A city emanating fragrance – Seoul

a month ago

During a brief 3-day, 2-night trip to Seoul, even though I'm not a huge fan of Korea, I had a special experience this time. The city is convenient, with great shopping, delicious food, and beautiful places to explore and take photos. Both the main streets and alleys are clean and comfortable. I noticed that people in Seoul pay great attention to the presentation of scents; it feels like the whole city smells pleasant 🤔 – a comfortable and subtle fragrance, different from the vivid scents of Bangkok 😅. Everywhere is full of design and taste, and every place I visited left me in awe. Seoul can definitely compete with Tokyo and even surpass it.

In the valuable land of Seoul's city center, besides the buildings full of design sense, many stores emphasize their brand image and concept. The presentation inside these stores is no longer mainly about the products; instead, it feels like visiting an art gallery. A lot of space is devoted to visual arts, making every product sold seem like a piece of art. Shopping feels elevated to another level; even if the prices are a bit higher, people are willing to travel long distances to buy these items. It's a reasonable explanation for why ordinary people buy and consume these artistic products, as it instantly elevates their status, regardless of whether they taste good or are useful. With the added emotional comfort, it's truly a bargain.

In any case, the money spent is not wasted, but rather transformed into the things we love.

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