Creatrip: Myungrang Hotdog Delivery In Korea

Myungrang Hotdog Delivery In Korea (명랑핫도그 배달)

USD 10.3311.37

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  • Korean corn dogs are a must when here!
  • The biggest franchise, of course, is Myungrang Hotdog.
  • From stretchy cheesy toppings to its signature sweet and spicy sauce, your flavour adventure at Myungrang will be delightfully diverse.
  • Get your Korean corn dogs delivered to your doorstep in Seoul by ordering with us!


Cheese Hotdog Combo MealUSD 10.3311.37

Set of hotdogs filled with cheese

    Rest Stop Combo MealUSD 10.0811.09

    Common snacks at Korean rest stops!

      Monster DdaDdable Hot DogUSD 2.442.68

      A huge hot dog with a jalapeno sausage that eliminates greasiness and crispy potato toppings and cheese.

        Sausage & Cheese Rice Cake With Spicy SauceUSD 2.12.31

        Juicy sausages and rice cakes filled with mozzarella cheese! There's no way it can taste bad.

          DdaDdable Cheese HotdogUSD 2.272.5

          A premium hot dog with sausage wrapped in mozzarella cheese and topped with nacho cheese and angel hair cheese.

            Potato Mozzarella HotdogUSD 2.12.31

            A luxurious hot dog with 100% mozzarella cheese and savory and crispy potatoes.

              Sweet Potato Mozzarella HotdogUSD 2.12.31

              A fantastic-tasting hot dog full of the rich flavor of mozzarella cheese and sweet potatoes.

                Sweet Cheese BallsUSD 3.363.7

                Cheese balls filled with chewy cheese.

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