Une introduction au COEX

Faire du shopping de rue sous terre sans l'extravagance des grands magasins ! Visiter le seul et unique centre commercial COEX

6 years ago

Avez-vous été à COEX au sud de la rivière Han? C'est un endroit incroyable pour faire du shopping.

Une façon de décrire COEX est que c'est une rue souterraine coréenne haut de gamme, mais sans l'extravagance des grands magasins normaux. C'est un grand complexe commercial où vous pouvez également trouver SMTOWN, Star Library, Aquarium et un CGV.

Venez découvrir notre dernière visite!  

A 2019 Introduction to COEX

How good is Seoul COEX? It is not just an underground shopping mall, but a department store with a food street, movie theater, special stores and so on.

Everyone who comes to Korea must visit the KAKAO FRIENDS store. There is also a branch in Seoul COEX. 

Some independent stores in COEX have high-end designs and are at the cutting edge of fashion. There are so many that we can't picture them all here, so come see for yourself! 

Seoul COEX is the perfect combination of casual street vibes in a department store setting, a very middle-ground shopping place like the U-PLEX.


There's even Pandora, a high-end jewlery brand, in COEX!

Popular mid-range Korean clothing brands like Aland and Twee make up a lot of the stores in COEX, which makes shopping a little kinder to your wallet.

Of course, COEX not only has medium and high-end clothing, but also some cheap Korean labels such as TOPTEN10 and 8 seconds.

Other fun shops to be found in COEX. I actually didn't know that COEX had so many things, it was a sight to see.

Cosmetics, compound stores, and whatever other brands you might be looking for are almost definitely in COEX. Recommended for everyone. If you can't find information about smaller brands and featured brands, they will most likely either be in Shinsadong, Gangnam, or COEX.

Xiaobian can also be regarded as refreshing the impression of COEX, originally thought it might be a general department store, but here is a huge MALL. Less the extravagance of the department store, but more of a warm atmosphere that allows people to stroll here.

The prices may not be cheaper than street shopping, but the quality of everything is usually a lot better, and you can shop in a more comfortable, pressure-free environment.

Seoul COEX is literally almost like a total accumulation of all the brands that can be found in Korea. The mall has a lot of brands that you wouldn't be able to find elsewhere. 

JAJU has other branches in the Dongmyeo emart and on Shinsadong Boulevard. And of course, one in COEX. It has all sorts of products, like a Korean Muji. Check it out when you're in COEX.

There's also a Yongpung Bookstore in COEX! Although the scale is not as big as its normal stores, it still has a wide selection for

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