FLASH titanium irregular jelly frame blue light glasses (moisturizing rose)
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    Product Info

    Product Highlights

    ★ VIEWMAP, a Korean fashion eyewear brand, introduces FLASH titanium irregular plastic frame blue light glasses

    ★ Kodak Anti-Blue Light Lenses + Urban Style Multifaceted Frame, Fashionable eyeglasses that can be worn by both men and women 

    ★ Fits Asian facial shape, not easy to slip after wearing, special lenses can block harmful blue light and ultraviolet rays

    Product Description

    • The FLASH titanium irregular rubber frame blue light glasses from the Korean fashion eyewear brand VIEWMAP have a simple and neat design, with a stylish feel of luxury.✨
    • The frame is made of titanium and acetate fiber material, with a multi-angle frame style that fits the face shape of Asian people, is not easy to slip, and is a unisex style that both men and women can wear.👀
    • Featuring specially selected Kodak anti-blue light transparent lenses (non-prescription), which can block harmful blue light from electronic devices and also have special UV400 anti-UV function to block UV rays.☀️
    • Purchased products are eligible for after-sales service at 10 direct stores in Seoul/Gyeonggi, please refer to the following branch information.❗️❗️

    Product color

    moisturizing rose

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    More Information

    •  Confirm the color and size before placing the order. After the order is placed, it cannot be canceled or changed. 
    •  Due to different screen resolutions and angles, there may be slight color differences on the actual product, which is a normal phenomenon and not a defect. 
    • Due to mass production, there may be slight differences in product patterns, colors, sizes, etc., which is a normal phenomenon and not a defect.
    • Due to different measurement methods, there may be a difference of 1-3cm between the size data and the actual product, which is a normal phenomenon and not a defect.
    • After wearing, please wipe with a special cloth and store it in the glasses case. Avoid pressing the glasses too hard to avoid damage.
    • This product includes glasses*1, glasses case*1, glasses cleaning cloth*1.
    • This frame is made of acetate fiber material and weighs about 19g (including lenses).
    Front Length
    Lens Length
    Lens Width
    Temple Length

    Unit (mm)

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