Gummy Sheet Mask Hyaluron Sticker (10 Sheets)
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    Product Info

    Product Highlights

    • Abib, a Korean top beauty brand released its hot-selling "Gummy Sheet Mask Hyaluron Sticker".
    • Enriched with three types of hyaluronic acid and extracts of Agave tequilana, also known as blue agave.
    • The ultra-soft mask design ensures a perfect fit to the skin, allowing for comprehensive absorption.

    Product Details

    • Abib, a popular Korean skincare brand, has launched "Gummy Sheet Mask Hyaluron Sticker", which provides powerful hydration and locks in moisture, giving your skin the nutrients it needs to create a radiant and vibrant complexion.
    • Formulated with three types of hyaluronic acid and blue agave extract, the mask is enriched with the hydrating and nourishing properties of blue agave, providing nutrition while retaining moisture to maintain a supple and elastic skin texture.
    • The specially designed mask fits closely to the face, allowing the essence to be fully absorbed, enhancing its effectiveness and helping you achieve firm and radiant "boiled egg" skin with elasticity and luster.

    Quantity/Weight10 Sheets
    IngredientsHyaluronic Acid, Blue Agave Extract, Water, etc.
    OriginSouth Korea
    ExpirationAt least 1 year from date of purchase.

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