Creatrip: Airport Limousine Bus 6103 Ticket

Airport Limousine Bus 6103 Ticket (6103번 공항 리무진버스 티켓)


  • EF6E8D62-95D5-4644-95C3-FDE37F7757D6Free cancel 3 days before the reservation date
  • F5C679D3-84D3-4D95-B61E-18EBA7555D6CMobile reservation card or voucher
  • Exchange for tickets onsite
  • Korean
  • English


  • The Airport Limousine Bus 6103 ticket allows you to go directly from COEX City Airport to Incheon International Airport. City Airport refers to a place where immigration and baggage check-in for both departure and arrival is possible without having to wait long lines at the airport. Enjoy this benefit at COEX!
  • On arrival, you can enjoy the spacious and quiet limousine bus to go to COEX. On departure, you can check your bags and finish immigration at COEX and receive your bags not at Incheon but at your final destination.


Bus departing from COEXUSD 11.9113.61

    Bus departing from Incheon Airport T1USD 11.9113.61

      Bus departing from Incheon Airport T2USD 11.9113.61


        • Precautions when using the bus
        • A mobile voucher will come to your email within 24 hours of your reservation.
        • When using the Incheon Airport -> COEX bus, please show the mobile voucher to the bus driver.
        • When using the COEX -> Incheon Airport bus, you have to exchange the mobile voucher for an actual ticket on the second floor.
        • The given ticket doesn't assign you a seat. If a given bus is full you have to wait for the next bus (20-25 minutes)
        • The bus schedule may vary depending on the traffic of the day.
        • A full refund is available up to 3 days before the reservation date. A reservation is not available after.
        • In the case of children between the ages of 6 ~ 13, they can purchase a children's ticket on the spot. (₩10,000)
        • In the case of an infant, they can ride the bus for free per adult riding, if there are more a children's ticket needs to be purchased.
        • If you lost something on the bus please contact +82-2-551-0757.
        • Please arrive 20~30 minutes before the bus departure time for check-in/immigration.
        • If you want to change your reservation please contact us through
        • Check-in Service Precautions
        • Incheon Airport T1 Check-in Deadline : 3 Hours before Flight, Incheon Airport T2 Check-in Deadline : 3 Hours 20 Minutes before Flight.
        • If someone requests to hold your bags please refuse.
        • If you have an expensive item please carry it by yourself.
        • To prevent any lost bags, please put your name, address, and destination in English on the bags.
        • The baggage you checked in at the City Airport can be claimed at the airport of your final destination.
        • You cannot check in bags that exceed the size of W 99cm x L 104cm x H 135cm.
        • Please check your given airlines baggage rules as they may differ.
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