SHARP titanium transparent half-frame blue light glasses (trendy mocha brown)
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    Product Info

    Product Highlights

    ★ Introducing the SHARP Titanium Transparent Half-Frame Blue Light Glasses by Korean Fashion Eyewear Brand VIEWMAP

    ★ Kodak anti-blue light lenses + versatile neutral tone semi-rimless design, a stylish eyewear that can be worn by both men and women

    ★ Fits Asian face shapes, not easily slipped off when worn, special lenses can block harmful blue light and ultraviolet rays

    Product Description

    • Fashionable glasses brand VIEWMAP introduced - SHARP titanium transparent semi-frame Blu-ray glasses, simple and Korean design, with high-end fashion glasses✨
    • Made of titanium and acetate, with urban geometric frames that fit Asian faces and are hard to slip, neutral for both men and women👀
    • Kodak's anti-blue-light transparent lenses, which block harmful blue light from electronics, also have special anti-UV function, can block UV400☀️
    • After-sales service is available at 10 direct stores in Seoul/Gyeonggi. Please refer to the following branch information❗️❗️

    Direct retail store information for after-sales service

    Detailed Information

    • Please confirm the color and size, please do not cancel the order and change the color and size.
    • Depending on the screen resolution and angle, it may cause some color aberration on the object, which is a normal phenomenon and non-defective phenomenon.
    • Due to mass production factors, each product may have some slight differences in pattern, color, size, etc. This is a normal non-defective phenomenon.
    • Due to the difference of measurement part/method, there may be 1~3cm error between the size data and the actual product. This is a normal non-defective product.
    • After wearing, please wipe with special cloth and keep in the glasses box. Please avoid pressing the glasses hard to avoid damage.
    • This product includes glasses*1, glasses case*1, glasses wipe cloth*1.
    • The frame is made of titanium and acetate, and weighs about 18g (including lenses).
    Front length
    Lens length
    Lens width
    Temple length

    Units (mm)

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