Creatrip: 168cm Smile Flower Jelly Case+Acrylic Tok Set

Smile Flower Jelly Case+Acrylic Tok Set

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Product Highlights

  • Smiley flower transparent phone case and a griptok set.
  • Transparent jelly phone case which perfectly protects your phone.
  • Smiley flower design that instantly makes your phone look more bright and lively.
  • You won't be losing grip of your phone with the sturdy, cute griptok!

Product Details

  • Cute and colorful smile flower face transparent mobile phone case and griptok.
  • Transparent jelly phone case and an acrylic griptok as a set.
  • Supports various models of both iPhone and Samsung.
  • Please note that once your order is confirmed, the option cannot be changed.
  • Depending on the resolution and angle of the screen, there may be a slight color difference in the actual product.

 Please remove the protective film on the surface of the phone case before use

MaterialAcrylic, polycarbonate

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