Gummy Sheet Mask Milk Sticker (10 Sheets)
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    Product Info

    Product Highlights

    • Abib, a Korean top beauty brand released its hot-selling "Gummy Sheet Mask Milk Sticker".
    • Enriched with milk extract, it contains a high concentration of milky essence.
    • The ultra-soft mask design ensures a perfect fit to the skin, allowing for comprehensive absorption.

    Product Details

    • Abib, a popular Korean skincare brand, has introduced the "Gummy Sheet Mask Milk Sticker" that provides powerful hydration and locks in moisture, giving your skin the necessary nutrients to achieve a smooth, milk-like complexion.
    • Infused with milk extract, this mask contains a high concentration of milky essence that deeply moisturizes dry skin, providing abundant hydration and nourishment to revitalize and restore the skin's radiance.
    • The specially designed mask fits closely to the face, ensuring a snug fit that allows the essence to be fully absorbed. This enhances the effectiveness of the product, leaving you with elastic, lustrous skin reminiscent of a perfectly cooked "boiled egg."

    Quantity/Weight10 Sheets
    IngredientsPurified water, glycerin, niacinamide, provitamin B5, centella asiatica extract, etc.
    OriginSouth Korea
    ExpirationAt least 1 year from date of purchase.

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