A set of popular items🙌Up to 76% off with Creatrip!2022.08.10 ~ 2022.08.31

[ 2022 Korea Grand Sale X Creatrip]

Creatrip is the ultimate place to get updated on all things Korea! 

The Visit Korea Organization is holding a "Korea Grand Sale" where foreigners and tourists can shop for cultural items every year. 

For the month of August, they will be having a special summer promotion with Creatrip!

The event will last from 8/10~8/31(Total of 22 days) and there will be many benefits to welcome foreigners visiting Korea. 

Popular tourist destinations like Nami Island, Lotte World, as well as travel essentials such as SIM cards, and taxis will have exceptional discounts. 

You can enjoy up to 76% discount on Korea's trendy shopping / culture / tourist information provided by Creatrip 🧡💛💚

Additionally, the "Korea Grand Sale" official website provides benefits in various areas such as aviation, transportation, accommodation and health, so if you are interested, please visit the website. 

[Creatrip Giveaway]

If you make a reservation with one of our partnerships labeled [KGS], you can win a direct-train AREX ticket. Click here to read more about the details of the giveaway in the blog.

Korea Grand Sale