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Do you want to see parts of Korea in a limited amount of time? Consider day trips that offers comfortable trip with easy transportation and friendly guides. 

So why should we take day trips if we can save money without guides or tour buses. It's true that if you travel on your own on, you might be able to save money on transportation (in many cases this is not true) and you have more freedom to travel at your will. But this freedom comes with risks of hours of traveling time just getting there, or getting lost in the middle. 

Traveling on day trips let's you travel great tour sites recommended by locals that know the place better than anyone else, on a pleasant ride, with a guide that makes the trip much more informative. We have assembled list of day trips by area and categories. Check out if any of these trips meet your needs and list it for your next trip to Korea!

Travel From Seoul

1. Events

These are the itinereries to celebrate special events or festivals that departs from Seoul 

1) Spring Flower Festivals

Korean seasons are quite distinguished from each other. In spring time, snow and ice melts and flowers blossom, and naturally people celebrate this season with flowers.  

  • Jinhae Gunhangje : It's the largest cherry blossom festival in Korea. It is one of the first places where flowers bloom. You'll see white flower petals falling from sky like rain fall.
  • Gwang yang Maehwa Festival & Gurye Sansuyu Festival : Jeollanamdo is the least naturally exploited area, and has the most beautiful natural environment in all country. Flowers of all colors that have endured the cold winter will please your eyes.
  • Taean flower festivals : Taean has the best environment for flowers to grow and holds Tulip Festival and Magnolia Festival. What's even better is that you get to enjoy the beautiful ocean view of Taean shore.   

  • Goyang International Flower Festival : Goyang holds largest floriculture expo in Korea.Enjoy beautiful displayed flower artworks from various countries. Also enjoy shopping mall, hanbok experience along the beautiful flowers.

2) Winter Festivals

Korean winter is freezing cold with lots of snow. Good thing is that there are many things to enjoy with that much snow. 

  • Ice Fishing Festivals: In northern part of Korea rivers freeze up hard enough for people to go above and play. Drill a hole through the ice and you can fish for trouts. You can have fresh meal with the fish you've just caught. Ice fishing events are held in Pyeongchang, Hongcheon, Inje, and Ganghwado (Incheon).  

  • Snow Festivals: If ice is too cold for you, choose the snow festivals. Daegwallyeong and Taebaeksan Snow Festivals exhibit sculptures and artworks made of snow. You can also enjoy snow activities like snow sled, skating and much more.

3) Special Events

These are events that you cannot really categorize but special enough to make a tour around it. 

  • Jindo Miracle Sea Road Festival: Once a year, a little path rise in the middle of the sea. To celebrate this natural phenomenon, a festival is held in Jindo.

  • Bosung Green Tea Festival: Bosung has one of the largest and most beautiful green tea field around the world. It was also introduced by CNN as must-see places around the world.

  • Boryeong Mud Festival: This event is especially famous among foreign travelers. The west sea is famous for its mud flat. It's exciting to enjoy water activities with mud all around you. Don't worry, but mud is really good for your skin health!

  • New Year's Day: It's the time to let go of the year past behind you and make new plans and wishes for the next year. Visit the east sea where the sun rises earliest in Korea and witness something special.

2. Scenery

These itineraries focus mainly on the beautiful scenery of natural environment.

1) Nami Island

Nami Island is one of the biggest travel destination of Korea. Its beautiful natural scenery all year made this place a popular filming site for many K-Dramas. Since the island has become such a big stop for Korean travelers there are many tours that have combined Nami with other stops to make it more interesting.  Petit France, a pretty French town where "My Love from the Star" was filmed, and Garden of Morning Calm, a home of 5,000 plant life, are two popular stops that goes with Nami Island. Plan your trip around Nami Island from many options to fit your schedule!

2) Spring Season

  • Namhansanseong &Hwadam Forest: Namhansanseong is a castle that used to protect the Gyeonggi-do area. Along the pathway under the castle beautiful cherry blossom trees bloom in spring time making the scenery beautiful. You can take the monorail ride around the Hwadam Forest, which will show take you above the sea of cherry blossom trees which is an unreal sight.

  • Today's Cherry Blossom Tour: This tour takes you to the places with most beautiful cherry blossom site of the day. Pick the area with the best weather and scenery of the day and visit 2 to 4 locations for a perfect spring picnic.

  • Incheon Spring Flowers Tour: Azalea, forsythia and cherry blossom decorates Korean spring more beautiful and lively. Incheon is the closest destination from Seoul to get away from the city life and enjoy pretty natural sights.

  • Cherry Blossom Random Tour:  This is another tour that takes you to the random spots with beautiful cherry blossom. You get to meet unexpected beauty of Korean spring. If you don't like surprises, I recommend that you take other tours that take you to specific spots.

3) Summer Season

  • Mudflat and Hyundai Outlet Tour: Beaches located in western Korea has beautiful mudflats that is hard to find elsewhere around the world. After experiencing vast marine ecosystem, visit Premium Outlets where you can find SPA brands to premium brands.

  • Mudflat and Songdo Day Trip: Another Mudflat tour that features Songdo Central Park and Hanok Village instead of a shopping center.

  • Chuncheon Summer Activity Tour: In summer time Chuncheon is filled with people enjoying extreme sports. Enjoy canoeing, bike riding, and war game with friends to let all the heat and stress go away.

4) Autumn Season 

  • Seoul Pink Muhly Tour: Pink muhly goes so well with the autumn mood and has become a must visit place for travelers in Korea. Visit Sky Park and other famous pink muhly attractions to make your time in Korea pink and beautiful. 

  • Dumulmeori & Nami Island Tour: Dumulmeori is one of the most beautiful riverside you can find. Whole area is designed as a park with beautiful natural environment. Other stops, Nami Isalnd, Blacksmith's Village, Swiss Theme Park, also boast unique views you'll love!

  • Mt. Seoraksan Maple Tour: Mt. Seoraksan is a National Park in Korea. It is a rocky mountain that has unique scenes of water falls and cliffs. When trees become red in Autumn the scenery becomes even more exquisite.
    - Mt. Seoraksan & Naksansa: Naksansa Temple is located in Yangyang which is home for many national treasure. You can enjoy the fascinating view of ocean with beautiful Mt. Seoraksan on your back.

  • Mt. Naejangsan : Mt. Naejangsan is the most famous autumn maple spot down in southern Korea. Enjoy Jeollado's well preserved natural environment and its pretty maple trees in autumn.

  • Mt. Jirisan Autumn Day Trip: Jirisan is a large mountain that is located across Gyeongsangnamdo, Jeollabukdo, and Jeollanamdo. It was designated as the first National Park. You can see for yourself why it is so loved by the locals if you visit in autumn season.  

  • Mt. Odaesan Day Trip: Odaesan was beautiful enough to be selected as filming site for Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, and is close to Seoul enough to fully enjoy the tour and come back for dinner.

  • Jecheon Tour: Jecheon has the nick name Cheonpungmyeongwol, which means cool breeze and bright moon that stands for its calm and beautiful atmosphere. Take a cable car ride that's going to show you the peaceful and beautiful village from a bird's view.

3. Experience

These itineraries require you to participate in certain events.

1) Food Experience

  • Nami Island & Strawberry Picking: Nami Island is famous for its clean and beautiful environment. After you fully enjoy the island visit strawberry farm to pick fresh strawberries and take a basket home.

  • Pocheon Day Trip: Pocheon Art Valley was a filming spot for K-Drams like "Oh My Venus", "Hwayugi" and more. You can also pick strawberries, or apples depending on the time of the year you visit! Enjoy healing tour with fresh fruits!

  • Paju Day Trip: Paju is just outside from Seoul but is facing North Korea, and has completely different atmosphere from Seoul. Feel the untouched natural environment of Korea. Also, enjoy Korean style wine at traditional brewery located in Paju.

  • Traditional Brewery & Spa: This is another tour of Korean traditional brewery located in Pocheon. You can enjoy Korean style spa at the end of the tour to relax your body and mind. Take home 2 bottles of wine as souvenirs for free!

2) Activities

  • Everland Day Trip:  Everland is the largest amusement park in Korea. Enjoy the exciting rides, festivals, and zoo that exhibit 2,000 animals. The theme park also features the fastest, highest, longest wooden roller coaster in Korea!

  • Incheon Tour Plan A / Plan B Plan C: There are three tour courses to Incheon Tour. These tours mainly features rail bike along the shore, ferry ride, and luge kart racing. Pick the plan that best suit your schedule in Korea.

  • Yangpyeong Farm Experience Tour: It's an exciting tour to meet many animal friends such as lambs, pigs, and ostriches. You will also do various Korean farm works which will be a valuable experience.

  • Alpaca World  : Alpaca is a cute animal with pluffy fur and cute face. Meet cute animal friends face to face and walk along with them. Whole place is designed as a theme park and there are many places to take pretty pictures!

  • Ski Tours

Skiing and snowboarding is the most popular winter pastime among locals, and if you want to enjoy exiting and cool ride, visit Seoul suburb areas for a day full of ski rides. You can enjoy sled ride or just sightseeing if you are not a ski fan. 

4. Attractions

These Itineraries feature must visit places for foreign travelers.

1) Within Seoul

  • Deoksugung Night Tour: Deoksugung is one of the rare palaces that open up at night. The palace feels even more mysterious and beautiful with the moon above.

  • Seoul Old Town Tour: Seoul has been the center of culture, economy, and almost other categories of Korean peninsula for ages. Follow the traces of Seoul's rich history in Seoul Old Town Tour.

  • Seoul Day Trip | BTS Tour: BTS has become a global phenomenon, and it started here in Korea. Find all places in Seoul that has the traces of BTS members. You can visit all of them efficiently on a tour bus!
  • Gyeongbokgung Tour: Gyeongbokgung Palace was the main palace during the Joseon Dynasty era and still is no.1 tourist spot for foreigners. You can learn detailed information about the royal life back in the days from the palace.

  • National Museum Tour:  National Museum of Korea exhibits history from prehistoric era to the Korea as of now. It's the best place to take a good look at all the artifacts and national treasures up close.

2) Outside of Seoul

  • Jeonju Hanok Village Day Trip : Jeonju Hanok Village is the biggest hanok village in Korea. Not only are there over 600 hanok buildings, but there are also historical sites, K-movie and drama filming locations around the village.

  • Jeonju Hanok Village & Mt. Maisan: Travel Hanok Village and then move on to visit Mt. Maisan which earned 3 stars rating by Michelin Green Guide.

  • Day Trip to Gangneung: Fully experience the beautiful sea shore of Gangneung, on foot and on rail bike! Stop by at the Gangneung Traditional Market to enjoy local specialty snacks.

  • Gangneung Romantic Tour: Gangneung sea shore represents the wild and cool East Sea of Korea. Walk along the cool beach and find traces of BTS on your way. You can choose bike ride, zipline if you want something dynamic.

  • Day Trip to Wonju: Wonju is the capital city of Gangwon-do and exhibits magnificent natural sight. Walk past the swinging bridge of Mt.
    Sogeumsan which will make you feel like walking on thin air and fully enjoy the view from high above.

  • Korean Folk Village Tour: Korean Folk Village is the place where you can experience authentic Korean culture. Whole town is in old style building, traditional performances everywhere, and you can get delicious Korean snacks along the way.

  • OOOZOOO Illumination Garden: If you want a unique winter trip, this garden opens only in winter presenting beautiful light art works just for you. You can also enjoy Korean Folk Village and the railbike experience inUiwang. 

  • Gwangmyeong Cave: This tour features Gwnagmyeong Cave which was a coal mine but has transformed into a beautiful underground light garden. This tour also features Korean Fol Village and you can enjoy two beautiful tour sites at once!

  • Cheolwon DMZ Tour: DMZ is a abbreviate for demilitarized zone. Learn more about the situation between North and South Korea and how it has developed over the years. You can even take a peek at the daily lives of North Korean citizens through a telescope.

  • Paju Lotte Premium Outlet Day Trip: Paju Lotte Premium is one of the largest premium outlet you can find all prestigious brands at reasonable price. If you want to visit other spots like Heyri Art Village, just tell the driver to take you there and enjoy your trip!

Travel From Busan

1. Spring Festivals

  • Jinhae Gunhangje : It's the largest cherry blossom festival in Korea. It is one of the first places where flowers bloom. You'll see white flower petals falling from sky like rain fall.

  • Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Festival: Historic city of Gyeongju filled with cherry blossom makes the view more special and beautiful. Enjoy the festival along with the historic sites from more than thousand years ago.

  • Hwangmaesan Royal Azalea Tour: Hwangmaesan is one of the highest mountain around the area, and it is most beautiful in Spring with purple azalea all around. Enjoy the unreal view from the top of the mountain!

2. Scenery

  • Hadong Cherry Blossom tour: Hadong is where famous Hwagae Market is located. Trail from Hwagae Market to Ssanggyesa Temple boasts its long and beautiful cherry blossom walkway that is 6km long.

  • Busan Pink Muhly Day Trip : Pink muhly has become a must see scene in Korea nowadays. You can enjoy not only the beautiful natural scenery but also famous historic sites of Gyeongju.

  • Gyeongju Autumn Day Trip: There are most beautiful areas to enjoy autumn maple in Southern Korea, but it's hard to move around without a car. Travel all autumn tourist attractions in Gyeongsang-do region.

  • Namhae Tour: Namhae is famous for its untouched natural environment and farms. You can enjoy the quiet and peaceful farming environment and all the cute animal friends.

  • Mt. Gayasan Day Trip: Mt. Gayasan might not be familiar to you, but the World Heritage Haeinsa Temple is located here. Also, the mountain is known as one of the eight best scenic spots during Korean autumn.

  • Busan Nightscape Tour: Busan boasts its famous nightscape with beautiful sea shore and fancy light works on bridges. Take a tour around all the beautiful spots that were also featured in Korean dramas.

  • Yeosu Day Trip: Yeosu is known as the most beautiful city in Jeolla-do area. You can feel all of the well southern sea on a cable car and ride along the sea shore on a ocean rail bike.

3. Activity 

  • Fish Cake Making: Not just eat fish cake (aka Eomuk), but make one that tastes just the way you want. Also visit Busan International Markets to taste delicious street foods.

  • Rail Bike Tour: Following the Nakdonggang River long rail bike ride is ready for you. You can enjoy Busan face to face, in the speed you want. Major tour sites like Gamcheon Cultural Village and Songdo Skywalk are included. 

  • Daegu E-World: Daegu E-World is the favorite amusement park among locals living in Gyeongsangdo area. You can travel from Busan to Daegu at best price.

  • Rafting: Rafting is an extreme boat ride that flows through rapid river valley. It could feel quite dangerous but it will make all your stress go away!

  • Tongyeong Day Trip: Tongyeong's special looks have given it a nickname, "Naples of Korea". Luge ride and cable car ride included in the tour will let you know how it got its nickname.

  • Strawberry picking and Gamcheon Village Tour: Pick strawberries that are both sweet and sour. It will freshen up your appetite. Also enjoy the Gamcheon Village tour filled with special sites to take photos.

  • Eden Valley Ski Resort: Eden Valley is the largest ski resort in all Gyeongsangdo area. If you are staying in Busan for the winter, this is the best winter experience you can get!

4. Attractions

  • Gyeongju Trip: Gyeongju has been a center of Korean peninsula for over a thousand year during the Silla Dynasty era. Enjoy rich historical sites and artifacts located in Gyeongju.

  • BTS Tour in Busan: Since most of BTS members' hometown is in Busan and Gyeongsangdo there are many places that have special moments with BTS members. Relive those moments with BTS tour in Busan.

  • Oedo Day Trip: Oedo is one of the unknown beauty even to locals. Many dramas and films were made here because of its exotic and beautiful scenery.  

  • Andong Bus Tour: Andong has been center of Confucianism study during Joseon era. It still preserves the old way of living and it's beautiful town filled with traditional type architectures.

  • Busan City Tour: Enjoy must visit tour sites of Busan. It covers historic sites, natural environment and pretty photo zones that you can enjoy in just one day.

  • Private Car Charter: Choose the places you've always wanted to travel. You can choose from Chinese and English guide who will take you to all the must visit places in Busan.

Travel From Jeju

Jeju is the largest island in Korea. It is located southernmost of Korea and has exotic environment compared to other areas. It has preserved beautiful natural environment with the traditional way of life that perfectly complement each other.

  • West Jeju Island Tour: Visit Hyeopjae beach, Geumneyung Stone Park, Sanbangsan and more beautiful tourist sites located in Western Jeju.

  • East Jeju Island Tour: Seongsan Ilchulbong is always in top 5 of tour sites in Korea. Enjoy the natural phenomenon of Jeju located in Eastern part of Jeju.

  • Jeju Snapshot Tour: This tour is also another tour that travels west or east part of Jeju Island. What's special about this tour is that a photographer takes snapshots for you. Beautiful nature of Jeju becomes even more beautiful with a touch of a professional.

  • Cherry Blossom & Canola Flower Tour: Jeju's nature is even more extraordinary in Spring with all the flowers blossoming. White cherry blossom and yellow canola creates beautiful scenery you can't find anywhere else.

  • Jeju Private Tour: If you think ordinary tours are too lame, you can pick your own spots to visit. Small group can actually travel in much more pleasantly with reasonable price.

Creatrip Guide Tours

What most people fear from guide tour is that you have to travel with people that you don't know, and following through tight schedule will take the excitement out of traveling. 

Creatrip offers a private tour of less than 4 people with professional and friendly guide, who'll quickly become your local friend in Korea.  

1. Within Seoul

First stop for most of you would be Seoul, and there are much more to this beautiful city than just Myeongdong and Gangnam. 

  • Seongsu-dong Private Tour: Seongsu-dong has become a must visit place for locals because of all the istagrammable spots with artistic scenes. Take a look around the hottest cafés right now and get epic items from characteristic shops.

  • Seoul Sunset Tour: Follow the trail along the old Seoul castle in Mt. Inwangsan. Sunset makes the view from above even more dramatic. It takes little hiking to climb mountain, but the scenery will make all fatigue go away. After the healthy exercise get something delicious with new friends.

  • Dongdaemun Tour: Dongdaemun Market is the hottest Korean style market with cost efficient items and foods. Creatrip's own guide will take you to the verified stores and restaurants with high quality contents and items. Get your own special accessories here.

  • Gyeongbokgung Privat Tour: Areas around Gyeongbokgung still has the calm and quiet atmosphere of old Korea. It's a mixture of tradition and new which makes the scene around calm and artistic. Enjoy chat in a café with beautiful view over Seoul. Don't miss the epic nightscape of Seoul.

  • Cooking Class: A fun cooking class to learn how to make a Korean dish. You'll visit the traditional market to select fresh ingredients. Treat your friends with the dishes you've prepared which will make an unforgettable memory.

  • Hidden Seoul Walking Tour: Walk along the old Hanyang castle established during Joseon era, and see old and new faces of Seoul. Visit historical sites of independence movement and learn about history that Korean locals boast of.

  • Han River Biking & Chicken Tour: When the weather is nice, Seoul locals' often visit Hangang river to freshen up. Ride bicycle along the river, enjoy cool breeze, and have chicken at the end of your tour. You'll see why bike riding has become locals' favorite pastime.  

2. Outside of Seoul

  • Paju Private Tour: Paju is just outside Seoul, but has completely different atmosphere from Seoul. There are a lot less people, and cafés here are much larger. Paju outlet is one of the largest shopping malls around Seoul. Choose the spots you want to visit and schedule a tour just right for you.

  • Cherry Blossom Tours: Spring is the most romantic season in Korea, mostly because of the cherry blossoms. Creatrip picked the most beautiful cherry blossom spots in Gangwon-do and Gyeonggi-do so you can enjoy the most beautiful flower sites on the day.

This posting was about the One Day Itineraries you can find in Korea. If you have any questions leave a comment or send us an e-mail at help@creatrip.com.

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