Introducing the most convenient Subway Line in Seoul, Line 2 and its Attractions! (Hongdae, Myeongdong, Gangnam, Jamsil, and more!)

Introducing the most convenient Subway Line in Seoul, Line 2! (Attractions included)

2 years ago

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There are a lot of subway routes in Seoul, and Line number 2 (Green Line) is the largest subway line with the largest amount of passengers everyday. This is why there a lot of attractions you can reach by riding this line.

Today, we will introduce to you the latest attractions you can reach by riding the subway line number 2. If you would like to read about Subway Line Number 1 then please click me.

Seoul Subway Line 2 Attractions : Ehwa Womans University Station (이대역) 

Line 2 Attractions : Ewha Womans University (이화여자대학교)

From exit number 2 from Ehwa Womans University Station, go straight through the university street and the Pagoda business district. You will then arrive at the Ewha Womans University campus which is said to be beautiful in Korea.

No matter what season during the year you come, you will be able to enjoy the magnificent campus landscape as well as the beautiful scenery. Additionally, the Pear Shopping District you pass on the way is a very good place to stop by.

Line 2 Attractions: Ehwa Womans University Ewha Shopping District (Ehwa Womans University Street)

All the people are really surprised and happy when they pass this district on the way to the university as it is full of beautiful clothes available at a cheap price.

Seoul Subway Line 2 Attractions : 2. Shinchon Station (신촌역)

Line 2 Attractions : Gongneung Chicken (공릉닭한마리 신촌점)

This restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants between Ehwa Womans University Station and Shinchon Station. If you are visiting Seoul, make sure you come here to eat.

Line 2 Attractions : Yonsei University (연세대학교)

After exiting from exit number 2 or 3, after you go through the Shinchon shopping district you will arrive at Yonsei University which is one of the top universities in Korea. There are also many other beautiful university campuses but this is one of them.

The landscape of Yonsei University feels more affluent and gentle compared to other universities in Korea. After you finish your shopping at the Shinchon shopping district we recommend you pay this campus a visit.

Line 2 Attractions : No Brand Store (Shinchon)

No Brand is a sub brand of Emart and is most famous for providing high quality products at a low price!

No Brand's products always appeal to the hearts of countless travelers. Bring home the hottest products from No Brand back with you!

Line 2 Attractions : Shinchon Shopping District

Many people ignore this new village when talking about shopping but there are a lot of good shopping spots as well as a lot of good food. It is less crowded than Hongdae making it more comfortable for you to enjoy your time here!

In Shinchon, you can buy a lot of clothing and beauty products especially at the U-PLEX department store. Come here when you come to Shinchon next time! You will not regret it.


Seoul Subway Line 2 Attractions : 3. Hongik University (Hongdae) Station 


Line 2 Attractions : Hongdae Shopping District

The most popular attraction in Seoul has been Hongdae for the past two or three years. The Hongdae shopping district has everything you want including beauty products, clothing, food, and coffee shops that cannot all be explained with a few words.

If you want anything, you can probably find it in Hongdae. Also, Hongdae is not only connected to Seoul Subway Line 2 but also other subway lines as well as the Airport line making it crowded yet convenient.

Line 2 Attractions : Yeongnamdong (연남동)

If you exit, exit number 7, 8, or 9 of Subway Line 2 of Hongdae Station you will be able to arrive at the heart of the shopping district. But if you don't want to go to crowded places and still want to enjoy the nearby places you can go out to exit 3 which leads you to the Yeonnam Cafe streets.

The most famous park stretches out to the Yeonnam cafe street where there are a lot of cafes as well as amazing scenery to enjoy.

Seoul Subway Line 2 Attractions : 4. Hapjeong Station (합정역) 

Line 2 Attractions : Hapjeong Home Plus

Hapjeong station is not far from Hongdae station and so there are a lot of hotels and guesthouses. So many people will choose to live in Hongdae. There are not a lot of people at Homeplus so it is recommended to go if you want to shop spaciously.

Many Korean snacks such as instant noodles or any gifts can be bought here at Home Plus located right outside Hapjeong Station of Subway Line Number 2.

Home plus now provides self-service tax refund KIOSKS making it even more convenient for tourists to go shopping.

Line 2 Attractions : Little Witch Doremi Cafe

The Little Witch Doremi Themed Cafe is located near Hapjeong Station. It brings back childhood memories as well as some impressive dessert you can enjoy.

Look at these exquisite cookies and props! Doesn't it bring back memories of your childhood? Beautiful cookies are served with the drinks and there are a lot of props that are given giving people a feeling of coming to the magic world.

Seoul Subway Line 2 Attractions : 5. Munrae Station (문래역)

Line 2 Attractions : Munrae Cave

The Munrae cave was once a famous steel factory in Seoul. However, due to the industrial migration, the whole factory shut down and was ruined. However, the Munrae cafe become popular again after renovation of its remains.

The Munrae station was revived due to this cave and this cave has become one of the favorite secret places to go to in Seoul.

Seoul Subway Line 2 Attractions : 6. Seoul National University Station (서울대입구역)

Line 2 Attractions : Seoul National University

Seoul National University (SNU) is located on Subway line 2. However, the campus is on a mountain so you have to take a bus from the subway station to get there. The shopping district is also very developed but not like Hongdae and has its own perks.

Seoul Subway Line Number 2 Attractions : 7. Seocho Station (서초역)

Line 2 Attractions : Montmartre Park 


After exiting Seocho station on Line 2, this park is located in the direction of Exits 5 and 6. It is a great place to take a walk when the weather is good and a good palce to rest in the busy Gangnam.


Line 2 Attractions : Seorae Village


In the nearby Seorae Village, there are a lot of gourmet restaurants and cafes and is referred to as a gathering of wealthy and high-end restaurants. This village is a settlement of French people in South Korea and due to its history has been attracting many foreigners to live here.


In recent years this village has gone through rapid transformation. The number of restaurants and cafes in each alley has increased and has become a hot spot in Seoul.

Seoul Subway Line 2 Attractions : 8. Gangnam Station (강남역) 

Line 2 Attractions : Gangnam Business District 

Gangnam is the economic center in Seoul. It is home to many commercial buildings and is the commercial center of Subway line number 2. 

Of course Gangnam is not just full of commercial buildings, After you exit, exit numbers 10 and 11, there are many shops and beauty brands that are able to be seen.

Line 2 Attractions : Gangnam Underground Shopping Mall

Gangnam Underground Shopping mall is one of Seoul's most famous underground shopping malls. It is convenient to get to and is not complicated as it is right next to the subway station.

Seoul Subway Line 2 Attractions : 9. Samsung Station (삼성역) 

Line 2 Attractions : COEX

There is a huge mall called COEX near Samsung Station. There are a ton of activities available allowing you to not only go shopping but enjoy various activities.

Line 2 Attractions : COEX Aquarium

There is an aquarium called COEX aquarium which is perfect to come with friends, family, or loved ones. Experience the beauty of the water world!

The aquarium is not that large making it take only 1 or 2 hours to enjoy the whole aquarium. 

Line 2 Attractions : SM TOWN

There is a large SM TOWN in COEX where many SM idol memorabilia are sold. Many fans from around the world come here to visit.

Line 2 Attractions : Star Library

Also located in the COEX building is the Star Library which is very popular in Seoul. However, as there are a lot of people at this library we recommend you just take photos here and then go shopping.

The escalator on the side can go up and with the daylight during the day and lights being lit at night it give a warm atmosphere.

Seoul Subway Line 2 Attractions : 10. Jamsil Station (잠실역) 

Line 2 Attractions : Lotte World

Seoul's most famous amusement park Lotte located near Jamsil station makes it convenient to reach. You can come here without a car. We guarantee you will definitely have a good time.

We recommend Lotte World for its thrilling rides and exciting atmosphere. 

Line 2 Attractions : Lotte Tower 

Lotte Tower is also located near Jamsil Station. When you exit the station you will be able to see a tall building. This is the tallest building in South Korea where you can look at the beautiful Seoul scenery at the top.

Regardless of the time you can view great scenery views from the Jamsil World Tower SKY SEOUL. Enjoy taking amazing photos here!

Line 2 Attractions : Seokchonho 

This is the lake next to Lotte World and although visiting during all four seasons are beautiful we recommend to come here during the spring to see the cherry blossoms. Enjoy a walk around the lake with your friends, family, or loved ones.

Line 2 Attractions : Seoulism

Seoulism is one of the most popular coffee shops in Seoul known for its beautiful scenery. It is located near Jamsil Station and also has great food.

No matter the time, the scenery from the cafe is wonderful that many people come everyday to visit.

Come to Seoulism for a cup of coffee and take a look at this beautiful landscape as well.

Line 2 Attractions : Ehwa School Uniform

If you want to wear high school uniforms in Seoul, the most famous place to rent them is through Ehwa School Uniforms located near the Jamsil Station. It has a variety of styles available including even the ones used in Produce 101.

Put on the beautiful uniforms together with your friends and enter Lotte World with them on. 

Seoul Subway Line 2 Attractions : 11. Jamsilnaru Station (잠실나루역)

Line 2 Attractions : Seoul Book Treasure (Chaekbogo)

Have you the new drama Hotel Deluna by IU? One of the attractions shown in the drama is at this place "Seoul Book Treasure". It is breathtaking once you enter this place.

There are countless books on the left and right and extends all the way back to the end creating amazing visual effects.

In addition, there are different colored doors pointing towards various books making it also a great place to take photos at.

Seoul Subway Line 2 Attractions : 12. Gundae University Station 


Line 2 Attractions : Common Ground

A well known landmark in this area is Common Ground which is made up of containers and a lot of fun to shop at.

Originally an abandoned, garage, it is now reborn with 200 containers making it the world's largest container shopping center. There is food, shopping, art, and entertainment everywhere.

Line 2 Attractions : Geondae Shopping District

This place has a very young atmosphere together with Hongdae and Shinchon. It is mainly made up of restaurants and pubs. The shopping spots are not as developed as other university districts.

However we recommend you give this area a visit as you will be surprised by the atmosphere this street gives. There are not a lot of people compared to Hongdae or Shinchon so it is easier to get around.

Seoul Subway Line 2 Attractions : Seongsu Station (성수역)

Line 2 Attraction : Seongsudong

Seongsudong is famous to a lot of people. It is an area where a lot of hand-made shoe experts work for a long time. You can visit these shops as well as cafes on the street.

Seoul Subway Line 2 Attractions : 13. Ddooksum Station (뚝섬역)

Line 2 Attractions : Seoul Forest

Although Seoul Forest Station exists, it is much more convenient to get off at Yeouido Station on Line Number 2 as the walk to the forest is pleasant.

All seasons are good to visit this forest. In the spring you can see the cherry blossoms and tulips, During the summer you can see beautiful landscapes, In the autumn you can see maple red everywhere and finally during the winter you can enjoy the snow. Many people will choose to come here during their trip to Seoul.

Seoul Subway Line 2 Attractions : 14. Yongdu Station (영두역) 

Line 2 Attractions : Majangdong Korean Beef

Talking about Korean beef, the first thing that comes to mind are Korean cows. Did you know that the Majangdong beef market is close to the subway station?


Super fresh good quality Korean beef is available here where you can buy it and cook it directly buy yourself or enjoy it through a restaurant.

All the meat is very fresh and soft and tender. It was the best meat the editor ate in ages.

Seoul Subway Line 2 Attractions : 15. Dongdaemun History Park Station (동대문역사문화공원역) 

Line 2 Attractions : Dongdaemun DDP Plaza

Everyone knows Dongdaemun as it is one of the most famous landmarks in Seoul and is one that represents it.

In addition to the shopping district, DDP is very good to visit as you can see the beautiful LED rose sea on April 30th. Hurry and go so you don't miss it!. 

Line 2 Attractions : LED Rose Garden (Now Removed)

There was beautiful LED rose sea located outside the Dongdaemun DDP area but they announced that it will be removed on April 30 and has since been removed.

Line 2 Attractions : Dongdaemun Night Market

From April 5th to October 27th 2019, every Friday and Saturday from 18:00 - 23:00 the night market will be held. What are you looking forward to buy at the market?

In addition to the night market culture, Dongdaemun has become a place where people wander the city late at night.

 2019 Night Market Information

Seoul Subway Line 2 Attractions : 16. Euljiro (을지로)

Line 2 Attractions : Cheonggae River

Cheonggyecheon, spans half of Seoul and is within walking distance from Euljiro station. Many people take a walk here in the evening or weekends.

You can also go from here to Dongdaemun or City hall if you are not in a hurry. Walk and exercise while enjoying the beautiful Cheonggyecheon view.

Line 2 Attractions : Myeongdong (Euljiro Entrance)

It is seen from this map that although Myeongdong business district is located near Myeongdong Station, it is very close and in a walkable distance from the subway station.

Many people shop in Myeongdong so we recommend that you exit and enter through Euljiro station to avoid crowded crowds.

Line 2 Attractions : Arc.N.Book Tunnel

Unlike the Star Library in COEX, this place has a magical book tunnel at the entrance of Line 2. 

The entire book wall extends to the ceiling like it would appear in a fairy tale. Many people take pictures here as it is very pretty.

Seoul Subway Line 2 Attractions : 17. City Hall Station (시청역) 

Line 2 Attractions : City Hall Square

City Hall Station can be referred to as the center of Seoul. There are many sightseeing spots nearby and City Hall Square has a beautiful water show in the summer and a huge Christmas tree in the winter. You can also skate at an ice rink nearby in the winter.

Line 2 Attractions : Deoksu Palace

Deoksu Palace is not the same as other palaces as they have European-style buildings on top of Korean style buildings. The place shown below is when the 26th emperor of Korea "Go Jong" met foreign senior officials at the time.

The stone-built temple is in a white Western style. Tourists will find this place interesting as it is a mix of Korean and European architecture.

This was just the introduction of attractions near Seoul Subway Line 2. There are 17 subway stations in the line that are worth getting off at each one to take a look.

When you visit Korea we hope you use this article to aid in your planning as well as save time by staying on the same subway.

We will see you next time with more information and tips!

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