Flower-shaped Foam Hand Wash (Strawberry Bubble Gum)

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    Product Highlights

    • The flower-shaped foam hand wash was launched by IMARKETMOM in South Korea which is known for their cute floral shaped foam hand soaps.
    • Contains 5 kinds of hyaluronic acid ingredients, as well as natural ingredients such as Centella asiatica extract and milk subtree extract which will prevent your hands drying out from excessive hand washing.
    • This product obtained the US EQG safety ingredient 0-2 certification.


    Product Details

    • Not only does it have a cute design, it's also effective against bacteria.
    • Has a light floral fragrance.
    • With its special design, you can create a floral shaped foam on your hand with a single pump. This can encourage younger kids to wash their hands and even make your life a little more exciting!
    • A total of 2 different scents are available: BB Musk and Strawberry Bubble Gum.
    • Please store it in a cool place out of reach from children.
    • If you have a reaction to the soap during use, please wash it off with water immediately and consult your doctor.


    Strawberry Bubble Gum

    Quantity 280ml
    IngredientsPurified water, glycerin, spices, etc. 
    OriginSouth Korea

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