My Favorite Moment in Seoul

Karen T. Cheng
5 months ago
I believe autumn is one of the most beautiful season of Seoul, many tourists rushed into this city for maple leaves and Maidenhair trees, not to mention the pleasant weather for a county trip.
There’re many places near Seoul city which you can visit during the trip— Nami island, the Garden of Morning Calm, Samaksan Cable car, and Seoraksan National Park are one of the best. I personally love Samaksan Cable car and Seoraksan National Park the most. 
Samaksan cable car, located at Chuncheon, is 1.5 hours away from Seoul and it’s a new sightseeing place the Korean Government built in somewhere around 2021 and it was not yet well known by foreigners so the place is not very busy when visiting. I was able to enjoy a 30-minute round trip cable car (15 minutes each) all the way across the river and a small island with a beautiful scenery landscape. There’s 2types of cable cars you can choose, the traditional version and the crystal base version. We chose the crystal car and it provided us a 360-degree view which was just more than perfect. 
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Seoraksan, on the other hand, is not that easy. As known for its beautiful landscapes, this national park is 3.5 hours away from Seoul but there’re a number of one-day or two-day tour which makes visiting the place easy. There’re 3 falls in the national park, I visited two of them and it was so great. There’s also a cable car going to the mountain top where a ruin of Kwon'geumseong (an ancient Korean castle) was build. It’s hard to express through words but once you see you’ll be amazed by how ancient people were able to build a castle at this place as mountain was so steep and there was almost no trees growing on the mountain top, not to mention any place safe enough for people to walk on. 
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My trip to Seoul was a amazing journey. It’s definitely worthwhile spending a couple of days here. I’ve already decided to pay another visit in the near future.
Here’re some information of the two places I mentioned:
1. Samaksan Cable Car
Website: https://www.samaksancablecar.com/
operation period: 9:00-20:00
Location: 강원특별자치도 춘천시 스포츠타운길 245
2. Seoraksan National Park
Website: https://english.visitkorea.or.kr/svc/whereToGo/locIntrdn/locIntrdnList.do?vcontsId=110699&menuSn=351
open at: 9:00-18:00