Complete Guide to Popular Korean Women's Hairstyles

A full guide to hairstyles that are loved by Korean women and popular amongst K-pop girl groups and K-drama actresses!

Jaycie Kim
3 months ago

Have you ever wondered how female Kpop idols always have the most perfect, trendy hairstyles? From long, wavy hair to a short, layered bob-cut, Korean women, not just celebrities, are always rocking the most stylish hair looks. So how do they all have such beautiful hair? Well, since Korea's beauty industry is so well-developed, there are hair salons on almost every street in Seoul – if you're visiting Korea, you can't leave without getting your hair done!

You might be a bit lost on what kind of hair style or color to go for, so as someone who also loves getting their hair done and styling it, I've compiled a full list of different types of haircuts, colors, and perms complete with photos for you to refer to when you get your hair done here in Korea! For a discount on hair styling services, click on the link below:

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Layered Cut (레이어드컷)

Left: Layered Cut, C-curl Perm / Right: Layered Cut, Border Perm, See-through Bangs

Left: Layered Cut, Build Perm, See-through Bangs (Credit: Juno Hair) / Right: Layered Cut, Build Perm, Straight Bangs

A layered cut is always a classic! It gives a more elegant, effortless look to your hair and a lot more volume. You can get a layered cut with any hair length, and also choose how intense you want the layers to be. Keep in mind that while layers really add dimension to your hair, the more layers you have, the more work it takes to maintain and style. Your hairstylist will most likely recommend what's best for your hair type and face shape! 

Hush Cut (허쉬컷)

Left: Short Hush Cut, C-Curl Perm, Bangs / Right: Medium Hush Cut, Build Perm, Side Bangs

Left: Long Hush Cut, Elizabeth Perm / Right: Long Hush Cut, Elizabeth Perm

The hush cut has been quite popular amongst Gen Z and is considered a really hip style! You might see many college students sporting this style in university areas like Hongdae, Sinchon, Seongsu, etc. It's basically a layered cut divided into 2 sections, with the top section having layers starting around the neck area and the bottom section remaining thinner and longer. Suzy and Wendy were trending in Korea when they pulled off a short version of the hush cut flawlessly!

Hay Cut (헤이컷)

Left: Mid-length Hay Cut, Sleek Perm, Stick Bangs (Credit: Chahong) / Right: Short Hay Cut, Natural Bangs, Wind Perm

A hay cut is a variation of the hush cut! The hay cut has been super hot amongst young people these days. The difference between this and the hush cut is that the hay cut is more top-heavy, giving more of a contrast between the top and bottom layers of the hair. It's like having a fusion of short and long hair at once! It's a great way to make a unique change to your hair!

Block Cut (블록컷)

Left: 2-level Block Cut, Straight Bangs / Right: 4-level Block Cut

Left: 2-level Block Cut, Straight Bangs, Gradation Hair Dye / Right: 2-level Block Cut, Layered Cut (Bottom Layer)

This haircut has been one of the newest hairstyle trends here in Korea! It's a very angular hairstyle that consists of blocks of straight, horizontal cuts without connecting layers. It's a really chic, cold, and bold look that many Korean women have been starting to try out! The most common version of the block cut is a block at the jawline, and then at the bottom. For an even bolder look, you can add another block down the middle of your hair!

Tassel Cut (태슬컷)

Left: Tassel Cut, Side Bangs / Right: Tassel Cut, Sleek Perm

Left: Tassel Cut, Full Straight Bangs / Right: Tassel Cut, Build Perm, Straight Bangs

Like its name, the tassel cut is a short hairstyle that is straight and cut straight at the ends, resembling a tassel! It is a very clean, chic look that many Korean actresses and idols go for at one point. Most recently, actress Seol In-ah trended in Korea after appearing in the K-drama 'Business Proposal', which featured her with a tassel cut. Doesn't it suit her so well? It's a great way to venture into short hairstyles, so don't be afraid to try it out!


Build Perm (빌드펌)

Left: Mid-length Layered Cut, Build Perm / Right: Mid-length Layered Cut, Build Perm, Side Bangs

Left: Shoulder-length Cut, Build Perm, Side Bangs / Mid-length Layered Cut, Build Perm, Side Bangs (Credit: Juno Hair)

The build perm is mostly done on medium to long hair, as it is meant to create a more fluffed-up, voluminous look! The perm consists of C-curls that curl outwards or inwards towards the ends and is usually paired with a slightly layered cut to create a naturally feminine look. Many women like to get a build perm to clean up their hair when they are growing out their short hair and are stuck in that awkward mid-length zone. You can opt for a cleaner, more unified look with C-curls, or add in some S-curls for more waves. This is a very standard, safe option!

Hug Perm (허그펌)

Left: Long Layered Cut, Hug Perm / Right: Long Layered Cut, Hug Perm

Left: Layered Cut, Hug Perm, Side Bangs (Credit: Pinterest) / Right: Long Layered Cut, Hug Perm, Side Bangs (Credit: Pinterest/Chahong)

A hug perm is usually done on long hair, as it consists of large C-curls on the ends that 'hug' the face. It's a very simple, flattering hairstyle that anyone can pull off! It can be styled straight or with waves, so it's a very versatile hairstyle! It gives off very refined, elegant vibes. It's best to get this perm with layers so the bottom doesn't get too heavy-looking or overly thick. You can refer to the photos above for different variations of the hug perm!

Elizabeth Perm (엘리자베스펌)

Left: Elizabeth Perm, Side Bangs / Right: Elizabeth Perm, Side Bangs (Credit: Pinterest)

Left: Elizabeth Perm, Side Bangs / Right: Elizabeth Perm, Long Layered Cut, Side Bangs

The Elizabeth perm is a really popular perm for medium to long hair, and also gives off a very elegant look. This perm consists of big, loose S-curls, giving the hair a light yet voluminous shape. It's recommended for those that have thinner hair and want to add volume while maintaining a pretty shape! 

Jelly Perm (젤리펌) / Hippie Perm (히피펌)

Left: Jelly Perm / Right: Jelly Perm, Side Bangs

Left: Hippie Perm, See-through Bangs / Right: Hippie Perm, Layered Cut, Side Bangs

A jelly perm gives tight S-curls to the hair from roots to ends, giving thick waves to the hair. A hippie perm is similar but has even tighter curls, giving a more dramatic, curly look. It was most popular a few years ago, but is still worn by many women! It's super cute and is a great way to add lots of volume and texture to your hair. The jelly perm is mostly sported on long hairstyles, but can definitely still be done on shorter hair with the right adjustments! It's a style that every girl wants to try out at one point!

Sleek Perm (슬릭펌)

Left: Sleek Perm, Layered Cut / Right: Sleek Perm, Straight Bangs

Left: Sleek Perm / Right: Sleek Perm, Layered Cut, Full Bangs

The sleek perm has been widely trending throughout Korea these days due to the Y2K style that has also been trending globally amongst Gen Z. It's a very clean, simple look that makes one look very chic, put-together, and stylish at the same time. It's a hairstyle that was also very popular in the 90s in Korea, and now it's making a comeback! It's usually done on long hair with stick bangs to frame the face. Popular girl group NewJeans is especially known for popularizing this hairstyle recently! If you like sticking to the newest trends, this is the one! 



K-pop idols are especially known for trying all kinds of hair colors! Most Korean women and actresses also like to change their hair color according to the season to match the vibes. Here are the most popular hair colors that Korean women like to have each season!


Secret Two-tone 

Credit: Pinterest

The secret two-tone has been extremely popular in recent years, not just in Korea, but worldwide! The style consists of two different colors on the top and bottom layers, with the bottom layer usually being a lighter tone. It's a really fun and unique look, but also a safe option to go for if you want to try out more extreme colors. It's a great hairstyle to experiment with, but keep in mind that once you dye your hair 2 different colors, it can take some time to return to 1 solid color. 


Bolder colors are still popular amongst Korean women! Platinum blonde or gray and pastel pink, purple, and blue have been most popular in recent years. Depending on your hair type and natural/current hair color, you may have to bleach it several times in order to get one of these colors, which can be quite damaging to the hair. In some cases, it may take multiple sessions to achieve the desired color. It's definitely worth trying if you want that K-pop look! 

Dyeing or bleaching your hair can cause hair damage, so most hairstylists recommend using treatment every now and then (or every day if needed) to keep it as healthy as possible! For hair serums, essences, or shampoo, check out the link below:

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2023 Trends

1) Blunt Bob (칼단발)

Credit: Instagram @gominsi / @aespa_official

2) Long Elizabeth Perm (엘리자벳펌)

Credit: Instagram @k_a_z_u_h_a__ / @sooyaaa__

3) Rose Pink 

Credit: Instagram @kim_bora95 / @roses_are_rosie

4) Natural Medium Brown

Credit: Instagram @jenaissante / @itzy.all.in.us

5) Up-do Variation

Credit: Instagram @aespa_official / @jennierubyjane

6) Straight Bangs + Layered Cut

Credit: Instagram @_yujin_an / @newjeans_official

2023 Spring Hairstyle Trends

2023 Summer Hairstyle Trends

2022 Trends

1) Mulgyul Waves 물결 웨이브 (Jelly Perm)

2) Stick Bangs + Sleek Perm

3) Hush Cut + Build Perm 

2022 Spring Hairstyle Trends

Isn't it amazing how many different types of hairstyles there are in Korea? Which one is your favorite? Koreans are serious about their hair game; that's why there are so many high-quality hair salons here at a reasonable price. Korean hair salons are also known for their incredible customer service! It's definitely something you don't want to miss out on! If you want to try out one of these styles, you can make a reservation right now on our site at the link below!

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We hope this blog will help you figure out what kind of hairstyle you want next! We'll be monitoring all the newest hair trends so keep checking back! If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below or send us an email at help@creatrip.com! You can follow us on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook to stay updated on all things Korea!

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