Creatrip: Bracket Table 100 Degree Reusable Cup
Bracket Table

100 Degree Reusable Cup (White)

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    Product Highlights

    • The most common tumbler in the Creatrip office!
    • Bracket Table is a Korean company that sells kitchenware, and household goods. Their products are beautifully designed, and popular with college students and office workers.
    • These reusable tumblers are cute, convenient to use, and affordable.
    • This tumbler can hold hot and cold drinks. It can withstand temperatures up to 100°C and does not excrete harmful chemicals.

    Product Details

    • Currently, there are three size options, tall (355ml), grande (473ml), and venti (591ml).
    • There are two color options available, white, and black. Colors refer to the lids.

    Options (2 colors)


    Sizing Guide

    Size355ml, 473ml, 591ml

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