of 100% cotton material.
    Free Size
    Total length70.5
    Shoulder width52
    Chest width47
    Sleeve length22
    Sleeve width22.5

    Units (cm)

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