BTS Tour - Exploring SUGA's Hometown Of Daegu

Come Along And Experience The Childhood Memories And The Beginnings Of A Blossoming Music Career Of BTS's SUGA.

Yujin Kim
2 years ago

intro image of BTS SUGA's hometown tour

A team of Creatrip editors went to Daegu which is the hometown of BTS's SUGA and V. They retraced the memories and footsteps of these BTS members. 

Daegu is a city of music, art, and where historic and modern Korea coexist. We compiled these locations for ARMY to visit the hometown of BTS SUGA!

You can also check out our compilation of V's hometown tour.


*Note: you are permitted to take external pictures, but prohibited to enter any school in Korea.

The first stops on SUGA's Daegu tour are the schools he attended. 

SUGA was born in Taejeon-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu. He grew up in Taejeon-dong before he was the runner up on BIG HIT's audition program HIT IT, and moved to Seoul.

Let's relive SUGA's childhood memories at this old middle school together!  



대구광역시 북구 관음동로 87
87 Gwaneumdong-ro, Gwaneum-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu

SUGA's elementary, middle and high school are all located in Taejeon-dong so it is easy to visit all at once! 

We first visited Gwaneum Middle School where SUGA graduated.

exterior picture of gwaneum middle school in Daegu

This is Gwaneum Middle School, where SUGA graduated. The phrase "student that receives love" was written on the building. I felt that they create an loving and caring atmosphere for the students!

This leaves me wondering if SUGA is himself now because of the love he received here?   

side by side of BTS SUGA and his middle school graduation picture

Above is a picture of SUGA Gwaneum Middle School graduation picture! 

Even though 10 year have passed since SUGA was in middle school, he still looks like his middle school self with his child-like eyes, and fair-skin.   

You are prohibited from entering all Korean middle and high schools as law. 

Instead I was able to see the playground right outside, next to the school, where SUGA probably ran around playfully!



대구광역시 북구 태전로 100
100 Taejeon-ro, Taejeon 1(il)-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu

BTS 2021 seaon's greeting SUGA introductionBTS's 2021 Season's Greeting Introduction of SUGA as Taejeon-dong Shooting Guard. 

You all know what SUGA's name means, right? If you are ARMY that loves BTS, then you would definitely know.

SUGA is the shortened version of the basketball position of Shooting Guard! Kangbuk High School's basketball star SUGA, led his team to the championships.

Let's take a look at Kangbuk High School, where SUGA originated.    

exterior of Kangbuk high school

Kangbuk High School is located at the top of an uphill road! Could it be that SUGA is thin not because of basketball but climbing this hill everyday?  

inscription in the front gate of Kangbuk high school

An inscription in front of the school gate! 

It reads, "A person with a dream, a person with motivation, a person with morals". This seems like SUGA!   

kangbuk high school in Daegu building

In reality, SUGA displayed great basketball abilities in high school. Even as a freshman, SUGA would tell juniors and seniors the plays!

SUGA's homeroom teacher even says SUGA is "an exemplary student, and with his focus in music and basketball, he will be a star."   



대구광역시 북구 칠곡중앙대로75길 16
957 Taejeon-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu


Daegu Taejin elementary school front gate

This is where SUGA graduated elementary school, Taejeon Elementary School! 

Taejin Elementary school website with celebratory banner for BTS SUGA

Taejeon Elementary school recently posted a celebratory announcement of BTS SUGA's topping of the Billboard charts on the school's homepage!

It read, "Taejeon's 12th Graduate BTS SUGA Billboard 1st Place Artist." We can really see the love and pride for SUGA! 

These are photos of elementary schooler SUGA and the road he took everyday to school. SUGA is a cute child!

Surprisingly, SUGA began writing rap lyrics in fifth grade, which is about the same age SUGA was in the above picture.

We think his success was because he showed talent in hip hop music at a young age and he work really hard!  

소문난 떡볶이

대구광역시 북구 태전동 979-8
984-1 Taejeon-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu

Cup Tteokbokki: ₩1,000
Cup Chicken: ₩2,000
Assorted tempura: ₩1,000

somoonnan tteokboki in daegu storefront

Doesn't it feel like something is lacking if you only see schools that SUGA went to in Taejeon-dong?   

As a bonus, I stopped by a nearby tteokbokki shop. This is a must visit famous ttdeokbokki restaurant for students in Taejeon-dong!

Since the customers are generally students, the prices are cheap. 

tteokbokki and tempura at soomoonnan ttdeokbokki in daegu

Although there are a lot of tteokbokki restaurants in Korea, there is a huge difference between a franchise and a store in front of a school! 

Since stores in front of school are tailored for student, the flavors are sweeter and the prices are cheaper. Also the cup tteokbokki and cup chicken is easy to eat.

food from somoonnan tteokbokki in Daegu

After looking around SUGA's old schools, I recommend trying Korean-style school food.   

대구 724번 버스

Do you know the song 724148 on one of SUGA's mix tapes? 

This song is titled 724148 because 724 is the bus number SUGA took everyday in Daegu, and 148 is the bus number SUGA took in Seoul to debut.

This song is about how SUGA took the bus everyday to be able to produce the music he wants to produce.

Daegu bus 724

If you take the 724 bus from SUGA's hometown, Taejeon-dong, you can get to a music academy he attended! 

Take this bus for about 20 to 30 minutes and you can see the same scenery out the window as SUGA did everyday when he was younger. 


대구광역시 중구 하서동 8-2 바스아카데미
Daegu, Jung-gu, Haseo-dong, 8-2

BAS academy in daegu building

If you take the 724 bus and get off at Kwak Hospital bus stop, you'll see a bright orange building on the other side of the street. 

There is a big picture of SUGA on the side of the building. This is BAS academy, a music academy that SUGA attended. 

stairwell of BAS academy

Since classes are in session, outsiders are not permitted inside. But you can see pictures of SUGA near the entrance!   

Can you see the pictures of SUGA by the stairs? 

pictures of BTS SUGA on the wall of BAS Academy

SUGA's pictures are on the wall along with phrases that he attended BAS academy!

In fact, SUGA became a member of BTS, and runner up at the BIG HIT audition while studying at this academy. Maybe another KPOP star like SUGA will arise from this academy. 

아파트먼트 중앙점

대구 중구 국채보상로 532 2층
Daegu, Jung-gu, Su-dong, 51-1 2 Floor

Breakfast plate: ₩11,800
Grapefruit earl gray tea: ₩6000
Cafe Vienna: ₩5,500

inside of APTM: the breakfast club in daegu

This a breakfast cafe is the next building over from BAS Academy. I recommend after checking out BAS Academy, to come here for brunch and coffee as a break! 

You cannot help but fall in love with the interior and atmosphere of this cafe, the editor sure did. Since the cafe in on the second floor, you can see the builidng SUGA went into everyday!  

APTM breakfast plate

Breakfast Plate ₩11,800

The breakfast plate consisted of a waffle, salad, sausage, baked beans, wedge potatoes, and scrambled eggs. 

It is hard to see this kind of breakfast plate in Seoul, so it was delicious! 

APTM drinks, grapefruit earl gray and cafe vienna

Iced Signature Tea (Grapefruit Earl Gray) ₩ 6,000

Iced Cafe Vienna ₩ 5,500

To best represent the menu here I ordered a breakfast plate, a signature grapefruit earl gray iced tea, and a cafe Vienna. 

The sweet and fresh grapefruit earl gray teas was good, but I personally preferred the cafe Vienna. The cream on top the cafe Vienna is housemade and delicious. Hands down the best cafe Vienna I have ever had! 

I highly reccommend APTM: The Breakfast Place's cafe Vienna to you all!   

APTM food plate

All of this beautiful and filling food for ₩23,300!

After the morning SUGA Daegu tour, I was getting hungry, but this meal hit the spot. You can really kill two birds with one stone, enjoy a SUGA Daegu tour and have a yummy breakfast.

남산동 악기거리

대구광역시 남구 대명동 1792-1
1792-1 Daemyeong-dong, Nam-gu, Daegu

(Address of the CU near Namsan-dong instrument street entrance)

The fourth spot is a place where musicians can gather. This place has a lot of stores that sell instruments and music academies. 

SUGA has even composed music in a studio on this street. This is where SUGA and BTS's music started, come explore!

entrance sign of primall in daegu

The next spot is a 2 to 3 minute walk to an underground passage from BAS Academy and APTM: The Breakfast Club to Namnan-dong Instrument Street!

subway line near namsan instrument street

This passage leads to Jungangro station on line 1. From here if you can get to Myeongdeok station, which is only two stops away.

music street on jungang street

Get off at Myeongdeok station and follow the map to get to this pretty street! 

This place is known as Namsan-dong Instruments Street because many musical instruments are sold here. Recently is better known as "water-vegi art village!" Shall we take a look? 

music shop on daegu instrument street

This street where SUGA frequented, and studied music before becoming the BTS member he is today! 

You can see lots of musical instruments on this aptly named Namsan-dong Instrument Street.

pictures of artwork on namsan-dong music instrument street

The street were also decorated with plenty of street art, so it was nice to take to take pictures. 

There were a variety of works from the exhibitors in Hangul! Among them, there is a mirror where you can great shots of Namsan-dong Instrument Street.

artwork on namsandong instrument street of JK in BTS

But, as I was looking at the artwork I felt a stinging gaze. A handsome piece of art that resembled Jungkook was looking at me!   

I am not sure if the goal of this piece was to look like Jungkook, but it is still great to see in a place filled with memories of SUGA.

There are plenty of other pretty artworks, cafes, and restaurants on this street so take a walk on Namsan-dong Instrument Street and take lots of pictures!


대구광역시 중구 남산동 2627-3번지
2627-3번지 Namsan-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu

Pig makchang (200g): ₩8,000
Samgyeopsal (150g): ₩8,000
Soybean paste stew: ₩1,000

The last spot on the SUGA Daegu tour is a famous makchang restaurant. Makchang (막창) is entrails, a dish loved nationally and a Daegu specialty.

SUGA says he likes makchang so much that he'll open his own store when he gets older!

Although this place was not directly by SUGA, I found this place by asking for recommendations from acquaintances in native to Daegu. 

menu of dongdongbae

This restaurant I am introducing is Dongdongbae. Dongdongbae is two subway stops away from the third spot (Namsan-dong Instrument Street).

myeongdeok subway station signsubway in daegu

Take the subway from Myeongdeok station and get off at Cheongna Hill Station (two stops). 

You can see an overview of SUGA's hometown of Daegu from subway line 3 monorail! 

inside of dongdongbaeAlthough the interior is not particularly impressive or big, Dongdongbae is a place locals love.

If you follow the map of Cheongna Hill you will arrive at Dongdongbae.

Dongdongbae is located in an alley so it is not easy to find, but it is a popular restaurant and has appeared on TV.

table of food at dongdongbae

We visited with two people, but the minimum order for pork makchang was three portions, so we ordered three portions.

Since one portion is ₩8,000, a total of ₩24,000 for three people is a great price, especially given how in Seoul we're used to paying over ₩20,000 per pax to fill up on makchang.

Right after we ordered, we were given side dishes of corn salad, pickled onions, salad, bean sprout soup, silk worm pupa (beondeegi · 번데기). 

pork makchang at dongdongbae

Usually makchang is cut into a round shape like in the ones in the circle, but here they cut their makchang differently! 

Since makchang is internal organs, there could be a lot of hygiene problems. But cut like the way Dongdongbae does, the pork can be more throughly washed.

pork makchang wrap at dongdongbae in daegu

Even the editor could taste that this mkchang was more clean since there was less of a smell and oily taste. 

Normally, you would get tired of eating makchang, but this was not tiring at all! 

soybean stew at dongdongbae in daegu

Another tip for eating at Dongdongbae, order their doenjang jjigae · 된장찌개, or soybean stew! 

Typically Korean restaurants will charge an extra ₩4,000 to ₩5,000, for soybean stew.

At Dongdongbae, the soybean stew is only ₩1,000! It's cheaper than a bus ticket so of course you have to try it right?

Also, the spice of the soybean stew help counter the oily taste of the makchang, so you can enjoy it until the last drop!

While enjoying memories of BTS SUGA, I was able to better understand how SUGA felt when he started studying music.

We hope you all will find meaning in the hometowns tours, compiled by our team at Creatrip, of these BTS members in Daegu!