Creatrip: Quiz | Which Season In Korea Suits You Best?

Quiz | Which Season In Korea Suits You Best?

Which of Korea's 4 seasons is the best fit for you and where should you visit?

Jaeeun Jo
16 days ago

Today we've got another fun quiz for you!

This time let's find out which season in Korea best suits you and look at some places to visit for each season.

There are four questions for each season, and if you answer "yes" to three or more, then that season is a good fit for you!

And remember, this is just for fun, and not to be taken too seriously.

1) I enjoy looking at flowersYesNo
2) My health is not a problem even during the change of seasons when the daily temperature range is wide.YesNo
3) I enjoy sweater weather.YesNo
4) I enjoy taking pictures against the backdrop of pretty, natural scenery.YesNo
1) I like to eat cold foods such as cold noodles with icy broth.YesNo
2) I like to play in the water either at the beach or in a valley.YesNo
3) I'm okay with hot and humid weather.YesNo
4) I enjoy activities such as water skiing and going to water parks.YesNo
1) I enjoy admiring the autumn leaves.Yes
2) I like hiking.Yes
3) I like looking at flowers.Yes
4) I enjoy clear blue skies.Yes
1) I can withstand very cold and dry weather.Yes
2) I like winter sports (skiing, sledding, etc.)Yes
3) I like the end of the year atmosphere.Yes
4) I like warm street snacks such as bungeoppang and roasted chestnutsYesNo

Places To Visit For Each Season


Namsan tower and cherry blossoms

For those who like flowers, we recommend checking out Namsan Park and N Seoul Tower.

Cherry trees are densely planted along the hiking trail that takes about an hour, so it is very beautiful in the spring when they are in bloom.

If you want to learn more about spring destinations, click here.


Surfy beach

If you fancy a summer beach vacation, then we recommend Hajodae Beach in Yangyang, Gangwondo.

It is a very popular summer destination for young Korans because you can enjoy surfing in the strong East Sea current.

If you want to learn more about summer destinations, click here.


Silver grass

If you want to enjoy the colorful natural scenery of autumn, our recommendation is Haneul Park.

You can see the colorful maple trees, pink muhly grass, and silver grass.

If you want to learn more about autumn destinations, click here.


Christmas lights

How about going on a winter trip with some good friends or family and enjoying the end of year atmosphere?

Visit various spots in downtown Seoul, including the square in front of Seoul City Hall, decorated for the winter holidays.

If you want to learn more about winter destinations, click here.

That was our quick little quiz to find out which season in Korea best suits your tastes, as well as just a few recommendations on places to visit during each season.

Korea has various charms from season to season, so I hope you found a cool destinations that suits your taste for each season!

What's your favorite season? Let us know in the comments!