Creatrip: Comet KF94 Health Mask

KF94 Health Mask (Black)

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    หน้ากากอนามัย KF94 แบบปากนก สี Black (50/100 แผ่น)

    Product Highlights

    • KF94 mask designed to protect from virus and dust.
    • Comfortable to wear due to the with sufficient space for breathing.
    • 100% authentic Korean product.
    • Size suitable for adults.

    Product Details

    • The 3D design can provide protection from both viruses and dust (pm 2.5).
    • This product has 4 layers of filters.
    • Size is suitable for adults.
    • Ear straps are made so it wouldn't hurt when worn for long periods.
    • Comfortable to wear all day.
    • Please note that only the masks will be shipped out and not the box packaging. (Each packet has 5 masks included).
    • This product is one time use only. Please discard the product after each use.

    หน้ากากอนามัย KF94 แบบปากนก สี Black (50/100 แผ่น)

    หน้ากากอนามัย KF94 แบบปากนก สี White (50/100แผ่น)

    Quantity50 sheets / 100 sheets
    OriginSouth Korea

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