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    • Now you can order same-day delivery with Creatrip! 🔥 If you place your order 1 hour before, we will deliver your delicious food right away! 🚀
    • BBQ's Golden Olive Chicken is considered as the best fried chicken in Korea. Also, the Secret Spicy Chicken with unique seasonings and Jamaican BBQ Chicken are loved by the locals, and they can only be found in Korea's BBQ Chicken.
    • Order Korea's favourite chicken menu at home. BBQ fried chicken and cheeseballs will make a perfect present for your friends in Korea.


      BBQ Chicken's classic chicken menu

        Healthy, large grilled chicken leg

          Cheese balls full of cheese and five to six will be provided.

          Things To Keep In Mind

          • 🚀Same-day delivery is available. You can order up to 1 hour before the specified delivery time. (Last Order: 21:00)
          • ⚠️ Delivery reservations are available from 14:00-21:00. Delivery is available 30 minutes before or after the selected time depending on traffic conditions. Please understand that it is difficult to set the exact time. Same day delivery times cannot be modified.
          • ⚠️For a smooth delivery, please contact @creatrip on LINE ro show your payment details after payment is completed. If you do not contact us 30 minutes before the designated time for delivery, the delivery will not proceed and will be canceled immediately.
          • ⚠️The response time for LINE is from 13:30 to 21:00 daily and is available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. Keep in mind that at other times, it may be difficult to get a quick response.
          • 🌟 The delivery area is to the “-si” area. Refunds are not possible after payment except in cases where delivery is not possible. Even if it is in an area where delivery is possible, it may not be possible depending on local circumstances. For accurate information, you should consult with us via LINE.
          • 🌟Some areas may require an additional delivery fee on site depending on shop policy. You can't pay in advance because the cost varies by region, so you have to pay when the delivery person arrives. We recommend that you prepare cash in advance as credit card payments may not be accepted. (The same applies for gifts, and the recipient must be informed in advance.)
          • Orders may be canceled prior to delivery due to difficult weather (heavy snow, rain, etc.) or unavoidable circumstances of the company.
          • Entering the name and contact information of the correct recipient for delivery is mandatory. if delivery is not possible due to incorrect information, no refund will be given. Be sure to check whether the recipient can receive the parcel on the date or time and if there is a storage place for the parcel in the case that you are absent at the time of delivery.
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