Creatrip: Wiggle Wiggle iPhone Embroidery Case Season 3
Wiggle Wiggle

iPhone Embroidery Case Season 3 (Happiness)

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    Product Highlights

    • Popular embroidered iPhone phone case made by Wiggle Wiggle.
    • The mobile phone protective case is made of PC material that perfectly wraps around the mobile phone for extra protection.
    • Is not easily damaged or deformed as it is made of sturdy material, so it's suitable for long-term use.
    • Designed with a bright embroidery pattern that instantly puts you in a lively mood!
    • Supports various iPhone models.

    Product Details

    • Made by Wiggle Wiggle, a phone case brand popular for its unique and fun designs.
    • Made for the iPhone series.
    • Not only is it cute, but also protects your phone.
    • Makes your mirror selfies look even greater!
    • Available in 6 different styles.
    • Please note once you place your order, the option cannot be changed.
    • There may be slight differences in thread ends during the production process, please note this is not a defective product and is normal.



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