Creatrip: BHC Chicken Delivery
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    BHC Chicken Delivery (BHC치킨 배달)

    USD 13.9615.36

    • NoRefundIconNon-refundable
    • LanguageIconKorean
    • LanguageIconChinese
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    • You can deliver chicken from Korean local's favorite fried chicken brand, BHC! It's famous for its unique delicious menus.
    • Chicken usually takes about 40~60 minutes to be fried and delivered. For customers who order in Myeondong area, you may have to wait up to 90 mins.
    • You can reserve your delivery in advance. Please select the date and time you'd like to get delivery.


    The perfect combination of cheese and chicken!

      Chicken mixed with sweet and spicy soy sauce!



        • Delivery is available in cities ending with '-si' (ex. Seoul-si, Busan-si, Jeonju-si, Incheon-si, Daegu-si, Gwangju-si, etc.). If you would like delivery to another area, please contact us via LINE '@creatrip'.
        • Refunds are not possible after the order has been confirmed except in the case where the delivery address is an address where delivery is not possible. Although a location may be included in a delivery area, delivery may not be possible depending on the local circumstances. If you would like to confirm if you can deliver to a specific location, consult with us via LINE. If you have already paid but the address is in a region where it cannot be delivered to you will receive a full refund.
        • Delivery reservations are from 14:00-21:00. Delivery times will vary around 30 minutes earlier or later than the selected time depending on traffic conditions. Please understand that is is difficult to deliver at an exact time. If you want to change your delivery time, you can do so up to three hours before the delivery time on the same day.
        • When entering the delivery address, you must enter the correct room number (ex. Apartment A, Building 201, Room 103). If you do not enter the room number after entering only the apartment name, if will be difficult to complete the delivery and a refund will not be possible.
        • LINE response time is from 13:30 to 21:00 daily and consultation can be held in Chinese, English, Thai, Japanese, and Korean. At other times, a prompt response may be difficult. For a smooth deliver, please contact LINE @creatrip to show your payment details after completing your payment. Otherwise, your delivery may not be processed and we cannot proceed with your delivery.
        • Entering the correct name and contact information of the recipient for delivery is mandatory. If delivery is not possible due to incorrect information, we cannot give a refund. Please confirm with the recipient that they are able to receive the parcel on the specified date and time and confirm that there is a storage place for the parcel in the case that there is nobody there to pick it up.
        • We cannot deliver to celebrity’s accommodations or company, hotel rooms, and school classrooms. Even if the delivery is returned, we cannot refund the money.
        • When delivering to a hotel, the courier cannot walk to your doorstep for security reasons. Please make sure that you are waiting in the lobby at the scheduled time and be prepared to pick up the delivery.
        • Orders may be canceled beforehand due to difficult weather conditions such as heavy snow, rain or an unforeseen reason from the company.
        • Some areas may require an additional on-site delivery fee depending on the store’s policy. Because the cost varies from region to region we cannot state the cost beforehand. This cost is paid when the delivery arrives, so we suggest having some cash prepared beforehand in the case that they do not take card payments. (This is also applicable to gift delivery services, so please let the recipient know in advance).
        ADDRESS: 서울 중구 청계천로 100
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