Creatrip: TATOAㅣLaser Hair Removal

TATOAㅣLaser Hair Removal (타토아 클리닉ㅣ제모)

USD 140.38140.38

  • EF6E8D62-95D5-4644-95C3-FDE37F7757D6Free cancel 3 days before the reservation date
  • F5C679D3-84D3-4D95-B61E-18EBA7555D6CMobile reservation card or voucher
  • 79785887-AADC-4E9C-B305-FF6D8B017FAADate specific ticket
  • Korean
  • Chinese
  • English


  • An experienced professional consults with the customer before going into procedure.
  • The clinic owns more than 20 laser hair removal devices so that the optimal device is used for each area.
  • There is a female professional at the clinic. Women can request her if it will make them more comfortable.


Entire FaceUSD 140.38140.38

Upper lip, side burns, chin, cheeks

    Entire ArmsUSD 210.57210.57

    Arms & forearms

      Entire LegsUSD 280.76280.76

      Calves & thighs

        UnderarmsUSD 28.0828.08

          CalvesUSD 140.38140.38

            Bikini LineUSD 140.38140.38

              BrazilianUSD 280.76280.76

                Upper lipUSD 46.7946.79

                  ChinUSD 74.8774.87

                    ThighsUSD 187.17187.17

                      ButtUSD 140.38140.38

                        AnusUSD 93.5993.59

                          THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND

                          • The prices are for 1 session. The price gets discounted with more sessions you book.
                          • Multiple sessions are done once a month. For the maximum effects, you need at least 4 - 5 sessions.
                          • Please select the right service when booking. Because Tatoa Clinic is very popular, they need accurate information to schedule your booking.
                          • Please be on time. Guests that are 10 or more minutes late are subject to automatic cancellation without deposit refunds.
                          • Tatoa Clinic is on the second floor of the address.
                          • The booking will be confirmed within 30 minutes to 24 hours of your payment.
                          • Tatoa Clinic is 100% booking based. You must book a slot, especially if you'd like a discount.
                          • Changes and cancellations must be made at least three days prior to the date.
                          • You may shower and apply makeup after the procedure. Please refrain from saunas, baths, or swimming pools for about a week after the procedures (absolutely no suntanning).
                          • Payment made at the clinic will exclude the deposit paid for booking, i.e. if the procedure is 100,000 KRW and you paid a 10,000 KRW deposit, you'll pay 90,000 KRW at the clinic.
                          • English, Chinese available.
                          대한민국 서울특별시 강남구 신사동 강남대로 624
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